Iskra Lawrence is the new promo model for a fitness plan of SELF Magazine. This might be a great success for her to be chosen, but it also came with consequences that caused uproar within the public — especially by body positve activist and blogger @Bodyposipanda and others who have previously suffered from eating disorders.  Iskra said in a statement that she knew about an eating plan, but did not know that it contained such low calories. Regarding my opinion as a personal trainer, it’s really hard to say because firstly, the recommended daily intake varies from person to person depending on their requirements, that could be to lose weight or gain weight. Secondly, you need to determine whether someone is active or inactive to determine how many calories they need. Thirdly, it depends on where you’re getting those calories from, whether it be carbohydrates, fat, protein or alcohol.

What should have happened is that SELF Magazine should have stuck to the recommend daily intake: 2500 calories for men, and 2000 calories for women. Then include a suitable amount of calorie intake ranging from carbohydrates, protein, and fats (although a qualified nutritionist can only give you an exact nutritional profile). This is where it gets a little confusing (although these figures tend to slightly vary from time to time), the government guidelines recommend : fruit and vegetable (33%), starchy food which includes potatoes, rice, and pasta (33%), milk and other dairy products (15%), non-dairy sources of protein which includes meat, fish, and beans (12%), foods and drinks high in sugar or fat (7%). Some people will argue that these figures are not realistic or are not good for your overall health, whereas some people will agree to those figures.

SELF Magazine should have given a “Healthy,” eating plan and not a “Diet,” plan which is less than the recommended daily allowance. I think that’s where the problem starts where it sends out a message to lose weight even if people are at a “Healthy,” weight and sticking to the recommended daily intake. As far as I’m concerned the calories within the meal plan added up to around 1500 calories per day, which is 500 calories below the recommend daily intake for women, and 1000 calories for men. Calorie intake also depends on each individuals lifestyle, age, height, weight; how busy you are within your daily job also affects calories being burned, etc. That’s the only way to determine true physical fitness, but let me not shy away too much from the main point which is that the plan promotes weight loss and not a healthy eating habit. See here

Is it okay for a curve model to promote fitness? It is completely okay, and all sizes can participate in fitness which also contributes to a good and overall well-being.

To conclude, SELF-Magazine along with Iskra should have included a “Healthy eating plan,” that they both agree with which complies with the recommended daily intake guidelines along with a balanced diet to round it off. This would have avoided the conflict between the public about Iskra and her work with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

Also, to any plus size model who does work for any type of magazine/organisation, please make sure you check with the company what the advert entails: if it meets your requirements, if it meets customer satisfaction (although it is impossible to satisfy everyone), and that it wouldn’t damage your reputation and jeopardize your career by sending out the wrong messages. We all know mistakes can happen but some come at a heavy loss.

Chronology in Iskra’s posts:

No eating plan information, but a picture eating chocolate.

🍫 Happy New Years everyone😘 if you're feeling the pressure to do the whole new year new you diets, think about what reason you're doing it. It's gotta be for you. And it's not about changing yourself because you're not good enough we can make healthy choices of moderation and self care improving our health rather than just changing a number on a scale. I will set myself new goals and challenges in Jan to try and be the best version of myself. I will never feel guilty for eating chocolate or pizza but I also want to keep finding new ways to challenge my body and mind. Eating what I want in moderation but also nourishing myself and trying new exercises to improve my fitness, strength & even for stress relief. Tomorrow is the start of my Jan challenge with @selfmagazine we spent time thinking of a way to create a healthy challenge that you can learn from and it's about you feeling good about yourself because health is so much more than just a size or weight. The links in my bio👆 to sign up and I'll post a pic for the first move tomorrow😝 wearing @aerie undies in this pic by @gavinglave #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

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I want to first thank you all for voicing your concerns about the New Year’s Challenge. I know nothing I can say will undo the damage that was triggered, but I'm thankful to have you all to learn from. Your voices have had such a huge impact and that makes me so happy. After seeing many of your comments and DMs, I spoke with SELF's editor-in-chief, Carolyn Kylstra. We had a meaningful conversation about the Challenge, after which she made the decision to remove the meal plan. My involvement with the Challenge from the beginning was the fitness aspect—I wanted to share some of my favourite workout moves with you all that aren't for weight loss, but to feel healthy, strong and to look after our bodies. I knew that there would be recipes involved but did not know that they would be put together in the form of a meal plan or be so restrictive / low cal. I don’t believe in diets, haven't controlled my food since recovery, and would never mean to advocate for them. So thank you to @selfmagazine for hearing us – this truly shows the power of our community and the importance of the work the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is doing. We are stronger together and we are enough! Thanks to my bf, fam, my team, @nourishandeat @ddlovato and all of you who support me & @nedastaff 💚💙💚

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Written by: Justin J. White









Male plus size models are steadily stepping-up, although still fresh, they are up and coming, plus it’s something that I’m looking forward to, seeing them make their mark in this fashion industry. I have been seeing a lot lately, neatly dressed from head to toe — looking dapper, from the likes of IMG model Zach Miko, Benjamin Montanez, Kelvin Davis, Claus Fleissner, Troy Solomon, and aspiring brawn model, Arcadio Del Valle, to plus size male bloggers Michael-Anthony, Riccardo Onorato, Alessandro Carella, and Syed Sohail. It’s a prominent journey for this blooming territory, there must be so many questions like who’s next, how big can this get, what does this mean for the fashion industry, and what do they plan to implement regarding plus size modelling for men.

This was something that was thrown in the deep end, but looks like it’s working wonders for the fashion industry. People are hoping to see more of this and I mean significantly, to the point that it sends the industry into a great deal of enthusiasm; something that could eventually happen overnight or gradually depending on the industries future interest and how many people are intrigued overall. I believe it will bring great business and opportunity to many people and designers, as they will be able to design new clothes that are fit for purpose for plus size men.


See below the male models mentioned above:

Zach Miko


Benjamin Montanez


Smile, it may make someone's day! 😊(I've had this Jean jacket since high school, over 10 years) 💯 🙌🏾

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Kelvin Davis


Claus Fleissner


2017 is about stepping out of the fog…and into…an area with…less fog?… #Brave #Important #Inspirational #🌫

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Troy Solomon


Arcadio Del Valle


And some of the bloggers: 

|#TheBigFashionGuy| #TbT Styles "I stand on the shoulders of my haters" lol

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Riccardo Onorato


Alessandro Carella


Syed Sohail

That’s it for now folks. Let’s see what the future holds for this sector, because I’m sure there are a lot of men who would never have thought this trend would be coming through anytime soon. A great thumbs up from our side to see this happening.

Written by: Justin J. White




20 years ago, the only future plus size models could hope to have was to end up in a catalogue! Today things have changed to the better and the Plus Size Industry is growing faster than the speed of light. Which is no surprise for me when you keep in mind that most women are plus sized! It started in New York with the Fuller Figured Fashion Week and magazines like Plus Model Magazine and today we got the Millionaire Curve Models, who are the idols for the younger generations. Everything is coming up roses, right?

I had the idea to make this article on Jan 10, after Ashley Graham became the first model to hit the 3M mark on Instagram. Two days later Iskra Lawrence followed her and right now she even leads. Nevertheless, their achievement is a success for the whole Plus Size Industry. The more successful the role models become, the more successful will the industry itself become! We still have a long way to go still, but I am happy to see how great we manage each step.

I’ve estimated 5 models who have over 1m followers on Instagram and figured out 5 reasons for their success.

1. Sexy Photos
We all know that sex sells, but these models manage to combine lingerie pictures with a positive attitude.
2. Great Marketing Choices
These models create their own movements, create their own top stories and they collaborate with good marketing pros.
3. Awesome Contacts
Contacts, contacts, contacts – This is an old and still true reason for a big success and these models have them.
4. Great Brand Selections
The secret to become a house hold name is to be favourite model of a brand. Everyone knows that Ashley works for Addition Elle and that Iskra works for Aerie.
5. Unapologetic Attitude
These models are not scared to show you their bodies with all their so-called flaws and are unapologetic about it. Tess Holliday is the pro in that section.




Ashley Graham                          3m

Ashley Graham for Sports Illustrated


Ashley Graham is without any doubt the most successful one. The reason for me to make her my number one is the SI swim cover and that she was the first one to achieve the 3M followers on Instagram. Bow down b***, the queen has arrived! Her success story will continue…

Followers Facebook: 1,8m


Iskra Lawrence                                      3m


Iskra Lawrence might be ahead of Ashley right now, but I know from the past that this can change again. Still, I love to name her as the second most successful plus size model on IG. She got very successful in a short amount of time, due to the 5 reasons above and it’s not the end yet. Can’t wait to see what the princess will achieve this year!

Followers Facebook: 800k


Jordyn Woods                            2,5m



Jordyn Woods is Kylie Jenner’s BFF, with this simple information she was already all over the news by now. Jordyn surely started her career by already knowing the right contacts. This combined with her beauty and her unapologetic attitude made her so successful.

Followers Facebook: 26k


Tess Holliday                             1,4m


Tess Holliday rose to fame for her daring and unapologetic attitude. No other size 22 model received so much attention for wearing lingerie or nothing. Unlike many others who would step back, she embraced the love and hate and kept on doing what she can do best. This way she got hired by an international plus model agency, appeared in People Magazine and worked for many high ranked international brands. So, stop hiding and show your confidence to the world, it can still end well for you!

Followers Facebook: 1,6m


Ashley Alexiss                            1m


Ashley Alexiss is the first plus size model who became Playboy’s Miss Social in 2011. From there on her success story only grew bigger than many expected. Apart from being a sexy beauty Ashley also an MBA in Communication and her own brand called Ashley Alexiss Swimwear. Today she is working for many high ranked plus size brands and has a following of 6M (FB + IG). Ashley Alexiss can still achieve a lot more and I feel blessed to follow that on her social media.

Followers Facebook: 5M



I want to end this article by explaining why I focused on Instagram for this article. Ashley Alexiss surely has more followers than the other models, but Ashley Graham rules on Instagram right now. I wanted to focus on this side, because Instagram is the perfect platform for fashion. It is today more successful than Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, I experienced out myself how Facebook is trying to restrict plus size pages and models and I don’t want to praise this page for now; until they change!

The models above still give me hope though. More acceptance, more toleration and more love for plus size women can happen if we continue to support the role models!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo


P.S. More articles about other models will follow in the next weeks.

Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models 2017

First, we like to thank you all for all the reactions and support we received for making the 35 Nominated Models public in this article. It was not initially planned to publish them, but when I saw how many amazing models our jury of 5 people had chosen I knew I need to show them too.

Our jury contains of me Lyz Lupo as the editor-in-chief of Style & Curve, my co-admin Norman Spee, artist Fernando Ferreiro, Matt Gotowchikow who is the admin of the page Plus Size and Beautiful and Marta Rivera who is a freelance writer of the newspaper La Voz Hispana New York. I asked all jury members to send me over a list of their Top 12 Curve Models. My request was to choose models they like personally and that they deliver a list of international models.

We counted all the points of the selected models and then we made the final decision as the magazine. For us as a magazine it is important to choose models that support us, that follow us, that give us a positive feedback, that have already worked for many international brands and that are also involved in an organisation or movement for women.

Our finally decision was to choose these following model as our TOP 12 FEATURED MODELS for 2017:


We got a lot of comments complaining why we didn’t choose other models like Ashley Alexis, Jessica Milagros Guzman, Cassie Donahue. London Andrews or German models in general. The featured model list was created to follow models we like more closely and provide more updates about them. If you follow us regularly, you will see that we also like to share many other ones. Especially models like Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday provide always new stories, because they are in the news. We will also follow the nominated models and share if we see some great updates. For us this list was created to praise the great work plus size models are doing every day. Not being featured here, doesn’t mean we won’t share the other models at all, we just want to highlight some of them per year. I think we should celebrate life and the work of these women and not complain about them.

As mentioned above the meaning of the featured models is to have them as our profile picture on Facebook per month, to share them more often and to support them. Many models will get chosen for several years, but we also love to feature new models daily.

There are so many amazing models out there and if I had to make a list of the them starting with the best one, I guess it will be a Top 100! 😉

Kind regards

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine






35 Nominations for Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models List

Like every year, we make a list of the best plus size models. Last year I had to choose a list of Top 20 models because I liked so many of them. This year I chose to have a jury decide which models should become the Featured Models. The jury members are my co-admin Norman Spee, artist Fernando Ferreiro, Matt Gotowchikow who is the admin of the page Plus Size and Beautiful, Marta Rivera who is a freelance writer of the newspaper La Voz Hispana New York and me as the Editor-in-Chief of Style & Curve. I asked all jury members to send me over a list of their Top 12 Curve Models. My request was to choose models they like personally and that they deliver a list of international models.

I ended up with a list of 35 Nominated Models who must get selected in the end for the Top 12, because 5 people have different opinions on who are the best ones. I am so happy to see that there are so many amazing plus size models in so many countries. It shows that the movement grows bigger each year.

Here are the 35 Nominations for Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models List:



I know you will enjoy our selection. Stay tuned, because in one week we will publish the list of TOP 12 Featured Models by Style & Curve Magazine.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine



Kendall Jenner for VS


Tonight was the Night! The Victoria’s Secret show was held at the Grand Palais in Paris tonight! The most wanted top models were gracing the catwalk at tonight’s show, including the celebrity supermodel Kendall Jenner and Gigi + Bella Hadid.


The reason for this is not because the models aren’t amazing, and not because they are too thin, it is because a brand is just doing a presentation showing their products only on smaller sizes. I know that VS has bodies in XL, because some plus size models already wore their lingerie for shootings. Furthermore, in this case I do not accept the stupid excuse that they only chose thinner models to save money on the materials. The models are wearing cheap lingerie, except for the super-expensive bra they are presenting at the end. Let’s face it, they don’t want to use curvy models because many viewers out there would still consider them as ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. These comments and flimsy excuses are ridiculous!


To simplify the descisions, we already chose some models for you. We have put them next to known VS models to let you see that there are no differences, except for their sizes. This is not a comparison, and we don’t want you to disparage the other models. All sizes are beautiful for us and it should be for you too.

Tell us what you think, should VS hire curvy models?



Taylor Hill / Joby Bach wearing a VS body



Candice Swanepool / Iskra Lawrence



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley / Ashley Graham for Grazia UK



‘I don’t really like that Victoria’s Secret models are all skinny with no curves. That’s not what the average body looks like.’

‘I want a girl with an actual booty to model Victoria’s Secret panties. Too much to ask?’

‘But why are all the Victoria’s Secret models flat chested? I mean you’re selling bras.’

‘Victoria’s Secret models literally have nothing on Ashley Graham or Iskra like are you kidding me?’ 

Daily Mail:

‘Twenty years ago, supermodel Karen Mulder sashayed down a makeshift catwalk at the Plaza Hotel in New York wearing just a pretty white babydoll nightie, all honeyed limbs and glorious blonde hair.

This was a very early Victoria’s Secret lingerie show, which sent shock waves through the industry for its risqué ensembles and generous helpings of glamorous, golden flesh.

The American lingerie brand, then in its infancy, had struck upon a potent formula: send beautiful women down a catwalk in their undies and you’ll attract attention.

Nowadays these are the kinds of outfits the models wear just to travel to the shows; the stuff they actually wear on the catwalk is so revealing you can practically glimpse their internal organs.

There’s something else striking about the pictures from 20 years ago, too. The girls have curves. Not excessive ones, of course —this is still a catwalk, they’re all slim as pins. But they don’t look like they’ve been surviving on nothing but chamomile colonics and tissue paper for the previous three weeks, like the current lot.’


I think the only model who rocked her curves in a wonderful way was Irina Shayk, but that could also be because she is pregnant!

I hope to see a change soon for VS, because it is finally time for you to also listen to your consumers on social media. Sorry Victoria’s Secret if I was ill-mannered, but I really think you should change things within your marketing because you will lose the popularity in the future!

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine


A wonderful woman and total sweetheart right from the heart; born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey — Massiel Hernandez. She is not just a plus size model, she’s jane of all trades, and that means she has acquired substantial abilities to prove her entrepreneurship. The Polyglot loves to dance, and sports a wide range of entertainment works from being an actress, writer, and casting director; and appears in the short fantasy/comedy “Sam The Vamp.” Possessing a powerful and winsome character, we have managed to whip up some great answers from the questions we used to interview her. See below what the beaut had to say.

1. You are a model and an actress. What did you do first?

I’ve been acting since I was a young child. I recently started modelling.

2. And how did you start with your second profession?

Another popular plus size model said I have a great look. So I decided to test with local photographers and submitted to different agencies.

3. What other things are you doing besides them?

I also produce films and I’m hosting a podcasts & YouTube channel.

4. What have you achieved as a model so far?

Recently, you can see me all over NYC in Ad for Blink Fitness Gym. I’ve been featured in various magazines, including Vibe, Manik magazine, Daily Venus Diva, Pose Magazine & Plus Model Magazine. I was on the Latin Network, Univision, modelling for the retail giant, The Avenue.

5. Please describe your personality by using 5 hashtags.

#curvygirl #freckles #fun #quirky #happy

6. Which life lesson was the most important one for you and how did you learn from it?

Loving my imperfections. Loving me for me. I’m happy who I’ve become even though I once didn’t love myself. It’s a process to truly see your true beauty. When you do, you’re golden.

7. Describe your perfect day.

Lots of sunshine and good friends.

8. What is your best and worst experience in life?

You’ll always have ups and downs. Life is full of lessons; it’s what you do with it that’s important.

9. What advice would you give to young models who have no idea how to become a model?

Do your research! Know what you’re getting into before you jump in.

10. What can we expect in the future from Massiel?

I moved to LA this year. I have several new projects in the works. You’ll be seeing my face a lot in 2017. 🙂


Having conducted a great interview with this princess, I can tell by her words and her works that she is composed yet energetic; upholds great motivation that will make her unstoppable regardless of what obstacles appear in front of her. Working as a fashion stylist and fashion production assistant has given her an insight into the modelling industry, in which she will bring her own flavour to the table. She has so much to offer in the new year, from acting and producing, to making a significant contribution within the plus size industry. We look forward to the work she’s going to bring about, and have high expectations for her. So look out for her and her modelling illustrations, because we are excited to see what desserts are in the works, and I hope you are too.

Written by: Justin J. White


“I’m really trying to make a change in the industry,” she says. “I’m trying to have more quality clothing for curvy women.”

“Be your own woman. Be your own kind of role model. And remember that the women around you are women you can lift up. You can change their lives.” ~ Ashley Graham for Glamour Magazine

Glamour magazine has named curvy supermodel Ashley Graham as one of the ‘Women of the Year 2016.’ See all winners here.

This news is no surprise for me at all. Ashley is making waves every week and sometimes several times a week, she has achieved the superstar status since being on the cover of SI swim. We saw her on the cover of so many fashion magazines, although one in Vogue is still waiting to happen. We saw her at so many events, rocking the red carpet with costume made dresses and she always represents us plus size women in a beautiful way. Ashley has been featured on the covers of Elle QuebecLondon TimesCover MagazineStyle Magazine and The Edit, and has been featured in the Shape Issues of VogueHarper’s BazaarGlamour and Elle UK. She has appeared regularly in several Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Marina Rinaldi campaigns; her list of regular clients includes Nordstrom, H&M, Old Navy, Bloomingdale’s and more. Besides this examplary resume, she also turned into a Designer for lingerie with Addition Elle and for swimsuit with Swimsuitsforall. Although she said many times that she doesn’t want to be labelled as plus size in which I don’t fully agree, I still think that she deserves to be admired as a role model for young women. She has been involved in media controversies ever since her Lane Bryant ad was banned, because it showed a curvy and sexy woman which Ashley is undoubtedly.

Therefore, we use her nomination as ‘Woman of the Year,’ to share our favourite images of her.


We from Style & Curve Magazine also created a lot of unwanted online controversy whenever we shared an image of her. The reactions of the fans towards her images go from praising her to shaming her as ‘fat,’ ‘obese,’ ‘unhealthy,’ and the shamers accuse us of ‘promoting obesity.’ All these accusations are pure nonsense and we ignore it, because we know better. Nevertheless, this will not stop us promoting beautiful, sexy, confident and curvy women like Ashley Graham – EVER!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine


Two days ago we got an email from a person complaining that we promote obesity by sharing an image of Ashley Graham and accused her of copying from other models. Plus, the person went on to say that it’s a no-go to copy other people’s ideas. ‘Are you kidding me?’ Was my first reaction when I saw the pictures in the email. I wanted to delete the email, but I said to myself, “I cannot allow anyone to talk this bad about plus size women,” and although we often get complaints about promoting an unhealthy lifestyle by sharing plus size models, I found the second part more interesting to discuss this time.

RIHANNA VS LACHAPELLE – copyright infringement lawsuit

I remembered when Rihanna was getting sued by Dave LaChapelle over her video for S&M a few years ago, because he accused her of copying from his photographs. Here is an article comparing LaChapelle’s photography with Rihanna’s video: Rihanna VS LaChapelle: Can You Spot The Difference?

Since a resemblance can’t be denied, he filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against her. This case never went to court, because they made an agreement so it didn’t escalate further. But since it is a good example to show you the legal side of this topic, here is the definition of it according to Wikipedia:

‘Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works. The copyright holder is typically the work’s creator, or a publisher or other business to whom copyright has been assigned. Copyright holders routinely invoke legal and technological measures to prevent and penalize copyright infringement.’

As someone working for a lawyer’s office who also handles copyright cases, this made me think a lot. I don’t know what kind of problem this person has with Ashley Graham, but I myself can say that I don’t agree with it at all. Furthermore, I will explain why it’s not wrong to do so.

ASHLEY GRAHAM VS OTHER MODELS – Can you spot the difference?

The person sent us some pictures as an example. My reaction mentioned above was when I realized that some of the pictures look similar. We got pictures of Ashley put together with other pictures from the models Candice Huffine and Joby Bach.

Judge for yourself, can you spot a difference?

Some of the images were put together by us, because the pictures send by email were too blurry. Furthermore, we checked all images and the ones on the left where all published first.


Some pictures show a certain resemblance, while others could be the result of a coincidence. The position of the arms in picture 2 and 4 look like coincidences for me, because I know many models who do the same arm poses. Picture 11 is also a coincidence, because Ashley was not the only SI swim model who wore a black bathing suit with her name on – See here a picture of Bo Krsmanovic. This means that SI swim made the design for this one and not Ashley herself.

On the other hand, the other pictures have a even bigger resemblance with each other regarding the pose and the outfit. A picture is a 100 % copy when there is a similarity regarding ‘the idea, the conception, the design, and the execution as well‘. So what do you think, did Ashley copy the shooting ideas from other models?


This leads me to my final comment towards the person who send us the email below:

‘I don’t know who you are, since it looks like you wrote to us from a fake email account. I also don’t know why you had to accuse us of promoting obesity by sharing plus size models, but I know that you must be having a lot of problems with yourself if you think the women above are obese. Furthermore, I don’t think it’s bad to use the images of other models as inspiration. I myself did it, although in the end there was never a resemblance. The reason for it were the photographers. This leads me to the point that models usually follow the instructions of the photographers for a shooting, which could be the reason why some images look more alike than others. Plus, not every model can bring her own clothes for the shootings which means that some of the styles may also look similar in the end. Then we should not forget the stylists, the creative art directors and the brands themselves, they are all involved in a shooting. To repeat the point about the arms from the section above, all models copy the arm poses. There is not much else you can do other than replicate the same poses from time to time. Let’s face it, many ideas have to be copied, because there are so many amazing shootings happening every day. Coming up with a brand new shooting idea is difficult. For me, getting inspired by other models is not a no-go at all, it is my most honest form of admiration, and taking the works of other amazing models should make those models proud and confident — Especially if it is such a beautiful and successful model like Ashley Graham. I think you can’t be a model yourself, because a model would know that it’s ok to get inspired by other people’s work, plus, if Dave LaChapelle didn’t only had his business in mind, I’m sure he would have also been proud of Rihanna admiring his work.’ ~ Style & Curve Magazine

This is all we have to say about this topic. We see many shooting pictures daily, and we also see resemblances between them, but it is not only one model who uses other models for their inspiration. We can see that many of them do this. Should all models sue each other over shooting ideas? I think not, because the plus size movement will end immediately. This is not what should happen, instead we should all be proud of other amazing models that use each other for their inspiration. This is also what Joby Bach thinks as you can see in her recent Instagram post below:

Thank you @TheAshleyGraham for taking My picture as Inspiration !!!

A photo posted by I am Joby Bach 🌓 (@jobybach) on

We don’t know what Candice Huffine or Gigi Hadid think of being the inspiration for Ashley Graham, but we are sure they also like it.


Right now this article was shared on facebook over 1,4k times and we think that we have to adress the reactions to it.

  1. We don’t want to criticize Ashley at all. We just thought that it might be a good idea to talk about this subject, after receiving the email mentioned above. We chosed to write about this, because we love the images of Ashley and what she achieved so far. We wouldn’t share her if we didn’t like her.
  2. Questions about Posing: It is not a crime to copy poses, unless we talk here about an image with a special pose that became a trademark or a pose that became iconic. Two famous cases regarding copyright infringement about special poses are the case Desmond Howard vs a photographer about the iconic ‘Heisman’ pose, which was solved through an agreement (READ HERE); and the case when Nike was sued by a photographer over the Michael Jordan Jumpman Logo, which was dismissed in court although it showed a lot of resemblance. See pictures HERE. Eventually, it is OK to copy poses and as you can see in the Nike case, the judge dismissed the case although there is a lot of similarity. Dave LaChapelle was, in fact, very lucky that he achieved an agreement with Rihanna before it went to court, because a judge would have dismissed his case anyway. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.
  3. Factor Photographer, Stylist, Art Director and Brand: They have a lot to say, because they make the shooting. The final poses and shooting ideas are mostly created by them. A model only has to follow their instructions in the end. So, if they choose to copy certain poses and shooting ideas, then only because they think it will be good in the end.
  4. Final comment to the reactions, it is not our fault if models like Ashley Graham have haters. We have them too. Therefore, we wanted to write this article to make clear that even if you take other people’s work as your inspiration, you will not have to fear getting sued. We wanted to make clear that we should regard this as a compliment and that we should continue to support each other.

We would like to end this article with a quote of Charles Caleb Colton: ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’

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Style & Curve Magazine


Today was a very sad day for Style & Curve. Everyday, I post pictures of plus size models on Facebook, but today Facebook started to restrict the visibility of those pictures. No one has reported my page, because no picture was removed by Facebook. I also have no information as to why they need to restrict my picture posts, plus, most of all, I see no violation of any Facebook rules at all. All models shared wear at least underwear, swimwear or dresses. We show no vulgar picture and if we share images of plus size models wearing only lace and no bra, then I can asure Facebook that those pictures are edited. No model nor photographer that we share wants problem with Facebook about free nip***! We are a page who takes care of what we share, because we are a magazine that offers online promotion for plus size models or brands and that wants to improve the self esteem of our plus size fans. Vulgar nudity is not welcome on our page!


Therefore I don’t understand why the picture posts are restricted. Previously I’ve shared images of Eva Believer plus Daniela Sesay, and Facebook started to restrict them, but I removed them myself. Today I shared the plus size models Laura Lee, Morgan Louise, Myself (@lyzlupo) and the same picture of Eva Believer again, but all of these posts got NO LIKES. Forthermore, only 20 – 30 people were able to see these posts. All 4 picture posts are restricted and I have no clue why! This looks to me like we are getting body shamed by facebook.

Since Facebook was not showing my posts, I used my Instagram account @styleandcurve to publish my thoughts as you can see below.

Here I thought everything was still ok:

#LoveYourBody with @misslauraleej : "I love every inch of me!" That includes my belly, my cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, scars, EVERYTHING! Now look in that mirror and see all the beauty we see in you. Stop being your worst enemy, stop looking for flaws, love yourself, say I AM BEAUTIFUL because you are. Believe in you and stop hiding. If you want to lose weight or gain it, then do it. But never let words of others dull your sparkle, BE YOU.' #UNTOUCHED #UNPHOTOSHOPPED #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #celluliteandall #honormycurves #lifethrowscurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #allaboutthatcurvylife #denim #bodysuit Photographer | @desbasphotography HMUA | @rebeccalballister #TagsForLikes #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #style #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @instylemagazine @glamourmag @buzzfeedstyle @yahoostyle

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But then I realized quickly that something is wrong on facebook since I got no likes at all. These are the words I used to show the unfairness done by Facebook:

I gotta give #facebook something sexy to work with today. They restricted the views of 3 pictures that I posted today already of plus size women. This is not the first time this happened to us, but now I want strike back! #restrictedposts Model: @moloweez Photo: @i.mays #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #plussize #plussizeoutfit #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #TagsForLikes #tagstagramers #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #style #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @instyleuk @dailymail @cosmopolitan @instylemagazine @glamourmag @buzzfeedstyle @yahoostyle

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Dear @zuck from @facebook, why do you restrict the views of my picture posts? What did I do wrong? I don't promote porn, because I don't show nude t*** and a***. I only promote curvy women. Why do you restrict the views on these beautiful women? I am treated by you like a criminal for reasons I don't even understand. Is someone reporting my page for nudity or other reasons? Then why don't you inform me about those reports? All you do instead is restricting the views of my picture posts. I have to inform you that what you do on our Facebook Page looks like #bodyshaming, because you only restrict the posts of #plussizewomen. All the other posts are visible still. I think this is a very unfair! With this you do not only make me angry, but also models like, @misslauraleej, @eva_believer and @moloweez, because they are the models I shared today. I am not going to stay quite now. I will make your cruel treatment public now. Kind regards, @lyzlupo from @styleandcurve magazine. #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #plussize #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #TagsForLikes #tagstagramers #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @huffpostde @dailymail @buzzfeed

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This is a picture I shared on #facebook 8 hours ago and it got NO LIKES at all. This is not normal when you would expect between 150-200 likes at least. I have no explanation from @zuck and @facebook as to why they needed to restrict the visibility on Facebook only restricted the views of posts with plus size models. All other posts and reposts are still visible. I think this discrimination of plus size women done by facebook has to stop! If you agree with me then #repost this. Furthermore, I am writing right now also an article about this incident with the prove of the restriction. Kind regards @lyzlupo from @styleandcurve. Model: @eva_believer For @deliciousdollsmagazine Photography: Teri V Photography Lingerie: New Look

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#STYLEANDCURVE WON'T POST THIS WEEKEND OR EVEN THE DAYS AFTER! Due to some problems with #facebook I decided to not post anything anymore here until the issue is not cleared. The only thing that will follow is an article about facebook on our website tomorrow, because I refuse to accept the discrimination of facebook regarding #PLUSSIZEWOMEN! @lyzlupo #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #plussize #plussizeoutfit #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #TagsForLikes #tagstagramers #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #style #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @instyleuk @dailymail @cosmopolitan @instylemagazine @glamourmag @buzzfeedstyle @yahoostyle

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This tactic of Facebook to restrict the visibility is unfair and discriminating, because they only blocked the view of the posts of plus size models. All other posts and reposts are still visible as usual. What Facebook makes looks like #bodyshaming! It hasn’t only happened to my picture, but also to the posts of the other models, therefore I made screenshots to document their treatment. Find the files below:

facebook restriction-horz-vert

Now, I could either calm down about this, ignore it and just keep on posting as usuall. Unfortunately, this is not why I became active in the plus size community. I want to achieve a change, I want to stop the discrimination on plus size women on social media. I know there are many more plus size women who have suffered from this and I know how they feel, because this is when all the insecurities about our bodies come back. In my case, as the owner of a magazine that works hard on promoting plus size models and improving the self esteem of our plus size fans, it feels like a slap in the face to see that I can post as much as I want to, but no one will see it. To me this looks indeed like cyberbullying and body shaming towards plus size women, done by facebook directly. I am very hurt and dissapointed by Facebook. I wished they would comment on this and explain at least what I did wrong. I know I did not do anything legally wrong, so therefore this treatment is cruel. It hurts my heart to see how my work is getting treated, while there are so many pages out there that show content that shouldn’t even be made public. This is not freedom of speech anymore!


Unfortunatly, this is not the first time social media pages were bodyshaming plus size women.


Even the famous plus size model Tess Holliday experienced such treatment when a picture of her was removed by Facebook, because it was violating its ‘health and fitness’ advertising policy. Read more here:
And it did not only happen on Facebook, but on Instagram too, when this picture of the inspiring Aarti Dubey from Curves Become Her was removed. According to Instagram it was done ‘accidently,’ but the hurt was done already. Read more about this here:


‘Tess Holliday was blocked from Facebook for calling out her harassers’ – Article by



‘Plus-size model Tess Holliday says she’s been blocked from her own Facebook account for the past four days.

According to the model, the block happened after she posted screenshots of harassing messages she’d received on the platform. 

She says she initially posted the screenshots to Facebook both for awareness of social media bullying and because Facebook doesn’t do enough to help stop it.

“This time it really upset me because they banned the person getting abused [Holliday], which clearly shows that they just block anyone whose image gets reported instead of looking into it … I honestly just think that if they’re going to take such initiatives against bullying and harassment then they really need to do their due diligence,” she said.’


The sad truth is that although I thought the restriction is finally over, I had to realize this morning that it is still active. I shared this link on my fanpage and I got no more likes, nor comments. Then I shared the link of this article on my profile page already 3 x times yesterday night and 2 x again this morning, but everytime I got the notification that something didn’t work out correctly and that the posting was not successful. I made then a screenshot of my post of this article on my fanpage for Style & Curve shared it on my profile and on the fanpage and all of the sudden it can be seen. This made me realize that facebook is now blocking me from even posting my website link.

So again I had to go to Instagram to make it public:

I wrote the article about the restriction by Facebook (LINK IN BIO or below), but now this article is hidden on the FANPAGE. Plus everytime I shared it on my Facebook profile page, they remove it within 5 seconds. I don't know what to do anymore. I am deeply saddened about this. This is like online prison. 😢😢😢 And @zuck from @facebook, I still don't know why you treat my page #styleandcurve on Facebook like this. There are stars who share their nipples freely and they have no problem at all, but when I share #plussizemodels you need to restrict the views? Why? Am I promoting terrible ugly monsters? Am I a dangerous criminal when I promote #plussizewomen? Am I a devilish person that has to be hidden from the world? What is wrong with my pages on #facebook? Why do you need to use tools that look like #bodyshaming on my online magazine and my own profile? LINK:

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on


We the admins can’t see our own posts on the @styleandcurve page anymore. We can’t make our own picture posts anymore. Even links posted from our website are getting restricted by FB.
This is why I had to create these 4 new pages. I hoped they accept posts shared from these pages and it worked so far today.
The 4 new pages are:

This kind of treatment is something I would expect for a page that shares porn or related things, but not for a body positive online magazine. The incident on my page and on Tess Holliday’s page makes me wonder if there are more plus size pages who suffer from this restriction right now?

All I want to do is to help plus size women to become more confident. Nothing more! I dont even share heavy BBWs, althought I should also think of them. But everytime I did this, Facebook remove it cause someone reported it.

I really hope this prejudice is over soon and that I get an answer for all of this.

I am emotionally so much down and I can’t take it any longer.

Kind regards from the dissapointed admins,

Lyz Lupo and Norman Spee.




Iskra Lawrence embarks on an incredible journey to help the lives of others, proceeding with the courage to spread the word and make a difference around the world. And those lives consist of those who fall victim to eating disorders:

Anorexia nervosa – When someone begins to starve themselves or is exercising excessively to lose weight. Enabling them to keep their weight as low as possible.

Bulimia – When someone deliberately makes themselves vomit after eating food to control their weight. Additionally, they will binge eat and repeat the process over and over again, even to the point where they may use medication to empty their bowels.

Binge eating disorder (BED) – When a person forces themselves to overeat, usually, within a short space of time.

Approximately 30 million people in the USA suffer from eating disorders, that’s roughly 20 million women and 10 million men, and there are serious consequences amongst these issues. Also, there are over 1.6 million people in the UK that eating disorders affect and it is highly likely that this number is nowhere near accurate (underestimated). And worldwide, approximately 70 million suffer individually. People from all walks of life suffer from these terrible mental illnesses, and that is from one side of the spectrum, all the way to the other side can suffer from the same illness like Bulimia. What causes these are more complex than just social pressure.

So if you have an eating disorder, be assured that there’s help out there one way or the other, there are so many people and organisations to reach out to. There are many people who care about your problems than you think; Iskra Lawrence being one of them who supports and is speaking on behalf of NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association), and she’s not only bringing herself but she’s bringing an entourage, who will walk with her to raise funds and awareness to tackle these mental illnesses. All around the world there is help but we can only seek help by taking action, and that means even if you’re locked away from the world, try to send an email, go onto google and search the nearest place in your region who deals with eating disorders. You can even go onto social media platforms and contact an organisation from there who will direct you to the appropriate firm in your area.

So who’s joining Iskra on October 2nd? I hope you are because this is a stepping stone for those who wish to overcome the hardship of the cycle and influence others to head in the right direction. For those who speak out on this issue but feel as if they’ve made no progress, believe me, some who are suffering are listening.

Where there is a sense of defeat, lies a sense of hope.
Where there is a sense of no reach, lies a sense of outreach.
When the voice is quiet, inside is a scream.
We can fight together, to overcome these false beings. – Justin J. White

Written by: Justin J. White

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Plus-size model Cassie Donahue can not only swim thick but can swim sexy. The seductive-smoky, olive-green-eyed IPM model shows a great deal of curvilinear edges. People are admiring her bonny hips, men are melting behind their keyboards, whilst her 37.5-inch waist and 50-inch hips whip up a good piece of lingerie. And she’s moving forward, up and onwards. Cassie serves with great importance in her life by taking care of those in need, proving her to be multi-talented. Doing both is a big deal, it shows a woman who’s caring, humble, and willing to give up her time for the sake of others; when it’s time to heat up the space, she fills it with fire and a majestic grandeur.

She’s already modelled for Jibri, twelve 26 plus, and was shooting ahead for Sydney’s closet 2017. I cannot imagine what’s more to come, but I know it’s going to be great with her curvaceous posts.

For what meets the eye can be tasteful, but there is more to plus-size women than an enticing body. They have a powerful mind to turn shame into pride, hate into love, and hurt into a gift.   

Written by: Justin J. White

Cassie Donahue’s Instagram:

Left photo credit: Stanley Desbas

Right photo credit: Angela Latimer