Wouldn’t that be an amazing headline?

We already shared several times requests towards Victoria’s Secret to go plus. My idea to do this started after seeing how amazing plus size model Joby Bach from Canada looks wearing VS bodysuits for her shootings. Until this day, Victoria’s Secret did not announce plans to extend their range. We still have hopes thought!


A few weeks ago our fan Kayla Eterni send us a link of the email she send to Victoria’s Secret:

As you can see Kayla has a great body, she just grew a bigger chest naturally. As a big fan of VS she surely would prefer to continue to shop from her favourite brand, but she can’t do that now anymore because they don’t offer clothes in her bra size 34DDD. This would change if VS started to add bigger sizes to their range.

Furthermore, as girls grow older into women their body always changes. It is a natural progress, like it happens again with a female’s body after she gave birth to a child. I myself see this natural process as a problem for VS though, because they will lose their former clients if they stick to the sizes they have now.


To make things easier for Victoria’s Secret we asked Joby Bach to do a shooting for us wearing only their clothes and she agreed! Joby had to change some of the clothes in the VS shop to make it fit her size and to change the look. So, she changed the text of the black shirt from the PINK COLLECTION from “Sorry but I actually Can’t” into “Sorry but I actually Can”. She also designed the Black T-shirt saying: “Definitely and Angel” for the cause, because she really believes that she is an “angel” and size doesn’t matter!




I believe that these words are 100 % true. We are not scared to demonstrate Victoria’s Secret or any other fashion brand, that doesn’t offer plus sizes, how such a campaign could look like.

We know that not every brand will follow our request and we won’t be angry with them on that. We know that a change means also investments, which needs funding first. Nevertheless, we ask brands to think outside their box and think about their future.


In the recent years, I saw so many body positive Instagram accounts growing bigger and better than any other accounts. The reason for their success is a change in the people’s minds. We admire women showing their belly, their cellulite, their stretch marks or any other flaw to the public more than anything else. Showing the world that you are imperfect, but still happy with yourself is a strong message. Therefore, we regard those women as brave. But this is not the end, what has started on social media, will become more and more relevant for our real life. This counts also for the brands we prefer. I picked out Kayla and Joby as those consumers, who would love to see a change in the range and promotion of Victoria’s Secret; but I am sure there are many more who would love a more body positive approach of VS by extending their range combined with the promotion of plus size models.

I say that this is important, because I believe that brands will sell less each year if they stick to their old marketing ideals.

Just look at Sports Illustrated! By choosing plus size models last year and this year, they made sure to succeed again. We the consumers love SI again and we are very excited to see which models they will pick for next year’s issue. The reason why more and more brands and magazines hire plus size models like Joby Bach is, because they see how much they can increase their income through this. As you can see, the body positive approach is already succeeding and it will continue to do so in the future.


I know a single article might not change things, therefore I kindly ask you as our fans to write to VS and ask them to extend their range. Please refer to this article by using this link and write “EXTEND YOUR RANGE AND GO PLUS SIZE – GREETINGS FROM STYLE & CURVE MAGAZINE AND ME”. You can send your email to and to It would be better to use both emails to get heard. Both emails are public.

I believe that consumers rule. If you want a change, then we as the consumers must ask for it. Don’t believe that you have no saying in this world. Every brand listens to their consumers, they have to!

I believe in your power! Kayla, Joby and my team from Style & Curve Magazine also believes in YOU!  Therefore, write an email to Victoria’ Secret today!

I will also write to them in the name of Style & Curve Magazine and ask for an official explanation why they don’t offer bra’s in XL anymore and when they plan to extend their sizes for their consumers.

I will keep you updated about any information I get.

Thank you very much for your attention and inform us if you get an answer from Victoria’s Secret.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine



Photographer: Laurie Godin-Rheault
Hair : Tania Triassi
Agency : Next Models Canada



Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. ~ Henry Ford

Unfortunately, most people don’t think before they comment on Social Media. Yesterday this image of Ullision Photography was shared in private groups to show off the result of his latest shooting with 8 different models. Ullision is known for shooting bigger sized women nude, but in a very beautiful and artistic way and he also puts a lot of work in this images.

So, I was not wondering that he shared this first image in different groups:

Photographer: Ullision Photography Models: Alexandra Ehlert, CutieFruity, Kullerkeksin , KuLLerMieTze (BBW), Shavonne67, Sunny G., Stella, Zaubermausenfrau.

He also shared it on Plus Size Beauty, which is Germany’s best community page and also has its own private group page. Since this page is all about plus size women you would expect more acceptance for bigger women, but this is not true for Germany! It turned out that many plus sized women didn’t like this image and even body shamed the models.

Here are a few translated quotes from the comments of the female fans:

‘Curvy?Das ist nicht mehr curvy das ist fett.Das Bild ist alles andere als schön!!Ich bin selber auch fett.Finde es ist ein grauenvolles Bild.’ / Curvy? This is not curvy anymore, this is fat. This image is not beautiful at all!!! I myself am also fat and I find this image horrible.

‘Zu viel “Fleisch ” auf ein mal …wirklich wie eine Fleischberg.’ / Too much “meat” in one place…like a whole lot of land.

‘Null Persönlichkeit’ / Zero Personality

‘Es sieht aus wie beim Schlachter.’ / Looks like in a butcher’s shop.

Ich kann mir auch kaum vorstellen das diese fleischmassen als schön betrachtet werden können…Fett ist nunmal fett. / I cannot imagine how one can regard all this meat as beautiful….fat is simply fat.

Mir gefällt es nicht und ich finde es peinlich. / I don’t like it and I find it (the nudity) embarrassing.


I must say that now I feel embarrassed by my fellow German plus size women. You enter a group called PLUS SIZE BEAUTY, but as soon as you see real plus sized women you freak out. It is embarrassing that I must see this in a private group area, but I am not surprised by it. Honestly, Germans love to complain. We can do that all day. I know the photographer puts so much effort in this work. He edits them to create these ‘Illusions’. Anyone with a little intelligence must know that for him it’s all about that, since his name is ‘Ullision’. Furthermore, the models also didn’t have it easy. Some of them drove from the North to the South of Germany only to be part of this. You have to be brave to present yourself like this, but no one thinks of that.

That this can happen in a private group comes to my surprise. I thought you will only find body shamers on bigger pages for all women or even on plus size community pages, since all kind of people can follow them; but not in a plus size community group. Style & Curve also experienced this many times on our facebook page. Just recently we shared an post about the 223 Most favourite Plus Models on Instagram, which got voted by our fans; and we received a lot of negative comment about Tess Holliday‘s weight:





This incident showed me that Germany is still very much backward, compared to the US. It is understandable why, but I expect that people could be more respectful to another. I am happy though about pages like Plus Size Beauty and people like Ullision Photography and his models excist. All the negative reaction they get is worth the fight. I can see this every day in my posts. Only by talking about this and showing the natural beauty of women, will the other women also start to accept us more.

Body shaming is a terrible thing, but our motivation only grows through this. Thanks to all the body shamers for that, we fight for you!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine


Photographer: Ullision Photography
Models: Alexandra Ehlert, CutieFruity, Kullerkeksin , KuLLerMieTze (BBW), Shavonne_67, Sunny G., Stella, Zaubermausenfrau.






I decided to publish a list of ‘YOUR FAVOURITE PLUS SIZE MODELS ON INSTAGRAM’, after receiving a lot of comments from you.  The image was originally a post from Joby Bach‘s page :

Let's go! #StyleandCurveMag #repost @jobybach

A post shared by STYLE&CURVE MAGAZINE (@styleandcurve) on

It took me several days to count all the tags/votes and to figure out how to present you the final results.

I wanted to see if you (as the fans) can reflect with your votes who is trendy and who is up and coming at the moment; I must say that I am very pleased with the results. Of course, many of you also voted for people who are not that known yet, and I don’t mind that, because these are just fan votes in the end. Nevertheless, fans are consumers and they need to be heard!

Furthermore, I want to point out to the fashion world that the International Plus Size Community is growing bigger each year. More people in more countries are becoming active and the result I present to you this year is approximately 10 or 20 % of the total amount.



(This selection contains many big model names from the International plus size community, but some are new names with a very supporting following.)


(This selection contains of a lot of known names, but also many new and upcoming models/bloggers worth following.)


kitchi cherokee
jade green


  1. Only the votes on the post seen above on Instagram and Facebook count.
  2. Votes that followed after I announced that I will start the counting, don’t count as votes anymore. Therefore, they could not get added to this list; they are just your opinions of the best models on social media.
  3. Models/Bloggers that got tagged by the same person 2 or more times will only get one vote.
  4. Models/Bloggers accounts that are private could not get added to the album, since their images are not public. Affected by this are two accounts. The links of the private accounts who got one vote were added in the list of the people for 1 vote. 
  5. Some of the tagged accounts were not models, or were models which we would not share on our page. They were also kept out of the list. We understand that you like them, so we didn’t remove them from the original post.


I hope you (as our fans) are pleased with your result, I for my part am very happy to see that 5 people voted for me. This is the only time I am allowed to participate in a contest as myself, as this is just a fan voting system. Thank you very much for that. :*

To all the models who got 1 vote, I am sorry if I didn’t add you in the album. I tried, but I had to find out that an album with 223 people is too much for my website (for now). Therefore, I added your IG links so that the fans can check you out.

I love how the results reflects the current trendiest models/bloggers, and I love that I discovered many new accounts with your help.

To our fans: Thank you very much for making such great results. This is your work!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine


“I’m not ashamed of a few lumps,” says Ashley Graham, but why do parts of the society still don’t think so too?

Every time I share an image of a curve model showing her natural skin, Instagram goes crazy about it. Literally every single time you will find insulting and degrading comments. I myself don’t want to repeat them for now, because I am getting tired of hearing the same words on our page on Instagram!

I would rather like to discuss how to avoid such a behaving in the future by talking about the latest images Ashley Graham. The pictures were taken during a shooting she had together with Teyana Taylor and Niki Taylor at the Miami beach on March 1, 2017. It was a shooting inspired by the iconic serial Baywatch with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. The images of Ashley took the online world by storm. The display of her butt, her cellulite, part of her tattoo and just herself in the most natural way without any photoshop was literally breaking the internet!

Here is the full collection of images I found so far online:

Pictures are not in chronological order and the source of them is the Daily Mail.

I would like to know now, why can some of you still regard this as terrible or horrible when the rest of social media loves it?

I would like to know, why can’t you just accept that women and men come in all shapes and sizes?

How much more unedited images do I have to post for you to finally realize that you have been brainwashed by the media and that you need to accept NOW everyone as they are?

Realize one thing, Ashley Graham loves your hateful comments, no matter which page shares her. She loves it because, by creating a constant stir with every image she stays relevant and trendy. She is even making more money from your insulting words. Ever thought about that?

Realize another thing, I also love your hateful comments. You give me the motivation and the drive to keep this website and my idea of my magazine alive. I would probably get bored if it wasn’t for you. You are the air I need to breathe. But to make this life better, you should just start to realize that every individual has a right to exist! Is that so difficult?

Ashley Graham said once in a Vogue interview this: “A little cellulite never hurt no body.” I believe that too. This society has come so far and yet we are not wiser than 50 years ago, we believe today that only thin women are regarded as beautiful, while since the beginning of human kind a plus size woman was regarded as the ideal body type. Why else were our forefathers taught that they should praise and admire women who have the body of fertility goddesses?

Nowadays a woman is immediately regarded as ugly and fat when she becomes pregnant and many women are even scared of gaining weight therefore.

What happened with admiring women for their natural beauty?

What happened with respecting any woman, no matter if pregnant, or what size or look she has?

It’s a world upside down and this world is ruled by negativity, but my page, many other pages and models like Ashley Graham are here to show you that we are all beautiful and perfect the way we are!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine

Facebook Comments


A few weeks ago I found a new amazing Instagram account. I was just checking the interesting IG page of a fan who left a nice comment under one of my posts and I saw that she has some really good images. I kept on looking and found out that she is a model from the Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile.

The Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile is the first ever plus size agency in Chile. I immediately realized that this is great information I need to feature on my website. It is special, because besides Brazil the other countries in South America are so far behind in the plus size movement. A female fan even once commented that she cannot find any clothes in her country so she has to import them. Another female fan wrote that she only buys bras in the US when she is on holiday in Miami, because she finds none for her bust in bigger sizes. As you can see the need for plus size clothes is there, but the supply isn’t. An agency like Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile can change that by promoting the needs and the beauty of curvy women.

All Models

To let you find out more about the agency and the situation in Chile, I asked a representant of the the agency to do an interview with us. Here are their answers:

1. Since when did your agency exist? In which city?
Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile starts on December 2015 in Santiago de Chile.

2. Why did you want to create a plus size agency for Chile?
In Chile, like most countries, there were beauty standars that you were only beautiful if you were skinny. Well I’ve always felt pretty and happy with my body, but I realized the low self esteem the women had and that’s just wrong. Women thought that because they were plus size women, you were not able to feel pretty, sexy or even wear high heels. So from that this whole idea started wanting to help women, teach them to dress their bodies, to accept themselvs, to gain confidence, to love who they are and what they got is perfect, and to show Chile and the world that here are confident women who can represent the word Plus Size. We know that there are not ugly women, just women that are lost in loving who they are.

3. Is there a need for plus size models in Chile?
Yes, as the times has gone by, there is a need for the Chilean women to be represented by a real person, meaning a woman with a belly roll, with cellulitis, big hips… the whole package. The brands bring products that are for “big girls” but they use models from 2 years ago and people don’t even know who they are, like if they are going to look up to somebody, why not a person that lives and shares their reality here in Chile.

4. What size does the average woman in Chile have and are there many plus size women?
From size 12 to 22. In Chile 4 out of 10 women are Plus Size.

5. What kind of training or preparation do you offer your models?
Since the beginning I always wanted to have professional people working with me and if we wanted to get out there the idea was to do it right. We prepare workshops, teaching them catwalk and photography. We also work with their self-esteem and confidence.

6. What are your plans and hopes for the future?
First of all, we want our models to be valued as real models and be treated just like any other “normal size” model. And we want to incorporate the Plus Size beauty to different places, like fashion, art, movies, tv, editorials, etc.

7. What can we expect from you this year?
Agencia Plus Size has big dreams, but we want to go step by step. Our big success will be having our first Miss Plus Size in Chile.

Below you can also get to know the models of Agencia y Academia Plus Size:

Photographer: Javier Moreta
Director: Vanessa Isla




For more information about them, contact them here:

We from Style & Curve Magazine wish the Agencia y Academia Plus Size all the success to create a true and lasting movement in Chile and worldwide.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve



The next Cover Pic Contest will happen from April 1 – 2 in cooperation with the page Plus Elegance. This time we want to try to see how working together with another page will be like. We are very excited about this.

Goldie Bow from Finland is until this day the winner with the most likes. She achieved over 2200 likes only through the support from the Finnish community. It was the first time that the international plus size community heard about the power of the finish plus size women and their male fans. In retrospect, we should have known that the descendants of the Vikings are always fighting for their own people and that there are a lot of them. 😉

Here is a collection of the images she had published during that time:


The contests are what I totally miss about my page on Facebook and I want to have that back, but most of all help new models or bloggers gain followers though that. The more you grow, the more I and the community grows.

Never forget that a movement doesn’t happen only by a hand full of people!

Here is how I will be organising it:

  1. From Feb 15 – 27 I will publish several posts on Facebook and Instagram shouting out that models and bloggers can apply to us vial email to
  2. Then in the morning of Feb 28 I will create an album on Facebook with the pictures and inform every contestant that the contest has started. I will send each one them the link of their exact picture to share.
  3. Furthermore, I will also share each contestant on Instagram and tag them, if possible.
  4. The contest will be held from Feb 28 til Mar 1, 10pm CET.
  5. I will announce the winner by changing the cover picture with the winner’s image. This image will remain uploaded there for a month, unless I must change it for special or unexpected reasons.
  6. Then on March 15 the search for new contestants will start again with a new article or simple announcements in different posts. This will happen every month on the 15th, unless we are too busy with other stuff or sick.

Here are the requirements for models or bloggers:

  • The models/bloggers should send in a rectangular picture in a very good quality. The image should not be blurry at all. (SEE EXAMPLE PICTURE BELOW)
  • The models/bloggers should have a Fan page or at least a public Instagram page for reference.
  • The models/bloggers need to tell us the following information of them:
  1. Name 
  2. IG account name (@…)
  3. Links of Facebook Fan page, Website and of Instagram page
  4. Location, Country
  5. Picture Details about the submitted image (photographer, mua, stylist and if the image was already published elsewhere)

Further information for the contest:

  • The models or bloggers can be both female or male.
  • This contest is free for everyone from every country of the world!
  • The contest will be held ON FACEBOOK AND ON INSTAGRAM and the likes will get counted by my on Mar 1, after 10 pm. After that the posts in Instagram will get removed.
  • The models or bloggers participating in the contest agree to share their image on all their social media pages with the link (also in bio) while asking their fans or friends to like their image on our pages.
  • 1 Like = 1 Vote. This means that you alone are responsible for the success during the contest. You are also allowed to share your image in private groups if you want or you can even make a paid promotion for it (if you like to).
  • Everyone that already participated in the past in the Profile Pic Contest can apply again for the Cover Pic Contest.
  • Please note that if the image or information submitted is not good enough (not rectangular), we might have to decline your participation. As a magazine, we must make sure to deliver a good picture quality. Edited images are welcome, but also unedited ones that show your natural skin. HERE IS THE PICTURE EXAMPLE:


Photo Sini Hollström for


We the admins and editors of Style & Curve are not allowed to intervene in the contest, not even by sharing the album on our private pages. We can only share an information on the Style & Curve social media pages.

I hope you like this idea as much as I do and I am excited to read your emails with your pictures sent to me via

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Mag


20 years ago, the only future plus size models could hope to have was to end up in a catalogue! Today things have changed to the better and the Plus Size Industry is growing faster than the speed of light. Which is no surprise for me when you keep in mind that most women are plus sized! It started in New York with the Fuller Figured Fashion Week and magazines like Plus Model Magazine and today we got the Millionaire Curve Models, who are the idols for the younger generations. Everything is coming up roses, right?

I had the idea to make this article on Jan 10, after Ashley Graham became the first model to hit the 3M mark on Instagram. Two days later Iskra Lawrence followed her and right now she even leads. Nevertheless, their achievement is a success for the whole Plus Size Industry. The more successful the role models become, the more successful will the industry itself become! We still have a long way to go still, but I am happy to see how great we manage each step.

I’ve estimated 5 models who have over 1m followers on Instagram and figured out 5 reasons for their success.

1. Sexy Photos
We all know that sex sells, but these models manage to combine lingerie pictures with a positive attitude.
2. Great Marketing Choices
These models create their own movements, create their own top stories and they collaborate with good marketing pros.
3. Awesome Contacts
Contacts, contacts, contacts – This is an old and still true reason for a big success and these models have them.
4. Great Brand Selections
The secret to become a house hold name is to be favourite model of a brand. Everyone knows that Ashley works for Addition Elle and that Iskra works for Aerie.
5. Unapologetic Attitude
These models are not scared to show you their bodies with all their so-called flaws and are unapologetic about it. Tess Holliday is the pro in that section.




Ashley Graham                          3m

Ashley Graham for Sports Illustrated


Ashley Graham is without any doubt the most successful one. The reason for me to make her my number one is the SI swim cover and that she was the first one to achieve the 3M followers on Instagram. Bow down b***, the queen has arrived! Her success story will continue…

Followers Facebook: 1,8m


Iskra Lawrence                                      3m


Iskra Lawrence might be ahead of Ashley right now, but I know from the past that this can change again. Still, I love to name her as the second most successful plus size model on IG. She got very successful in a short amount of time, due to the 5 reasons above and it’s not the end yet. Can’t wait to see what the princess will achieve this year!

Followers Facebook: 800k


Jordyn Woods                            2,5m



Jordyn Woods is Kylie Jenner’s BFF, with this simple information she was already all over the news by now. Jordyn surely started her career by already knowing the right contacts. This combined with her beauty and her unapologetic attitude made her so successful.

Followers Facebook: 26k


Tess Holliday                             1,4m


Tess Holliday rose to fame for her daring and unapologetic attitude. No other size 22 model received so much attention for wearing lingerie or nothing. Unlike many others who would step back, she embraced the love and hate and kept on doing what she can do best. This way she got hired by an international plus model agency, appeared in People Magazine and worked for many high ranked international brands. So, stop hiding and show your confidence to the world, it can still end well for you!

Followers Facebook: 1,6m


Ashley Alexiss                            1m


Ashley Alexiss is the first plus size model who became Playboy’s Miss Social in 2011. From there on her success story only grew bigger than many expected. Apart from being a sexy beauty Ashley also an MBA in Communication and her own brand called Ashley Alexiss Swimwear. Today she is working for many high ranked plus size brands and has a following of 6M (FB + IG). Ashley Alexiss can still achieve a lot more and I feel blessed to follow that on her social media.

Followers Facebook: 5M



I want to end this article by explaining why I focused on Instagram for this article. Ashley Alexiss surely has more followers than the other models, but Ashley Graham rules on Instagram right now. I wanted to focus on this side, because Instagram is the perfect platform for fashion. It is today more successful than Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, I experienced out myself how Facebook is trying to restrict plus size pages and models and I don’t want to praise this page for now; until they change!

The models above still give me hope though. More acceptance, more toleration and more love for plus size women can happen if we continue to support the role models!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo


P.S. More articles about other models will follow in the next weeks.

Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models 2017

First, we like to thank you all for all the reactions and support we received for making the 35 Nominated Models public in this article. It was not initially planned to publish them, but when I saw how many amazing models our jury of 5 people had chosen I knew I need to show them too.

Our jury contains of me Lyz Lupo as the editor-in-chief of Style & Curve, my co-admin Norman Spee, artist Fernando Ferreiro, Matt Gotowchikow who is the admin of the page Plus Size and Beautiful and Marta Rivera who is a freelance writer of the newspaper La Voz Hispana New York. I asked all jury members to send me over a list of their Top 12 Curve Models. My request was to choose models they like personally and that they deliver a list of international models.

We counted all the points of the selected models and then we made the final decision as the magazine. For us as a magazine it is important to choose models that support us, that follow us, that give us a positive feedback, that have already worked for many international brands and that are also involved in an organisation or movement for women.

Our finally decision was to choose these following model as our TOP 12 FEATURED MODELS for 2017:


We got a lot of comments complaining why we didn’t choose other models like Ashley Alexis, Jessica Milagros Guzman, Cassie Donahue. London Andrews or German models in general. The featured model list was created to follow models we like more closely and provide more updates about them. If you follow us regularly, you will see that we also like to share many other ones. Especially models like Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday provide always new stories, because they are in the news. We will also follow the nominated models and share if we see some great updates. For us this list was created to praise the great work plus size models are doing every day. Not being featured here, doesn’t mean we won’t share the other models at all, we just want to highlight some of them per year. I think we should celebrate life and the work of these women and not complain about them.

As mentioned above the meaning of the featured models is to have them as our profile picture on Facebook per month, to share them more often and to support them. Many models will get chosen for several years, but we also love to feature new models daily.

There are so many amazing models out there and if I had to make a list of the them starting with the best one, I guess it will be a Top 100! 😉

Kind regards

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine






35 Nominations for Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models List

Like every year, we make a list of the best plus size models. Last year I had to choose a list of Top 20 models because I liked so many of them. This year I chose to have a jury decide which models should become the Featured Models. The jury members are my co-admin Norman Spee, artist Fernando Ferreiro, Matt Gotowchikow who is the admin of the page Plus Size and Beautiful, Marta Rivera who is a freelance writer of the newspaper La Voz Hispana New York and me as the Editor-in-Chief of Style & Curve. I asked all jury members to send me over a list of their Top 12 Curve Models. My request was to choose models they like personally and that they deliver a list of international models.

I ended up with a list of 35 Nominated Models who must get selected in the end for the Top 12, because 5 people have different opinions on who are the best ones. I am so happy to see that there are so many amazing plus size models in so many countries. It shows that the movement grows bigger each year.

Here are the 35 Nominations for Style & Curve’s Top 12 Featured Models List:



I know you will enjoy our selection. Stay tuned, because in one week we will publish the list of TOP 12 Featured Models by Style & Curve Magazine.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine


We love Babi; we love Brazil. She has a great taste for fashion, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, just a nice dress and some high heels; Babi can make anything look good. Although always putting things out there sporting all kinds of fine garments, fire in the building is what you can call Babi Monteiro, and she’s never leaving us with a drought of articles of clothing. This Miss Brazil Plus Size 2012 seems to never age, looking young and fine so I’m sure her fellow Brazilians are head over heels for her; gearing up for the fashion weekend that will commence summer 2017. From her lingerie suits, jeans and a jacket, to weddings dresses, skirts and maxis, she is flawless as ever — I hope she continues to create waves through Brazil representing the plus size women out there.

  • We love Babi for all that she is and all that she portrays.
  • We love Babi for her utmost confidence. But most of all, for her respectful character.

If you love Babi, then love Brazil.

Written by: Justin J. White



Kendall Jenner for VS


Tonight was the Night! The Victoria’s Secret show was held at the Grand Palais in Paris tonight! The most wanted top models were gracing the catwalk at tonight’s show, including the celebrity supermodel Kendall Jenner and Gigi + Bella Hadid.


The reason for this is not because the models aren’t amazing, and not because they are too thin, it is because a brand is just doing a presentation showing their products only on smaller sizes. I know that VS has bodies in XL, because some plus size models already wore their lingerie for shootings. Furthermore, in this case I do not accept the stupid excuse that they only chose thinner models to save money on the materials. The models are wearing cheap lingerie, except for the super-expensive bra they are presenting at the end. Let’s face it, they don’t want to use curvy models because many viewers out there would still consider them as ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. These comments and flimsy excuses are ridiculous!


To simplify the descisions, we already chose some models for you. We have put them next to known VS models to let you see that there are no differences, except for their sizes. This is not a comparison, and we don’t want you to disparage the other models. All sizes are beautiful for us and it should be for you too.

Tell us what you think, should VS hire curvy models?



Taylor Hill / Joby Bach wearing a VS body



Candice Swanepool / Iskra Lawrence



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley / Ashley Graham for Grazia UK



‘I don’t really like that Victoria’s Secret models are all skinny with no curves. That’s not what the average body looks like.’

‘I want a girl with an actual booty to model Victoria’s Secret panties. Too much to ask?’

‘But why are all the Victoria’s Secret models flat chested? I mean you’re selling bras.’

‘Victoria’s Secret models literally have nothing on Ashley Graham or Iskra like are you kidding me?’ 

Daily Mail:

‘Twenty years ago, supermodel Karen Mulder sashayed down a makeshift catwalk at the Plaza Hotel in New York wearing just a pretty white babydoll nightie, all honeyed limbs and glorious blonde hair.

This was a very early Victoria’s Secret lingerie show, which sent shock waves through the industry for its risqué ensembles and generous helpings of glamorous, golden flesh.

The American lingerie brand, then in its infancy, had struck upon a potent formula: send beautiful women down a catwalk in their undies and you’ll attract attention.

Nowadays these are the kinds of outfits the models wear just to travel to the shows; the stuff they actually wear on the catwalk is so revealing you can practically glimpse their internal organs.

There’s something else striking about the pictures from 20 years ago, too. The girls have curves. Not excessive ones, of course —this is still a catwalk, they’re all slim as pins. But they don’t look like they’ve been surviving on nothing but chamomile colonics and tissue paper for the previous three weeks, like the current lot.’


I think the only model who rocked her curves in a wonderful way was Irina Shayk, but that could also be because she is pregnant!

I hope to see a change soon for VS, because it is finally time for you to also listen to your consumers on social media. Sorry Victoria’s Secret if I was ill-mannered, but I really think you should change things within your marketing because you will lose the popularity in the future!

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Say hello to the former finalist of Miss European 2011, Jasmine El Ktibi. She is an exquisite Dutch Moroccan woman living in the Netherlands, aspiring to be a plus size model who will rock your world with her beautiful angular visage and dazzling story being her. At the age of 16 she discovered that she likes the idea of modelling and started taking selfies of herself on a camera her dad kept on top of his wardrobe. Eventually she opened up a Facebook account and started to upload photos of herself; it was through there she was discovered and asked to do what would be her very first photoshoot in Utrecht, a city in the Netherlands. After the shoot, all kinds of people recognised her unique and photogenic quality; edging her on towards becoming a professional model if she really goes for it — but there was just one problem, she wasn’t thin enough.

Jasmine developed her curves from an early age however, in the modelling business she was considered too fat, and started to develop insecurities which lead to her undergoing dieting. This didn’t help much as it was never good enough, although she got asked to participate in the Miss European 2011 Pageant in England, UK, where she stayed in a penthouse for one week with 89 other girls from the whole of Europe. After seeing how harsh the pageant was, she developed anorexia nervosa, starving herself and spending vast amounts of time in the gym to keep her weight as low as possible. She developed an unhealthy lifestyle taking fat burning pills, stacker diet pills; becoming exceedingly obsessed with her weight.

Photo Credit: Ozgur Aksoy

Photo Credit: Ozgur Aksoy

This led her to become the finalist of the Miss European 2011 Pageant contest, yet she could no longer look at herself in the mirror due to the build-up of guilt she possessed for being curvy. Despite going through all this difficulty to become extremely thin, she didn’t feel happy about herself even though she reached the so called “Beauty ideal,” and became quite depressed realising that she needed to do something about it. She knew that it starts with the mind, that self-love is important because it is inconvenient to cause damage to your health trying to fit in; she began to get her figure back, regained focussed, and now wants to make a difference on this planet.

To this very day, Jasmine is one of the finest aspiring plus size models who is currently signed to Models Thrive Management, and is managed by Justin J. White who runs the management company. Jasmine states, “I am curvy, I have a big butt and I’m proud of it! I want to give a message to all young girls and women who are struggling with self-love and self-acceptance: Just be proud about who you are because you are good the way you are! Be your own body goals.” Jasmine is remarkable and her features stand out amongst many, her hips do not lie, and her eyes can leave you mesmerised if you stare in them long enough to see what such an enchantress she is, but that’s not all, she has so much to offer being in the right hands and can contribute significantly to the plus size industry.

Justin continues to motivate and direct her in the right direction regarding elegance, resilience, and good work etiquette to protrude. Despite her downfalls she continues to strive to be the best in what she does, and there is no holding her back when she is in her zone and committed.

For any inquiries please contact:

Justin J. White
Managing Director
Models Thrive Management

Written by: Style & Curve Magazine

Model: Jasmine El Ktibi
Photographer: Ozgur Aksoy
Make-up by: Esma Amassio