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7 Diverse and Body Positive Images that caught our attention

7 Diverse and Body Positive Images that caught our attention

We’re back from our holiday break with new plans, new ideas, new articles and a few new topics to share for the website. Topics like Diversity and Body Positivity will get continued to be shared by us.

We saw a lot of improvements happening for the plus size community in 2017, but we think that is still not enough.

Therefore, we picked these 7 images promoting Diversity and Body Positivity, because they caught our attention. You will see in the our selection below women of different sizes, different skin colours, different ages and even different nationalities; all this because #AllWomenRock.

Beauty Beyond Size Chile

Flux Panties

FLUX PANTIES are at the moment available via Kickstarter.

“Throw away your pads and tampons! FLUX is period proof underwear that completely replaces pads and tampons and can be worn alone during your period.

They also aim to break barriers and smash taboos by representing women of every shape, size, colour and ability, to celebrate the beauty in every body.

You can pre order your period proof underwear by going to www.flux-panties.co.uk.”

Official Libella


Leidyn Bernardez

“~ #RockYourCurvesXCoconat ~
More than a movement, It’s a state of mind that wants to break the unrrealistic paradigms of beauty standards and self acceptance. @coconatswimwear, these beautiful models and I have come together to show you the beauty that exists in diversity. We seek to leave in you that seed so that you can believe in yourself, understand that you are enough and capable of being who you propose to be, of loving yourself without limitations, and of accepting that there are always going to be obstacles, situations and people who will not agree, not because you’re not capable, but because they are not able to believe in themselves, so don’t let this block you because if you’re aware of who you are, what you want and where you are going, NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP YOU🔥”

Photo: @the.private.lens

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~ #RockYourCurvesXCoconat ~ Más que un movimiento es un estado mental, que busca romper con los paradigmas irrealistas de belleza y aceptación personal.
Me he unido en esta ocasión con @coconatswimwear y estas hermosas modelos para a través de esta campaña demostrarles la belleza que hay en la diversidad y más aún cuando sobreabunda el amor propio.
Buscamos dejar en ustedes esa semilla para que puedas creer en ti, entender que eres suficiente y capaz de ser quien te propongas, de amarte sin limitaciones, y de aceptar que siempre van a haber obstáculos, situaciones y personas que no van a estar de acuerdo, no porque tu no puedas, sino porque ellos no son capaces de creer en sí mismos, pero que esto no te detenga porque mientras TU estés consciente de quién eres, qué quieres y a dónde vas, NADA NI NADIE PODRÁ DETENERTE.🖤 📸: @the.private.lens

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#TheRealCatwalk by Khrystyana

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#therealcatwalk VIDEO!!!!! ITS FINALLY OUT!!!! Thank you @dzcs4u for Filming and Editing !!!! And all of you for seeing and believing that each and every one of you is a Beauty in your purest of Forms !!!!! Thank you for being real, for being yourselves, even though some days it’s not as easy – We get up and go, with all all our insecurities, we still shine !!!! Thank you for being TheRealCatwalk all of you !!!!! Orlando and La, we are coming to YOU NEXT ASAP! Casting call with auto admission – every person is a beauty. Don’t care if media told you otherwise. Let the lie. You choose to believe in your power, your voice. Your infinite beauty! LOVE you with all my heart !!!!!! #bodypositive #bodyimage #effyourbeautystandards #everybodyisbeautiful #onelove music cover by #beyonce #whoruntheworld

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Parfait Official

EBY Clothing

I must say that I love the topics Diversity and Body Positivity the most. I love to present to you all the unique beauty of this world, because I know that’s where we all should really put our focus on.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

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