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#CurvyProject: Canadian Curvies

I decided to pick the Ladies from the Canadian Curvies project for our cover image on our Facebook page, but I also want to introduce our fans to it.   ABOUT THE CANADIAN CURVIES: Meet Sarah, Daniela, Yolanda and Catherine – four Canadian women and models from different walks of life that have come togetherContinue Reading “#CurvyProject: Canadian Curvies”

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I have been asked who I would give the “Plus-size crown,” to. So I decided to put 15 names into a hat and pick five by random, starting with a description of what I thought about each one. This was fun, so here it goes. Rosie Mercado – Although I’m a sucker for wide hips,Continue Reading “WHO IS THE PLUS-SIZE QUEEN?”

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Support the #BODYLOVE campaign by Silvana Denker

When photographer Silvana Denker started her first shooting for the #BODYLOVE campaign in October 2015 she hoped to get some responce for her idea. She probably didn’t thought it will become so much wanted by the media. Silvana Denker is an internationally known plus model and photographer from Germany. She already worked for great designersContinue Reading “Support the #BODYLOVE campaign by Silvana Denker”

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Love the real you – how Be inspired Boutique supports women of all sizes!

Michelle Brasher’s Campaign #beautyhasnosize shot in Puerto Rico! Every woman is beautiful no matter what shape or size they are and that is a fact! Designer Michelle Brasher owner of Be Inspired Boutique and sister company Notion + Grace from California has also joined the movement of celebrating each body type. Brasher is a firmContinue Reading “Love the real you – how Be inspired Boutique supports women of all sizes!”

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I shared on Style & Curve the newest post of blogger Lu zieht an, where she tells her opinion about the #BeachBodyNotSorry campaign from swimsuitsforall a few weeks ago already. But since we changed the website, it was gone. This is now the #Repost. Here is what she said: “The → #BeachBodyNotSorry campaign by swimsuitsforallContinue Reading “STYLE & CURVE SUPPORTS THE #BEACHBODYNOTSORRY CAMPAIGN BY SWIMSUITSFORALL”

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We are happy to get a great feedback from the #BeachBodyNotSorry campaign by MaxiMe Models. We promote this campaign by swimsuitsforall, because we think there should be less photoshop done on plus size models. Read here our previous post about it: MaxiMe Models is a young, ambitious and precise agency, that have the models youContinue Reading “MAXIME MODELS SUPPORT THE #BEACHBODYNOTSORRY CAMPAIGN PROMOTED BY STYLE & CURVE”