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10 Reasons to Boycott Victoria’s Secret, the ignorance of Ed Razek & what the the Future of our AngelPlus will be

10 Reasons to Boycott Victoria’s Secret, the ignorance of Ed Razek & what the the Future of our AngelPlus will be

The Victoria’s Secret show took place in New York last week. Like every year since the past 20 years the show is filled with beautiful models, great costumes, even greater artists and it was boring for me to follow.

The reason that I am getting bored by the show are NOT the models and also not the stars.

It is the brand Victoria’s Secret that seems to be stuck marketingwise in a thin priviledge fantasy.



Though this years show was rather anticlimatic, according to this Yahoo Lifestyle article, another article with the exec of VS with Vogue Runway resulted in a lot of critizism. Here are the words of chief marketing officer of L Brands, Ed Razek, and executive vice president of public relations at VS, Monica Mitro: (SWIPE)

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This Interview With the Minds Behind #VictoriasSecret Is … Really Something⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Hours before @VictoriasSecret’s annual runway extravaganza, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday night in New York City, @VogueMagazine published an online interview with two of the lingerie brand’s “chief architects,” #EdRazek and #MonicaMitro. The resulting conversation, moderated by @VogueRunway director @NicolePhelps, covered topics such as representation, #MeToo, and the brand’s competitors. Needless to say, it was a lot to take in.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ “Victoria’s Secret gets credit for being a conversation starter, but the brand is not part of the evolving discussion around size diversity now,” wrote Phelps in her introduction, citing brands like @UniversalStandard, @ThirdLove, and Rihanna’s @SavagexFenty, which have become popular in part for promoting size, gender, racial, and ethnic diversity. “In many ways, the discussion around Victoria’s Secret is not about who it’s letting in,” Phelps added. “But who it’s still keeping out.”⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Despite the flaws Phelps describes, Victoria’s Secret is still hugely popular around the world. Last year’s show, which was filmed in Shanghai, China, attracted 1.6 billion eyeballs in 190 countries. Razek and Mitro go on to defend these numbers in the #Vogue interview, as well as the brand’s relevancy and purpose … Like a lot.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ “I feel like our runways have been culturally diverse for a long time and that we’ve always celebrated our models’ backgrounds,” said Mitro.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Razek, meanwhile, seemed more intent on addressing the “haters,” saying that competitors and writers “carp” on the company because it’s so enormously successful.⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ In that spirit, here are some lines that stood out to us from the interview. We’ll let them speak for themselves. ••• #VictoriasSecretFashionShow #VSFashionShow #VictoriasSecretModel #VictoriasSecretModels #VictoriasSecretAngel #runway #catwalk

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Ed Razek has shown in this interview his true side. He might be supportive to so many models, but what he said here is very hurtfull. He said Rihanna’s show was pandering, which means he basically thinks the Savage X Fenty models look like s** workers. He said they wanted to do a plus size show in 2000s, but no one wanted it “and still don’t”. They admit that their size range is somewhat diverse, but they don’t want to promote it. Just like they don’t want to present a plus size model, they also don’t want to present a trans model either.

Ed Razek said becoming diverse doesn’t work for their show, because they sell a fantasy.

Well, if you are asking me this is a very dangerous fantasy! When I was younger I always wanted to be as thin as the VS models. I tried going on a diet so many times, but I lost so little and gave up fast. I constantly had the feeling I was fat and ugly, but back then I was just beautifully curvy. Today I am really fat and happier with my body than I was as a teenager. I wished I could have enjoyed this time. The fantasy VS is promoting is not real, but many young girls still want to achieve this unrealistic standard. What is the result of that? Bulemia, anorexia and more.

VS has never adressed their involvement in the mental health of their young clients, nor ever published an excuse.

They published one day after the Vogue article an excuse regarding not picking trans models, but no mention towards plus models.

Ed Razek and Victoria’s Secret need to stop creating an unrealistic fantasy for young women. The brand should finally stop making a show for men and do something that women will like.

I know many people will think, why do we need to write about this brand if they are so ignorant towards plus size women. Ladies, you are right. We should ignore them, but did you keep in mind the many young girls we need to reach out to? If you knew a brand would not be good for a teen you know, wouldn’t you wanna tell them?

I want to show these girls how ignorant Ed Razek is and how unhealthy VS is for their mental health.




“They don’t carry plus size! and I am not a fan of how they treat customers at there stores either. Very pushy!”


“Boycotting show till they utilize plus models on the runway. This is ridiculous. Another year without size representation!”
“@victoriassecret is the most hideous “brand” I know. I dont even think it is a brand with their fatshaming stuff. They are promoting so many wrong things! They hide the real world and realistic bodies! VS needs to open their eyes and see how they are destroying young girls confidence and mental health! Plussize women are so beautiful and deserves to be on runways to show the world how it works! But I dont think they should go on VS fashion shows, they dont deserve that and VS is not a real fashion show doing what they do. More plussize models on other REAL fashionshows or runways.”


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Tonight will be the recording of the #victoriassecret show. Since VS is promoting they became more diverse over the years, I would like to know your opinion. 1. Will you search for the images of the show? 2. Will you watch the airing of the show? 3. Would you regard them as diverse? 4. Do you like to see famous models like #kendalljenner, #gigihadid, #bellahadid and others walking for the show? 5. Do you like to shop their clothes still? ++++++++++++ Model Featured: @LA_JOBY (She presents our vision of a curve model being featured in the show, they did not cast any curve model for their show ever.) ~~~~~~~~~ #PROJECTION #VSANGELPLUS #JOBYBACH #IAMYOURANGEL PHOTO @acrobat_exit hair @t_triassi makeup @karimavezina stylist helpers @surgeonoffashion @trendsbyconnietriassi retouch @retoucheclandestine wings by @instaglambyjason #STYLEANDCURVE #victoriassecret #vsangels #vsangel #vspink #vsmodels #vsmodel #diversity #angelplus

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Now I do have a little history already with VS, because I wrote in the past years several articles about how great it would be if they casted also plus models. Joby Bach agreed to deliver the images for the articles and I featured here in them. She organised and planned the shoots herself, as she is very good in doing that.

See previous articles here:

1. https://stylencurve.com/should-victorias-secret-hire-curvy-models-next-year/

2. https://stylencurve.com/joby-bach-featured-as-the-first-plus-size-model-for-victorias-secret/

Here is also an article about the AngelPlus campaign by Style And Curve and ITop Models:

  1. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/will-plus-size-models-ever-cast-victorias-secret-fashion-show-yes-social-media-campaign-succeeds-170318139.html?guccounter=1



After two years of writing about my dream of seeing an AngelPlus special happening on the VS stage, I have to announce today that I will no longer support, nor feature VS models. I will keep this rule, until I see some curves on that stage that are not coming from the artists nor the audience.



Here are my 10 reasons why I chose to boycott them from now on:

1. VS promotes that they became more diverse over the years. Well that counts NOT for size diversity.

The only thing close to a curvy model was when Irina Shayk walked at the show pregant in 2016. She looked so beautiful.

2. VS promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Doing a lot of training is great to get in shape for such a show with those heavy wings, but a diet of only 1300 calories per day for an already thin model is unhealthy. Diet causes health risks also as you can see in this article that the models only make a crash diet: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1024920/victorias-secret-diet-healthy-dietitian-verdict

3. VS promotes only a thin model type, althought many of their products do until XL. VS offers more variety size wise in their products than they promote in their show and I disagree with that. Ed Razek said that VS sells a fantasy, but the company produces for more sizes than XS. They could have make it work for them easily, but they didn’t want to.

4. VS shows lose viewers with their shows each year and the shows become also less and less interesting. Article from November 2017: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Sinks to New Low.

5. VS is selling less each year and they struggle with their sales. The reason for it is that brands like Aerie manage to connect better with today’s teens. See article here: https://www.businessinsider.nl/victorias-secret-loses-teen-shoppers-2018-10/?international=true&r=US

6. VS keeps behaving like they are the kings and they don’t need to listen what the audience wants. The press kept reminding that they want to see also curvier models, but nothing happened. I can’t even count the number of people who would have loved them to cast some curve models like Joby, Tabria or Ashley; but the kings don’t care. So, I will also not care anymore.

7. Our initiative #AngelPlus is from this moment on, not connected to VS anymore. Any brand can present angels so let’s focus on the brands who get it right. Let’s focus on “Everyone is an angel” instead.

Although, I am a huge fan of Grace Bol. I think I can still follow her on a regular basis without watching the VS show. Furthermore, this year the press ignored Grace almost, which I found sad. I am still a fan of these models, so I can still be sad if the press ignores one of my favourite one. Well, at least VS shared her:


The only article where she was featured with all the other models was this one: https://www.businessinsider.nl/victorias-secret-fashion-show-runway-outfits-2018-11/

source: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

8. Besides the yearly 1 Million bra, the products of VS are rather cheap.  The general products they offer can be found in other shops too and for a better quality and better size diversity. So, no reason to support VS for the lingerie.

9. I will ONLY support CURVY and PLUS SIZE ANGELS and only a show that features them.

10. I have better things to do then to watch a full show, when I only like one model of the show.


Finishing Words + The Beauty of Curvy Angels

As you can see from my article I love the idea of Angels presenting lingerie, but only if the models are also curvy and plus size. I do have nothing against the models who participate in the show, but I am against the brand, their exces and their rules for the models. Most importantly doing a crash diet for a show should be forbidden if you ask me. The models should only focus on training and gaining muscles for the heavy wings they need to present. Diet culture should not be promoted by any brand.

Have we not learn anything from all the women who became bulimic from watching the VS show? VS clearly didn’t.

Since I don’t want any curve model to support VS, I share with you the vision Joby Bach had of a curve model walking for VS.

Photo: @acrobat_exit


Thank you all for your attention and remember you don’t need VS to be happy, we only need our own confidence! Yet, if you like the models you should be free to watch the show.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style And Curve




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