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Style & Curve started on Facebook on April 20, 2013 under the name ‘Curvy Models Rock’. It was created by Norman Spee, a widowed engineer from the Netherlands. He created the page, because he saw how problematic it was for his wife to find good clothes, realizing the unfair treatment regarding plus size women. His plan was to create his own fashion line for plus size women and within a few months Lyz Lupo became the second admin. Lyz is a petite plus size model from Germany, with a Romanian, Hungarian and German background. Her legal name is Claudia Katona and she used Lyz Lupo as her artist name. Both got along thoroughly and developed with time a great working relationship. After some time Norman decided to leave Curvy Models Rock to concentrate on his fashion line idea and Lyz became the lead admin. About one year later, he was advised to focus on his day-to-day job in which he ,unfortunately, gave up the idea of creating his own plus size brand.

Lyz realized there were sufficient topics to be shared amongst the Facebook community; renaming the page as Style & Curve to combine and share fashion topics with curvy  models. Lyz learned that curvy women are intrigued by fashion, shopping, hair and make-up tutorials; as well as body positive posts, authentic images that show cellulite, stretchmarks and scars. Furthermore, comical videos that involve animals and a mixture of entertainment shows that Lyz likes to entertain her customers.

From 2014 to 2016 Norman Spee was no longer with Style & Curve; there were times when he was back as an admin, but it was only for a short time. Since  January 2016, Norman has officially been back and has proved to be a success to the brand. The Facebook page received over 18,000 new likes until March 2016 whilst the Instagram Page almost doubled. He had great discernment regarding which pictures are better than others; therefore they celebrated because the dream team is re-ignited. Since he is back, Lyz decided to divide the responsibilities between them.

The new responsibilities are as followed:


Lyz Lupo (Owner and Editor-in-chief)

  • Website Content
  • Magazine Content and Publishing
  • Marketing for Website and Magazine
  • Brand Consultation
  • Event and Fashion Reviews
  • Strategic Decisions for the Development of the Magazine
  • Posting Content for all Social Media Pages
  • Deciding on the annual Top20 Models, Top10 Bloggers, Top10 Photographers and the Top20 hottest international brands for Style & Curve
  • Deciding on various collaborations (like our live streaming partner www.comeseetv.com, where we have our own online TV channel)

You can reach her online through the email styleandcurve@gmail.com.



Norman Spee (Lead Admin)

  • Posting Facebook Content
  • Human Resources Manager for new Admins
  • Discovering new Content for Style & Curve (i.e new models, bloggers, brands, etc)

You can reach him online through the email styleandcurve@gmail.com.


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