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Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog. I received a wonderful email from a beautiful young lady who viewed my Costume and Cosplay album on my fan page asking where I get my great costumes. Halloween is sneaking up on us so I want to share this with all of you today. Regardless of your size or body shape, you can dress up as anything your imagination can come up with. There are your traditional types of characters that everyone knows or you can use your imagination and come up with a unique costume that you create yourself but would still be something the general public recognizes. I’m not going to go into the history of Halloween, only suggestions regarding dressing up.
I am sharing a collage of four of the costumes I’ve worn/modeled since 2010 and my latest costume is the Honey Bee costume that I just had a recent photo shoot in. Whether you’re a huge fan of dressing up or if you want something simple, one of my favorite sites to go to is if you want something already made and ready to go. I recommend signing up with your email address so you will get notices of special sales or discounts. I’ve found costumes on clearance for as low as $4.99 and they can go up to roughly $400 and every price range in between. I just purchased a Firebird Costume on clearance that has a light up bodice a couple of months ago. I purchased this costume for my best friends and me. We had a group shoot in the costume minus one but it was still a great shoot. The costume is amazing and they had it available in the standard sizes including XL, which fit like a 1X. The regular price for this costume was $89.99 so it was an absolute bargain for $4.99. I can assure you that you will find something you like within in your budget.
Many of the costumes also have a video so you can have a 360-degree view of the costume and lots of the costumes also have customer reviews to help you decide if it’s the costume for you. There is also a sizing chart to help you choose what size to purchase. They also have the best exchange and return policy anywhere on the net in my opinion. You have nothing to lose, once you order the costume and get it delivered, if for any reason you don’t like the fit, the design, fabric or it just wasn’t what you thought it would be, you can return it hassle free and refunds generally take about a week to two weeks after returning it. I’ve ordered many times and I’ve only returned two purchases and received my refund very quickly. This site is based in the US but I’ve read reviews from customers all over the world happy with the customer service and the fast delivery times outside of the USA. Of course you cal also visit your local costume store and try it on before you purchase but in my experience, the selection is limited for us plus size beauties.
If you’re more creative, use your imagination and let your creative juices flow. There are many hobby stores around and costume stores where you can purchase accessories to help you create your very own unique costume. Narrow down your ideas of what you would like to dress up as and google your idea. It’s amazing how many images you can find that can inspire you and create a version of your idea that is uniquely your own. Don’t be afraid to choose non-traditional accessories and if you know how to sew or know a great seamstress, having your costume made to fit you perfectly is another option. If you go to a tailor or seamstress shop, first sketch your idea or take photos to show them what you would like. They can tell you how much fabric to purchase based on your design and measurements then you can go to a fabric store and choose the quality of the fabric based on you budget. Many fabric stores will have coupons and you can even google coupons for a specific store online to get discounts on your fabric purchases. Purchasing the fabric yourself and only paying for labor will give you significant savings rather than just going in, telling them what you want. Now if you have a nice budget, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sketching or showing your seamstress what you want and they can do everything for you from start to finish.
Your options are endless, you can purchase your costume ready made online or at your local costume store, you can create your own costume with your imagination and great accessories, or you can have something custom designed just for you. Regardless what route you take, you can have a great, fun, scary, beautiful, or unique costume to enjoy on Halloween or anytime. I personally love dressing up so any reason to wear a costume or play dress up I will take advantage of.
As always, please feel free to contact me if you ever have a question, suggestion or a topic you would like me to blog about. Send me an email to and if I know enough about the subject matter or can offer my personal experiences, I will be happy to do so. I’ll be back next week, keep chasing your dreams and stay positive!
Vampire and Queen of Hearts Images by: Washhboy Photography
Pirate Image by: Hill Country Vision
Honey Bee Image by: Mars Leon
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