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Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.   If you’ve been following my blogs each week, you know that I have a daughter who inspired me to start modeling and acting because she thought I was so beautiful that I should be.  Halloween is just around the corner so I wanted to discuss our Annual mommy/daughter Halloween photo shoot tradition.  My daughter goes with me to many of my photo shoots and acting gigs.  I’ll never forget after our first shoot together she said, “Mommy, I didn’t know modeling was so hard!  My back hurts.”  It made me laugh so hard to hear her say that.

My daughter is one of my biggest supporters and although I did not give birth to her myself, I couldn’t love her more if I had.  When I married my husband, I gained a 6-year old daughter and that is the greatest gift outside of his love that he has given me.  I see life through her eyes and my faith in life was restored when she became part of mine.  We have as close a bond that is possible to have between a mother and child so we are very blessed.
I brought up the idea of a mommy/daughter photo shoot to include her in my modeling world.  She jumped at the idea and was so excited that it became an annual tradition.  We have also done other mommy/daughter shoots but it’s our Annual Halloween shoot she and I look forward to each year.   We always discuss what we would like to dress up as the following year and plan ahead so we have time to purchase costumes on sale or with coupons.
Life is short; kids grow up in the blink of an eye so I highly encourage you moms out there to include your child or children somehow or way in your careers.  Never bring a child to a photo shoot without the express permission of the photographer.  My child is very well behaved and has proven herself mature enough to go along without any drama or issues.  Almost every photographer I’ve ever worked with allows her to come even when they have a strict no children rule because she is so well mannered and helps out with the shoot.
She is a bright child who does extremely well in school; she’s made straight A’s since starting school and is now in middle school.  All her core classes are Advanced Placement and she is also learning to play the guitar in her Mariachi class.  She offers ideas for photo shoots such as locations, themes and even poses, helps me pick out wardrobe if I’m bringing my own and she also helps me run my lines if I’m working on my script for a scene.  She’s even booked small roles in films that I’ve acted in, not because I’m her mother but because of her own maturity and ability to take direction.  She even booked a fashion show and did extremely well.  I never push her regarding possible modeling and acting gigs for her.  I bring it up and if she wants to audition, I encourage her.  If she’s not interested, I respect her decision.  She’s been asked before if she wants to be a model or actress when she grows up and although she enjoys doing it from time to time, she has stated that it’s not something she wants to do but enjoys helping.
I started modeling at the age of 41 because my daughter believed in me when even I did not believe in me.  As many of you know, this year I turned 45 and my modeling and acting career just keeps getting better.  Again, don’t allow anyone to tell you what you can or can’t do; no one can control your future but you.   I guarantee that you will get rejections but don’t allow that to stop you from chasing your dreams, whether it’s to be a model, an actress or anything else you choose to do in life. Don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path. Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Until next week, stay positive!
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