Good news for the many models and bloggers that follow us on Facebook and on Instagram. I have decided that from Feb 26 – 28, 2017 we will be holding up a picture contest again. Before it was always the Profile Pic Contest, but since those are reserved for the featured models we had to come up with a different idea.

I choose to make it a Cover Pic Contest now. The main reason for it is that I miss the picture contests. It is not because then I will be free on the contest days, we will still post our other stuff also. Plus, I was always in fact more online checking up what’s going on during contest days than on other days. I love the excitement! I loved to see how those models got so many likes and how they could generate so much support from their friends and communities. To see how young and new models gained so much support from their friends was always the best thing about the contests.

Goldie Bow from Finland is until this day the winner with the most likes. She achieved over 2200 likes only through the support from the Finnish community. It was the first time that the international plus size community heard about the power of the finish plus size women and their male fans. In retrospect, we should have known that the descendants of the Vikings are always fighting for their own people and that there are a lot of them. 😉

Here is a collection of the images she had published during that time:


The contests are what I totally miss about my page on Facebook and I want to have that back, but most of all help new models or bloggers gain followers though that. The more you grow, the more I and the community grows.

Never forget that a movement doesn’t happen only by a hand full of people!

Here is how I will be organising it:

  1. From Feb 15 – 25 I will publish 8 posts on Facebook and Instagram shouting out that models and bloggers can apply to us vial email to
  2. Then in the morning of Feb 26 I will create an album on Facebook with the pictures and inform every contestant that the contest has started. I will send each one them the link of their exact picture to share.
  3. The contest will be held from Feb 26 til Feb 28, 10pm CET.
  4. I will announce the winner on Feb 28 after 10 pm CET by changing the cover picture with the winner’s image. This image will remain uploaded there for a month, unless I must change it for special or unexpected reasons.
  5. Then on March 15 the search for new contestants will start again with a new article or simple announcements in different posts. This will happen every month on the 15th, unless we are too busy with other stuff or sick.

Here are the requirements for models or bloggers:

  • The models/bloggers should send in a rectangular picture in a very good quality. The image should not be blurry at all. (SEE EXAMPLE PICTURE BELOW)
  • The models/bloggers should have a Fan page or at least a public Instagram page for reference.
  • The models/bloggers need to tell us the following information of them:
  1. Name or artist name (in case you use that for your social media)
  2. IG account name (@…)
  3. Links of Facebook Fan page, Website and of Instagram page
  4. Location, Country
  5. Picture Details about the submitted image (photographer, mua, stylist and if the image was already published elsewhere)

Further information for the contest:

  • The models or bloggers can be both female or male.
  • This contest is free for everyone from every country of the world!
  • The contest will be held ON FACEBOOK ONLY and only the likes of your image in our album count.
  • The models or bloggers participating in the contest agree to share their image on all their social media pages with the link (also in bio) while asking their fans or friends to like their image in our Facebook album.
  • 1 Like = 1 Vote. This means that you alone are responsible for the success during the contest. You are even allowed to share your image in private groups if you want or you can also make a paid promotion for it.
  • Everyone that already participated in the past in the Profile Pic Contest can apply again for the Cover Pic Contest.
  • Please note that if the image or information submitted is not good enough, we might have to decline your participation. As a magazine, we must make sure to deliver a good picture quality. Edited images are welcome, but also unedited ones that show your natural skin. HERE IS THE PICTURE EXAMPLE:


Photo Sini Hollström for


We the admins and editors of Style & Curve are not allowed to intervene in the contest, not even by sharing the album on our private pages. We can only share an information on the Style & Curve social media pages.

I hope you like this idea as much as I do and I am excited to read your emails with your pictures sent to me via

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Mag

GRAMMYS 2017 – 2 Queens & 1 King

This years Grammys were very interesting and surprising!
You would have expected that Beyonce would win again, but….WRONG!
You would have expected that Kanye and Kim would show up again, but….WRONG!
You would expect that every performance will work out well, but…WRONG AGAIN partially!

But first, let’s talk about the most important people of last nights show:


Adele became the winner of Album of the Year, but she said that she cannot accept the award when Beyonces album was so much better. Adele turned out to be a huge fan of Beyonce and even ripped her award in two pieces to give Beyonce on part of it. I must say I never saw a female winner being so nice and kind as Adele was last night!

Beyonce’s reaction to Adele’s speech was also very touching.

Recording Academy / Grammys GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Which is why Adele became the first queen of the night! She wore a dresses from the fashion label Givenchy.



Beyonce herself became the second queen of the night! Presenting her beautiful pregant body the way she did it was amazing. I loved her red dress, I loved her outfit for her acceptance speech and all her looks from her performance. She looked like an acient african or egyptian fertility goddess. All the outfits she wore were done by Peter Dundas and the headpiece was from House of Malakai.



James Corden really rocked the show in the beginning with his performance. It was really funny and his attitude to still rock the stage only while wearing a smoking, a shirt, shorts and socks was awesome. He slayed! I found his look so great and since the band Twenty One Pilots also wore this look for their acceptance speech, but in their case it was just a promsie they gave themselves to show up like that if they ever win a Grammy.

Nevertheless, I am having the feeling that this could become a trend. 😀
Which plus size male blogger wants to try out this looks too for fun???



These are the other looks of the stars which I liked a lot! Rihanna might not be plus size, but I still love her look a lot.



I decided to rename the the section of the bad or failed looks. I have learned by now that everything is fashion and art. Litterally everything! That is why I decided to rename this just in the ‘Trying way too hard’ looks. The stars who end up in this section just don’t look good or choosed the wrong message for their look, which ended up in social media ridiculing them. The reason for them to choose these outfits is to get some attention. I can respect that they want the attention and I don’t mind to give them that, but luckily I don’t need to agree with them on their decision. Besides that I still love the ideas they had.


Which star touched you the most last night? Who was your favourite?

This is it! What more can I say to pay a tribute to Michael Jackson. I loved that the stars made tributes to so many stars and even if Adele had to restart her tribute to George Michael it was still better afterwards!

Now I am excited to see what Beyonce will do next year. 😉

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine


Picture Source:



Iskra Lawrence is the new promo model for a fitness plan of SELF Magazine. This might be a great success for her to be chosen, but it also came with consequences that caused uproar within the public — especially by body positve activist and blogger @Bodyposipanda and others who have previously suffered from eating disorders.  Iskra said in a statement that she knew about an eating plan, but did not know that it contained such low calories. Regarding my opinion as a personal trainer, it’s really hard to say because firstly, the recommended daily intake varies from person to person depending on their requirements, that could be to lose weight or gain weight. Secondly, you need to determine whether someone is active or inactive to determine how many calories they need. Thirdly, it depends on where you’re getting those calories from, whether it be carbohydrates, fat, protein or alcohol.

What should have happened is that SELF Magazine should have stuck to the recommend daily intake: 2500 calories for men, and 2000 calories for women. Then include a suitable amount of calorie intake ranging from carbohydrates, protein, and fats (although a qualified nutritionist can only give you an exact nutritional profile). This is where it gets a little confusing (although these figures tend to slightly vary from time to time), the government guidelines recommend : fruit and vegetable (33%), starchy food which includes potatoes, rice, and pasta (33%), milk and other dairy products (15%), non-dairy sources of protein which includes meat, fish, and beans (12%), foods and drinks high in sugar or fat (7%). Some people will argue that these figures are not realistic or are not good for your overall health, whereas some people will agree to those figures.

SELF Magazine should have given a “Healthy,” eating plan and not a “Diet,” plan which is less than the recommended daily allowance. I think that’s where the problem starts where it sends out a message to lose weight even if people are at a “Healthy,” weight and sticking to the recommended daily intake. As far as I’m concerned the calories within the meal plan added up to around 1500 calories per day, which is 500 calories below the recommend daily intake for women, and 1000 calories for men. Calorie intake also depends on each individuals lifestyle, age, height, weight; how busy you are within your daily job also affects calories being burned, etc. That’s the only way to determine true physical fitness, but let me not shy away too much from the main point which is that the plan promotes weight loss and not a healthy eating habit. See here

Is it okay for a curve model to promote fitness? It is completely okay, and all sizes can participate in fitness which also contributes to a good and overall well-being.

To conclude, SELF-Magazine along with Iskra should have included a “Healthy eating plan,” that they both agree with which complies with the recommended daily intake guidelines along with a balanced diet to round it off. This would have avoided the conflict between the public about Iskra and her work with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

Also, to any plus size model who does work for any type of magazine/organisation, please make sure you check with the company what the advert entails: if it meets your requirements, if it meets customer satisfaction (although it is impossible to satisfy everyone), and that it wouldn’t damage your reputation and jeopardize your career by sending out the wrong messages. We all know mistakes can happen but some come at a heavy loss.

Chronology in Iskra’s posts:

No eating plan information, but a picture eating chocolate.

🍫 Happy New Years everyone😘 if you're feeling the pressure to do the whole new year new you diets, think about what reason you're doing it. It's gotta be for you. And it's not about changing yourself because you're not good enough we can make healthy choices of moderation and self care improving our health rather than just changing a number on a scale. I will set myself new goals and challenges in Jan to try and be the best version of myself. I will never feel guilty for eating chocolate or pizza but I also want to keep finding new ways to challenge my body and mind. Eating what I want in moderation but also nourishing myself and trying new exercises to improve my fitness, strength & even for stress relief. Tomorrow is the start of my Jan challenge with @selfmagazine we spent time thinking of a way to create a healthy challenge that you can learn from and it's about you feeling good about yourself because health is so much more than just a size or weight. The links in my bio👆 to sign up and I'll post a pic for the first move tomorrow😝 wearing @aerie undies in this pic by @gavinglave #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

A photo posted by i s k r a (@iskra) on


I want to first thank you all for voicing your concerns about the New Year’s Challenge. I know nothing I can say will undo the damage that was triggered, but I'm thankful to have you all to learn from. Your voices have had such a huge impact and that makes me so happy. After seeing many of your comments and DMs, I spoke with SELF's editor-in-chief, Carolyn Kylstra. We had a meaningful conversation about the Challenge, after which she made the decision to remove the meal plan. My involvement with the Challenge from the beginning was the fitness aspect—I wanted to share some of my favourite workout moves with you all that aren't for weight loss, but to feel healthy, strong and to look after our bodies. I knew that there would be recipes involved but did not know that they would be put together in the form of a meal plan or be so restrictive / low cal. I don’t believe in diets, haven't controlled my food since recovery, and would never mean to advocate for them. So thank you to @selfmagazine for hearing us – this truly shows the power of our community and the importance of the work the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is doing. We are stronger together and we are enough! Thanks to my bf, fam, my team, @nourishandeat @ddlovato and all of you who support me & @nedastaff 💚💙💚

A photo posted by i s k r a (@iskra) on


Written by: Justin J. White









Male plus size models are steadily stepping-up, although still fresh, they are up and coming, plus it’s something that I’m looking forward to, seeing them make their mark in this fashion industry. I have been seeing a lot lately, neatly dressed from head to toe — looking dapper, from the likes of IMG model Zach Miko, Benjamin Montanez, Kelvin Davis, Claus Fleissner, Troy Solomon, and aspiring brawn model, Arcadio Del Valle, to plus size male bloggers Michael-Anthony, Riccardo Onorato, Alessandro Carella, and Syed Sohail. It’s a prominent journey for this blooming territory, there must be so many questions like who’s next, how big can this get, what does this mean for the fashion industry, and what do they plan to implement regarding plus size modelling for men.

This was something that was thrown in the deep end, but looks like it’s working wonders for the fashion industry. People are hoping to see more of this and I mean significantly, to the point that it sends the industry into a great deal of enthusiasm; something that could eventually happen overnight or gradually depending on the industries future interest and how many people are intrigued overall. I believe it will bring great business and opportunity to many people and designers, as they will be able to design new clothes that are fit for purpose for plus size men.


See below the male models mentioned above:

Zach Miko


Benjamin Montanez


Smile, it may make someone's day! 😊(I've had this Jean jacket since high school, over 10 years) 💯 🙌🏾

A photo posted by Kelvin Of Notoriously Dapper (@notoriouslydapper) on

Kelvin Davis


Claus Fleissner


2017 is about stepping out of the fog…and into…an area with…less fog?… #Brave #Important #Inspirational #🌫

A photo posted by Troy Solomon (@abearnamedtroy) on

Troy Solomon


Arcadio Del Valle


And some of the bloggers: 

|#TheBigFashionGuy| #TbT Styles "I stand on the shoulders of my haters" lol

A photo posted by Michael-Anthony (@thebigfashionguy) on



Riccardo Onorato


Alessandro Carella


Syed Sohail

That’s it for now folks. Let’s see what the future holds for this sector, because I’m sure there are a lot of men who would never have thought this trend would be coming through anytime soon. A great thumbs up from our side to see this happening.

Written by: Justin J. White




This is a story of a woman I care for deeply. I am not directly related to her, but she is a part of my life. This is less a story, but rather a prayer for her to change for the better!

I love this woman and so does her family, but she tries too hard to fit in her perfect and ideal image of herself and life in general. She suffers from it, because deep down inside she thinks she is not good enough and maybe not worth to have a happy life. I tried to build her up several times and still she doesn’t change.

I guess the reason is her difficult life. If you feel all lifelong that you must do more to receive love, then you surely think that you are ‘not good enough’. This behaving is a program that gets created in your childhood and you suffer from it for the rest of your life.

This is what the ‘NOT-GOOD-ENOUGH PROGRAM’ makes with you:

  • You go on diets, because you think you will only be better when you are thin as the women on TV.
  • You become fanatic about having a clean apartment and spend several hours a day cleaning.
  • You become a perfectionist and everything should be perfectly organised, even a small party for your kids.
  • You only feel good when you strive to the ideal image of you and try to avoid admitting that you are not good enough.

The truth is that you need to admit to not be good enough to get over this evil program. Accept the chaos, because chaos is a happy life! Once you accept that you are not good enough, or that you will never be perfect you will realize that it’s not so bad to be imperfect. You are still alive! Your husband, kids and family still love you. They know you are not perfect and they also see that you try to be perfect too hard, but they can’t stop you. It ´must come within you. You have to realize it yourself. It’s your life, your thoughts and your challenges!

Just believe me, accepting that you are not perfect and seeing how your life improves afterwards is important for you. Otherwise, you will fail in whatever you try to do. You will also have to get sick if you don’t change, because your inner suffering is too much for your body to handle. Don’t strive to be perfect, strive to be you, O!

I know that this is not only of one individual, it is a story of many. Many women and men out there suffer from the ‘not-good-enough program’ and they clearly shouldn’t, because it causes too much distress to your life and loved ones. Life is hard and it sucks most of the time, but you shouldn’t make it worst by thinking you deserve to be like that, because you are not good enough. I can understand you and many other women can too, we all have this program in us; but we need to fight against it with love to overcome the negative view of us!

#allsizesrock #allwomenrock #loveyourbody #loveyourself

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine

Middle image was done by Meg Gaiger (@Harpyimages)
Other Cover Models: Jennifer Fili (Photo by @tetty.k)and Jewelz Journey (Photo by @elephanttrailsstudio)




#CURVESONTHEREDCARPET – People’s Choice Awards 2017

Last night the 43rd People’s Choice Awards occurred at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. I always like to check out the outfits of the stars and select my favourite ones for you. Unlike with the Golden Globes 2017, I found a lot more beautiful curvy stars and outfits to talk about this time.

Here are our most favourite #CurvesOnTheRedCarpet looks from the People’s Choice Awards 2017:

Melissa McCarthy

WOW! Seeing Melissa McCarthy wearing this floras outfit made my heart melt. She looked amazing in it. This rather daring outfit combined with her smile and positive attitude made her my favourite star of the night. I love to see how she dares to wear more colourful clothes and how great she combines them!

Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz chose another wide dress for her look, but I think this works best for her. Finding an outfit in her size must be very hard. Therefore, I am happy that plus size brand Eloquii created this custom-made dress for her. She looks amazing and she inspires other women of her size to wear dresses too!

Sofia Vergara

‘Never in a million years did I thought with this ridiculous accent, I would be able to be a part of something so successful, so loved by all of you, like Modern Family.’ Sofia Vergara gave an emotional acceptance speech. She made me believe that her win is not only a success for her, but also for all Latin actors and actresses. Latin actors can achieve more nowadays than before and I am happy that Sofia won an award for her amazing work, even with the accent! I liked her outfit, because she chose a dress that shows her femininity in a beautiful way.

Fifth Harmony

Well, we have to change the band name into Four Harmony for now. It was the first event for the remaining four band members to appear and they did it with a statement. The combination of the colours white, cream and rose showed how they still want to be in harmony with each other. I liked their outfits a lot!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a garant for amazing style on the red carpet of any event! The Reem Acra dress she wore last night is also such an amazing piece, but there is something about her that I miss here. Where are her curves????? Her hips??? She looks more like having the hips of a man, then to have a female hip. She got famous for her curves and I am missing all that in this look. She had better outfits before!

See the full list of winners here:

I’m excited to see what the stars will wear at the next award show. Are you excited too?

Kind regards

Lyz Lupo



20 years ago, the only future plus size models could hope to have was to end up in a catalogue! Today things have changed to the better and the Plus Size Industry is growing faster than the speed of light. Which is no surprise for me when you keep in mind that most women are plus sized! It started in New York with the Fuller Figured Fashion Week and magazines like Plus Model Magazine and today we got the Millionaire Curve Models, who are the idols for the younger generations. Everything is coming up roses, right?

I had the idea to make this article on Jan 10, after Ashley Graham became the first model to hit the 3M mark on Instagram. Two days later Iskra Lawrence followed her and right now she even leads. Nevertheless, their achievement is a success for the whole Plus Size Industry. The more successful the role models become, the more successful will the industry itself become! We still have a long way to go still, but I am happy to see how great we manage each step.

I’ve estimated 5 models who have over 1m followers on Instagram and figured out 5 reasons for their success.

1. Sexy Photos
We all know that sex sells, but these models manage to combine lingerie pictures with a positive attitude.
2. Great Marketing Choices
These models create their own movements, create their own top stories and they collaborate with good marketing pros.
3. Awesome Contacts
Contacts, contacts, contacts – This is an old and still true reason for a big success and these models have them.
4. Great Brand Selections
The secret to become a house hold name is to be favourite model of a brand. Everyone knows that Ashley works for Addition Elle and that Iskra works for Aerie.
5. Unapologetic Attitude
These models are not scared to show you their bodies with all their so-called flaws and are unapologetic about it. Tess Holliday is the pro in that section.




Ashley Graham                          3m

Ashley Graham for Sports Illustrated


Ashley Graham is without any doubt the most successful one. The reason for me to make her my number one is the SI swim cover and that she was the first one to achieve the 3M followers on Instagram. Bow down b***, the queen has arrived! Her success story will continue…

Followers Facebook: 1,8m


Iskra Lawrence                                      3m


Iskra Lawrence might be ahead of Ashley right now, but I know from the past that this can change again. Still, I love to name her as the second most successful plus size model on IG. She got very successful in a short amount of time, due to the 5 reasons above and it’s not the end yet. Can’t wait to see what the princess will achieve this year!

Followers Facebook: 800k


Jordyn Woods                            2,5m



Jordyn Woods is Kylie Jenner’s BFF, with this simple information she was already all over the news by now. Jordyn surely started her career by already knowing the right contacts. This combined with her beauty and her unapologetic attitude made her so successful.

Followers Facebook: 26k


Tess Holliday                             1,4m


Tess Holliday rose to fame for her daring and unapologetic attitude. No other size 22 model received so much attention for wearing lingerie or nothing. Unlike many others who would step back, she embraced the love and hate and kept on doing what she can do best. This way she got hired by an international plus model agency, appeared in People Magazine and worked for many high ranked international brands. So, stop hiding and show your confidence to the world, it can still end well for you!

Followers Facebook: 1,6m


Ashley Alexiss                            1m


Ashley Alexiss is the first plus size model who became Playboy’s Miss Social in 2011. From there on her success story only grew bigger than many expected. Apart from being a sexy beauty Ashley also an MBA in Communication and her own brand called Ashley Alexiss Swimwear. Today she is working for many high ranked plus size brands and has a following of 6M (FB + IG). Ashley Alexiss can still achieve a lot more and I feel blessed to follow that on her social media.

Followers Facebook: 5M



I want to end this article by explaining why I focused on Instagram for this article. Ashley Alexiss surely has more followers than the other models, but Ashley Graham rules on Instagram right now. I wanted to focus on this side, because Instagram is the perfect platform for fashion. It is today more successful than Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, I experienced out myself how Facebook is trying to restrict plus size pages and models and I don’t want to praise this page for now; until they change!

The models above still give me hope though. More acceptance, more toleration and more love for plus size women can happen if we continue to support the role models!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo


P.S. More articles about other models will follow in the next weeks.


As we’ve entered a new year and a new era for yourself, create goals that seem impossible and achieve goals that people once said you will never reach. It’s not about having something to prove to anybody, it’s about proving to yourself that you can do it. We have all been down in the dumps at times plus felt demotivated to do things, but life doesn’t end there, it carries on. Whether you’re an aspiring model/plus model, yoga teacher, writer, filmmaker, engineer, scientist, accountant, fitness instructor; the list goes on, take that leap. See the vision in your mind, take the required action and if things aren’t working out then re-evaluate and try again.

Paloma Elesser for Nike Sports


Love one another as you love yourself, if you don’t feel like you love yourself then look into ways that can make you feel better: meditation, yoga, reading, talking with loved ones, working out, going for a walk, listening to your favourite music and letting go are some of the things you can do to make your day feel better. One step at a time is the mantra, one day at a time is the aim, so keep your eyes on the prize.

Even though I am writing this article, it doesn’t mean that I live a very happy and everyday cheerful life because that’s not the reality of it. Sometimes I feel just like you, down in the dumps with the “What’s the point,” attitude, demotivated for days or even weeks, feeling like nothing is moving and that I’m forever stagnant, however, I still manage to get through and reach out to people like you by writing a positive article. All I’m doing is trying to prove from my own experience that the depressive feeling diminishes over time because time is a great healer. Old cliché? Yes, but it happens.

So pick yourself up on where you left off — especially to the plus size women out there, slay in every great way as possible, because we can all make a huge difference. 2017 is the year to feel assured more than ever, and to live in high spirits as much as we can.

Written by: Justin J. White

The pictures are from Nike Sports campaign promoting their first plus size line. It features Muse Management model Paloma Elesser.


Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models 2017

First, we like to thank you all for all the reactions and support we received for making the 35 Nominated Models public in this article. It was not initially planned to publish them, but when I saw how many amazing models our jury of 5 people had chosen I knew I need to show them too.

Our jury contains of me Lyz Lupo as the editor-in-chief of Style & Curve, my co-admin Norman Spee, artist Fernando Ferreiro, Matt Gotowchikow who is the admin of the page Plus Size and Beautiful and Marta Rivera who is a freelance writer of the newspaper La Voz Hispana New York. I asked all jury members to send me over a list of their Top 12 Curve Models. My request was to choose models they like personally and that they deliver a list of international models.

We counted all the points of the selected models and then we made the final decision as the magazine. For us as a magazine it is important to choose models that support us, that follow us, that give us a positive feedback, that have already worked for many international brands and that are also involved in an organisation or movement for women.

Our finally decision was to choose these following model as our TOP 12 FEATURED MODELS for 2017:


We got a lot of comments complaining why we didn’t choose other models like Ashley Alexis, Jessica Milagros Guzman, Cassie Donahue. London Andrews or German models in general. The featured model list was created to follow models we like more closely and provide more updates about them. If you follow us regularly, you will see that we also like to share many other ones. Especially models like Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday provide always new stories, because they are in the news. We will also follow the nominated models and share if we see some great updates. For us this list was created to praise the great work plus size models are doing every day. Not being featured here, doesn’t mean we won’t share the other models at all, we just want to highlight some of them per year. I think we should celebrate life and the work of these women and not complain about them.

As mentioned above the meaning of the featured models is to have them as our profile picture on Facebook per month, to share them more often and to support them. Many models will get chosen for several years, but we also love to feature new models daily.

There are so many amazing models out there and if I had to make a list of the them starting with the best one, I guess it will be a Top 100! 😉

Kind regards

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine






35 Nominations for Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models List

Like every year, we make a list of the best plus size models. Last year I had to choose a list of Top 20 models because I liked so many of them. This year I chose to have a jury decide which models should become the Featured Models. The jury members are my co-admin Norman Spee, artist Fernando Ferreiro, Matt Gotowchikow who is the admin of the page Plus Size and Beautiful, Marta Rivera who is a freelance writer of the newspaper La Voz Hispana New York and me as the Editor-in-Chief of Style & Curve. I asked all jury members to send me over a list of their Top 12 Curve Models. My request was to choose models they like personally and that they deliver a list of international models.

I ended up with a list of 35 Nominated Models who must get selected in the end for the Top 12, because 5 people have different opinions on who are the best ones. I am so happy to see that there are so many amazing plus size models in so many countries. It shows that the movement grows bigger each year.

Here are the 35 Nominations for Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models List:



I know you will enjoy our selection. Stay tuned, because in one week we will publish the list of TOP 12 Featured Models by Style & Curve Magazine.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine


I just finished my daily celebrity news check-up. I have no special news about a plus size model, but I already saw some Christmas pictures of celebrities. I know tomorrow we will see a lot more, but for us I want to do something different.

Since plus size women are our celebrities, I want to have our own Christmas special; but with our followers on Instagram. We get tagged in pictures each day and I found a lot of them perfectly fitting for this feature.

Check out the best Instagram posts for the ‘CURVES ROCK CHRISTMAS’ special below:

💃🏽🎄Sharing some of my favorite Christmas outfits from this season by @pigtailsandpirates @theoblongboxshop @heartofhaute @pinupgirlclothing @hellbunnyofficial @steadyclothing 🎄💃🏽 – – All pics by my sweet hubby @garyzface – – #pinup #curvy #1950s #rockabella #rockabilly #curves #pinupgirl #vintage #vintagestyle #doll #pinupchristmas #pinupgirlclothing #ootd #retrostyle #vintagemodel #modernpinup #pinupgirlstyle #fashion #christmas #fashionblogger #christmaspinup #pinupmodel #photography #hautehoney #classicpinup #midcenturymodern #vintagechristmas #aluminumtree #bichon #christmasjumper @ratrodz_n_pinups @garagepinups @la_vida_rockabilly @thepurepinup @pinupdamesanddolls @thepinupbible @pinupworship

A photo posted by Yasmina Greco (@crazy4me) on

On Tuesdays we wear red. #meangirls ❤️

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You, Me And Friends weekend in SF x FTF 💛💛💛 #youmeandfriends #ftf #ftfselfie

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Last years publication in Tres Jolie Magazine #nativemodel#empower#plusmodel#Christmas

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Un'associazione nel cuore ❤. #ilsognodichiara #love #smile #loveyourself #love #cute

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve my darlings… 'Tis the season to embrace being the glamorous queen that you are! I know I am! I'm here, embodying the essance of an old Hollywood starlet, lounging in furs while feeling unapologetically sexy and pushing the boundaries of classic beauty. 🙂 I hope everyone has a beautiful, happy and safe holiday weekend.. oh and don't forget to 'sleigh' 😉 xx lingerie from @torridfashion xx #effyourbeautystandards #celebratemysize #bigandblunt #plussize #plussizefashion #fatshion #plussizemodel #model #faithplusfashion #fullfigured #ootd #psootd #psblogger #blogger #lingerie #boudoir #styleandcurvemag #fatkini #plussizestyle #curvystyle #goldenconfidence #seethe67 #bodypositive #selflove #slay #iamallwoman #sweepstakes #luxurious #torrid #justgivemetorrid

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SPARKLE AND SLEiGH✨🎁🖤 This holiday season🥀❄️🔥 Dress from @forever21plus @forever21

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Vestido by @xzmodafeminina que vc encontra na @rosachoqueac1 ♡

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Tomorrow is a special blog post because it's my birthday tomorrow…. yes I am a Christmas Baby! Stay tuned for all the details on this cute little number from @wegotcurves (use coupon code SARAHTJOURNEY for 15% off). Photos by @craveboudoir. Hair by @xpression_the_salon. Lace bra by @theashleygraham from @additionelle . #psootd #psstyle #psfashion #psblogger #plussizestyle #plussizefashion #plussizeblogger #plussizebeauties #torontostyle #torontoblogger #celebratemysize #christmas #daretowear #boldncurvy #lingerie #ownyourcurves #fullfigured #fullfigured_fashion #fashionforwardplus #stylefilesplus #styleinfluencer #styleissizeless #bodypositive #bodydiversity #thickgirlzrock #goldenconfidence #effyourbeautystandards #myphotoinvogue

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And that was it – FOR NOW! 🙂 Maybe I can add more tomorrow, if I see good pictures.

I would also like to show you what I myself wore last year for Christmas. It was the dress below, but without the hat. I made the pictures with the hat, because I wore the same outfit in January for an fashion event in Paris.


My look was inspired by cardinal Thomas Wolsey from the TV show ‘The Tudors’, because I just felt in love with cardinal robes. 😀 Which outfit I will wear this year, will be revealed online soon.

I am wishing you a very happy christmas time with your loved ones.

Lyz Lupo



We love Babi; we love Brazil. She has a great taste for fashion, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, just a nice dress and some high heels; Babi can make anything look good. Although always putting things out there sporting all kinds of fine garments, fire in the building is what you can call Babi Monteiro, and she’s never leaving us with a drought of articles of clothing. This Miss Brazil Plus Size 2012 seems to never age, looking young and fine so I’m sure her fellow Brazilians are head over heels for her; gearing up for the fashion weekend that will commence summer 2017. From her lingerie suits, jeans and a jacket, to weddings dresses, skirts and maxis, she is flawless as ever — I hope she continues to create waves through Brazil representing the plus size women out there.

  • We love Babi for all that she is and all that she portrays.
  • We love Babi for her utmost confidence. But most of all, for her respectful character.

If you love Babi, then love Brazil.

Written by: Justin J. White