The women and men featured in this article are all bloggers and models who regularly use one of our hashtags #STYLEANDCURVEMAG or #STYLEANDCURVE. We decided to feature the best post in an article each month. Their posts can be about fashion, looks, selflove, bodypositivity or any other topic that we found important to share with you. We won’t comment much about the images, because we believe that the images speak for themselves.

Here are the 20 Best Curvy Style Gods & Goddesses on IG of March 2017:

(P.S. – If I have their website or FB links, I will tag one of them in the headline, preferably. Plus, the numbers are only there to keep track, it doesn’t mean that Nr. 1 is better than Nr.20. They are all equally good enough to be in this list)


1. Daniela Sesay

2. Natalie In The City 

3. Hourglass Cath

4. UK Model Olakemi and her joint campaign #PlusIsDiverse

5. Note Blair

6. Elena Egea from Kokkoele

7. Crazy 4 Me

8. In•koi•yo🇳🇬

9. Lora Lyee

10. Suzie Stevens

11. Abia Curve Model

12. Anansa Sims

13. uominidipeso

14. Nindhita Insani

When i count my blessings, i count you twice.

A post shared by nindhita insani e (@dehaitea) on

15. Henrique Huerta

16. Isabel Ruiz from En Mis Curvas

17. Ela from Conquore

18. Asia Mone’t

19. Colorful Curves

20. Jaime Je T’aime

We enjoy to see how many accounts use our hashtags each day, and we love checking the images whenever we have time for it.

If you also want to be featured, then you only need to use #styleandcurvemag or #styleandcurve. Maybe next month we will find your image most interesting and share it too.

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