Wouldn’t that be an amazing headline?

We already shared several times requests towards Victoria’s Secret to go plus. My idea to do this started after seeing how amazing plus size model Joby Bach from Canada looks wearing VS bodysuits for her shootings. Until this day, Victoria’s Secret did not announce plans to extend their range. We still have hopes thought!


A few weeks ago our fan Kayla Eterni send us a link of the email she send to Victoria’s Secret:

As you can see Kayla has a great body, she just grew a bigger chest naturally. As a big fan of VS she surely would prefer to continue to shop from her favourite brand, but she can’t do that now anymore because they don’t offer clothes in her bra size 34DDD. This would change if VS started to add bigger sizes to their range.

Furthermore, as girls grow older into women their body always changes. It is a natural progress, like it happens again with a female’s body after she gave birth to a child. I myself see this natural process as a problem for VS though, because they will lose their former clients if they stick to the sizes they have now.


To make things easier for Victoria’s Secret we asked Joby Bach to do a shooting for us wearing only their clothes and she agreed! Joby had to change some of the clothes in the VS shop to make it fit her size and to change the look. So, she changed the text of the black shirt from the PINK COLLECTION from “Sorry but I actually Can’t” into “Sorry but I actually Can”. She also designed the Black T-shirt saying: “Definitely and Angel” for the cause, because she really believes that she is an “angel” and size doesn’t matter!




I believe that these words are 100 % true. We are not scared to demonstrate Victoria’s Secret or any other fashion brand, that doesn’t offer plus sizes, how such a campaign could look like.

We know that not every brand will follow our request and we won’t be angry with them on that. We know that a change means also investments, which needs funding first. Nevertheless, we ask brands to think outside their box and think about their future.


In the recent years, I saw so many body positive Instagram accounts growing bigger and better than any other accounts. The reason for their success is a change in the people’s minds. We admire women showing their belly, their cellulite, their stretch marks or any other flaw to the public more than anything else. Showing the world that you are imperfect, but still happy with yourself is a strong message. Therefore, we regard those women as brave. But this is not the end, what has started on social media, will become more and more relevant for our real life. This counts also for the brands we prefer. I picked out Kayla and Joby as those consumers, who would love to see a change in the range and promotion of Victoria’s Secret; but I am sure there are many more who would love a more body positive approach of VS by extending their range combined with the promotion of plus size models.

I say that this is important, because I believe that brands will sell less each year if they stick to their old marketing ideals.

Just look at Sports Illustrated! By choosing plus size models last year and this year, they made sure to succeed again. We the consumers love SI again and we are very excited to see which models they will pick for next year’s issue. The reason why more and more brands and magazines hire plus size models like Joby Bach is, because they see how much they can increase their income through this. As you can see, the body positive approach is already succeeding and it will continue to do so in the future.


I know a single article might not change things, therefore I kindly ask you as our fans to write to VS and ask them to extend their range. Please refer to this article by using this link and write “EXTEND YOUR RANGE AND GO PLUS SIZE – GREETINGS FROM STYLE & CURVE MAGAZINE AND ME”. You can send your email to and to It would be better to use both emails to get heard. Both emails are public.

I believe that consumers rule. If you want a change, then we as the consumers must ask for it. Don’t believe that you have no saying in this world. Every brand listens to their consumers, they have to!

I believe in your power! Kayla, Joby and my team from Style & Curve Magazine also believes in YOU!  Therefore, write an email to Victoria’ Secret today!

I will also write to them in the name of Style & Curve Magazine and ask for an official explanation why they don’t offer bra’s in XL anymore and when they plan to extend their sizes for their consumers.

I will keep you updated about any information I get.

Thank you very much for your attention and inform us if you get an answer from Victoria’s Secret.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine



Photographer: Laurie Godin-Rheault
Hair : Tania Triassi
Agency : Next Models Canada



A few weeks ago I found a new amazing Instagram account. I was just checking the interesting IG page of a fan who left a nice comment under one of my posts and I saw that she has some really good images. I kept on looking and found out that she is a model from the Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile.

The Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile is the first ever plus size agency in Chile. I immediately realized that this is great information I need to feature on my website. It is special, because besides Brazil the other countries in South America are so far behind in the plus size movement. A female fan even once commented that she cannot find any clothes in her country so she has to import them. Another female fan wrote that she only buys bras in the US when she is on holiday in Miami, because she finds none for her bust in bigger sizes. As you can see the need for plus size clothes is there, but the supply isn’t. An agency like Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile can change that by promoting the needs and the beauty of curvy women.

All Models

To let you find out more about the agency and the situation in Chile, I asked a representant of the the agency to do an interview with us. Here are their answers:

1. Since when did your agency exist? In which city?
Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile starts on December 2015 in Santiago de Chile.

2. Why did you want to create a plus size agency for Chile?
In Chile, like most countries, there were beauty standars that you were only beautiful if you were skinny. Well I’ve always felt pretty and happy with my body, but I realized the low self esteem the women had and that’s just wrong. Women thought that because they were plus size women, you were not able to feel pretty, sexy or even wear high heels. So from that this whole idea started wanting to help women, teach them to dress their bodies, to accept themselvs, to gain confidence, to love who they are and what they got is perfect, and to show Chile and the world that here are confident women who can represent the word Plus Size. We know that there are not ugly women, just women that are lost in loving who they are.

3. Is there a need for plus size models in Chile?
Yes, as the times has gone by, there is a need for the Chilean women to be represented by a real person, meaning a woman with a belly roll, with cellulitis, big hips… the whole package. The brands bring products that are for “big girls” but they use models from 2 years ago and people don’t even know who they are, like if they are going to look up to somebody, why not a person that lives and shares their reality here in Chile.

4. What size does the average woman in Chile have and are there many plus size women?
From size 12 to 22. In Chile 4 out of 10 women are Plus Size.

5. What kind of training or preparation do you offer your models?
Since the beginning I always wanted to have professional people working with me and if we wanted to get out there the idea was to do it right. We prepare workshops, teaching them catwalk and photography. We also work with their self-esteem and confidence.

6. What are your plans and hopes for the future?
First of all, we want our models to be valued as real models and be treated just like any other “normal size” model. And we want to incorporate the Plus Size beauty to different places, like fashion, art, movies, tv, editorials, etc.

7. What can we expect from you this year?
Agencia Plus Size has big dreams, but we want to go step by step. Our big success will be having our first Miss Plus Size in Chile.

Below you can also get to know the models of Agencia y Academia Plus Size:

Photographer: Javier Moreta
Director: Vanessa Isla




For more information about them, contact them here:

We from Style & Curve Magazine wish the Agencia y Academia Plus Size all the success to create a true and lasting movement in Chile and worldwide.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve


Friday Nights are always a good choice to go out for me and it seems like some curvy starts also had the same idea. Today we present you the looks of the stars from the VH1 Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night and from the screening of season three premiere of Amazon’s ‘Mozart in the Jungle’.

Here is our #curvesontheredcarpet review from the week 48, 2016:

The VH1 Divas Holiday: Unsilent Night was a start-studded event held in New York yesterday. Mariah Carey, who got the most media attention, was one of the starts of the night; just like Ashley Graham, Patti La Belle, Chaka Khan, Teyana Taylor, Vanessa Williams, JoJo, Bebe Rexha, and Serayah.

The screening of the third season premiere of Amazon’s ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ took place at the Grove Mall in Los Angeles on Thursday. Now, these ladies above are already looking wonderful style wise, but there is one Lady who can top them all. Monica Bellucci is one of the few stars who embodied grace, style and sexiness in all her looks. She doesn’t need too much make-up or jewellery to achieve that, she owns that already with her personality. Just look at her amazing dress. Her look is my favourite ‘curves on the red carpet’ look this week!


Source: Daily Mail

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine



Kendall Jenner for VS


Tonight was the Night! The Victoria’s Secret show was held at the Grand Palais in Paris tonight! The most wanted top models were gracing the catwalk at tonight’s show, including the celebrity supermodel Kendall Jenner and Gigi + Bella Hadid.


The reason for this is not because the models aren’t amazing, and not because they are too thin, it is because a brand is just doing a presentation showing their products only on smaller sizes. I know that VS has bodies in XL, because some plus size models already wore their lingerie for shootings. Furthermore, in this case I do not accept the stupid excuse that they only chose thinner models to save money on the materials. The models are wearing cheap lingerie, except for the super-expensive bra they are presenting at the end. Let’s face it, they don’t want to use curvy models because many viewers out there would still consider them as ‘fat’ or ‘obese’. These comments and flimsy excuses are ridiculous!


To simplify the descisions, we already chose some models for you. We have put them next to known VS models to let you see that there are no differences, except for their sizes. This is not a comparison, and we don’t want you to disparage the other models. All sizes are beautiful for us and it should be for you too.

Tell us what you think, should VS hire curvy models?



Taylor Hill / Joby Bach wearing a VS body



Candice Swanepool / Iskra Lawrence



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley / Ashley Graham for Grazia UK



‘I don’t really like that Victoria’s Secret models are all skinny with no curves. That’s not what the average body looks like.’

‘I want a girl with an actual booty to model Victoria’s Secret panties. Too much to ask?’

‘But why are all the Victoria’s Secret models flat chested? I mean you’re selling bras.’

‘Victoria’s Secret models literally have nothing on Ashley Graham or Iskra like are you kidding me?’ 

Daily Mail:

‘Twenty years ago, supermodel Karen Mulder sashayed down a makeshift catwalk at the Plaza Hotel in New York wearing just a pretty white babydoll nightie, all honeyed limbs and glorious blonde hair.

This was a very early Victoria’s Secret lingerie show, which sent shock waves through the industry for its risqué ensembles and generous helpings of glamorous, golden flesh.

The American lingerie brand, then in its infancy, had struck upon a potent formula: send beautiful women down a catwalk in their undies and you’ll attract attention.

Nowadays these are the kinds of outfits the models wear just to travel to the shows; the stuff they actually wear on the catwalk is so revealing you can practically glimpse their internal organs.

There’s something else striking about the pictures from 20 years ago, too. The girls have curves. Not excessive ones, of course —this is still a catwalk, they’re all slim as pins. But they don’t look like they’ve been surviving on nothing but chamomile colonics and tissue paper for the previous three weeks, like the current lot.’


I think the only model who rocked her curves in a wonderful way was Irina Shayk, but that could also be because she is pregnant!

I hope to see a change soon for VS, because it is finally time for you to also listen to your consumers on social media. Sorry Victoria’s Secret if I was ill-mannered, but I really think you should change things within your marketing because you will lose the popularity in the future!

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine


The Holidays are around the corner, we can smell it in the air. Family gatherings, delicious food and those anticipated parties. Being a Full Figured Woman doesn’t mean you need to limit your options when it’s time to pick out an outfit to rock that party. It simply means you need to get dressed strategically, showing off the right curves. Many brands have beautiful plus size dresses and not only in your country. We picked out the TOP 10 international brands to choose for your holiday shopping.



Lane Bryant / Christian Siriano

Lane Bryant is the most recognized name in plus-size clothing. It was founded 1904 with the innovative maternity designs created by Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin and has 812 stores in 46 U.S. states. Their emphasis on fashion and fit – not merely size,  which made them a style leader. Lane Bryant collaborated already with different designers. Christan Siriano is their latest designer choice. Christian Siriano on why he wanted to collaborate with Lane Bryant:

“When I was designing, I took notes from my mother, who’s been a Lane Bryant customer all my life, and my friends who have shape, but I didn’t approach it as ‘plus-size’—I just wanted people to see that you can be any shape and still look fabulous.” ~ Instyle

Lane Bryant offers International Shipping, for more information click here.



ELOQUII is a private company based in New York and Columbus, OH that designs and sells fashion apparel in sizes 14-24. ‘In 2011, The Limited launched Eloquii, its entry into the plus-size clothing market; the brand gained a loyal following before quietly shuttering just a year and a half later when The Limited decided to focus on its core business.  Rather than throw in the towel and find new jobs, several key members of the Eloquii team decided to dig their heels in. “A few of us on the management side saw an opportunity to keep it going and try to find an investor, because there was so much outcry when it closed,” Eloquii designer Jodi Arnold’ told They ship to the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Eloquii is also available in Europe through Zalando.

Addition Elle

Addition Elle champions a fashion democracy, where style isn’t limited by size. Created in Montreal in 1980 and acquired by Reitmans Canada Ltd. In 2001, Addition Elle has over 30 years experience catering to plus-size women searching for trendy, flattering, and fashionable clothing. The Addition Elle brand epitomizes the chic Montreal culture of effortless, cool, individual style, combined with femininity and a dash of rebellion. They are the trendsetters in the plus market in Canada. Addition Elle Offers shipping within Canada, the continental USA, but not to Puerto Rica, Guam, Hawaii or Alaska. No information was giving regarding delivery to Europe, therefore we guess it’s not possible. All items are not available up to size 26.

Sydney’s Closet

In the beginning, I was just a mother anxious to wipe away her teen-age daughter’s tears and then she created her own plus size brand. Over the last decade, Sydney’s Closet has dressed up of tens of thousands of plus-size teens and women across the U.S. from Alaska to Florida and around the world in countries like Denmark, Germany, Canada, England and Italy. Their glam designs have been seen on the dance floor at high school gyms for Prom and Homecoming, on celebrities walking the red-carpet in Hollywood and going down the aisle of churches and beaches.

Ask regarding shipping to Europe and Canada?

Kiyonna Clothing

In 1996, Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi was an aspiring entrepreneur with just one problem. She didn’t have a business idea. Nope, with the rise of the “dot com” era, revolutionizing how plus size women’s clothing was perceived and distributed was not something she could have dreamed up. Now, Kim is a smart cookie for sure but foresight on that day she did not have. However, she listened to Dad and created James Earl Jones said it best. “If you build it they will come.” As sales gained momentum, so did Kiyonna’s team and depth of offerings. Today, Kiyonna can be found in over 100 stores nationwide and beyond. Online business accounts for over 80% of sales, and in 2007, the company opened it’s first Flagship retail location called the Upstairs Boutique in Anaheim.
“We’re in business still, after all these years, because we’ve always sold a feeling, not a product. I’ve always believed in the idea that curvy women deserved to look and feel stylish and amazing. Why not?” Kim Camarella-Khanbeigi. Kiyonna Clothing offers International Shipping to Mexico and Canada. We also know the shop LadyPlus Fashion, who offers within Europe. See their price list here.




Anna Scholz

Anna Scholz is known for her designs with prints and very feminine cuts for her dresses. Anna studied at the Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design from 1990-1994. Her first collection was bought by Lane Bryant and helped her getting noticed by the US consumers. She created then the Anna Scholz brand and worked hard on new designs that flatter plus size women. Nowadays she collaborated with the German brand Sheego under the name ‘Anna Scholz for sheggo’  as her second label and offer every season great new styles for us. Anna Scholz offers worldwide shipping.

Scarlett & Jo

Scarlett & Jo was founded by Gifi Fields the veteran; some would say vintage, designer whose career started in the 1960’s. Gifi has always been an innovator and is credited with designing and producing the first ra-ra skirts amongst many other iconic designs and shapes. Also well known for producing beautiful prints, and soft flowing fabrics, with Scarlett & Jo he has set about designing new fun and feminine cuts and shapes that enhance the full figured woman. There is a consistent illusion of the hour glass that Scarlett & Jo produces that work with women of all shapes. Some say Gifi has invented cuts and shapes that have made all women curvy. They simply celebrates women and diversity with their customers. Scarlett & Jo offers International Shipping. See the price list here.


Missguided is an empowering, bold and forward thinking online fashion brand, inspired by real life. They managed to create an online fashion destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be a girl in a digitally immersed world today. Their pieces are exclusive and created by their very own design talent who strive to create killer garms for the dreamers, believers and night lovers, taking the risks no one else dares to take. Missguided offers International Shipping.


Junarose is a pure plus size brand within the bigger fashion company Bestseller. Bestseller is an international, family-owned fashion company with a strong foundation. With a range of more than 20 individual fashion brands, Bestseller provides fashion clothing and accessories for both women, men, teenagers and children. Products are marketed and sold under a variety of brands such as Jack&Jones, Junarose, Jaqueline De Yong, Vero Moda and many more. Delivery is only possible within Europe.


Otto Versand offers clothes for men and women in all sizes. It is a classic catalogue and we always got them delivered to us at home. My mum is a consumer since many years, therefore I am used to them. But the German brand Otto changed a lot in the last years. They opened a website where people can order online, they started to work together with great designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer. All dresses pictured above are from his collection with Otto and they also offer all other trendy plus size brands like Sheego, Zizzi, Samoon and Junarose. Delivery is only possible to many countries. See the list of it here.

Otto is Germany’s Nr. 1 place for fashion & lifestyle!


We hope you found the right inspiration for your holiday outfit.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine











“I’m really trying to make a change in the industry,” she says. “I’m trying to have more quality clothing for curvy women.”

“Be your own woman. Be your own kind of role model. And remember that the women around you are women you can lift up. You can change their lives.” ~ Ashley Graham for Glamour Magazine

Glamour magazine has named curvy supermodel Ashley Graham as one of the ‘Women of the Year 2016.’ See all winners here.

This news is no surprise for me at all. Ashley is making waves every week and sometimes several times a week, she has achieved the superstar status since being on the cover of SI swim. We saw her on the cover of so many fashion magazines, although one in Vogue is still waiting to happen. We saw her at so many events, rocking the red carpet with costume made dresses and she always represents us plus size women in a beautiful way. Ashley has been featured on the covers of Elle QuebecLondon TimesCover MagazineStyle Magazine and The Edit, and has been featured in the Shape Issues of VogueHarper’s BazaarGlamour and Elle UK. She has appeared regularly in several Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Marina Rinaldi campaigns; her list of regular clients includes Nordstrom, H&M, Old Navy, Bloomingdale’s and more. Besides this examplary resume, she also turned into a Designer for lingerie with Addition Elle and for swimsuit with Swimsuitsforall. Although she said many times that she doesn’t want to be labelled as plus size in which I don’t fully agree, I still think that she deserves to be admired as a role model for young women. She has been involved in media controversies ever since her Lane Bryant ad was banned, because it showed a curvy and sexy woman which Ashley is undoubtedly.

Therefore, we use her nomination as ‘Woman of the Year,’ to share our favourite images of her.


We from Style & Curve Magazine also created a lot of unwanted online controversy whenever we shared an image of her. The reactions of the fans towards her images go from praising her to shaming her as ‘fat,’ ‘obese,’ ‘unhealthy,’ and the shamers accuse us of ‘promoting obesity.’ All these accusations are pure nonsense and we ignore it, because we know better. Nevertheless, this will not stop us promoting beautiful, sexy, confident and curvy women like Ashley Graham – EVER!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine


I have been asked who I would give the “Plus-size crown,” to. So I decided to put 15 names into a hat and pick five by random, starting with a description of what I thought about each one. This was fun, so here it goes.

Rosie Mercado – Although I’m a sucker for wide hips, she is one of a kind, showing to be graceful with great persistence in reaching her goals. She is a woman with courage and a need to show what plus-size fashion is all about. With a high rise smile her cheek bones stand out, and to add the cheery on top, her teeth are as white as snow. In my eyes, there’s no such thing as seeing too much of Rosie.



Alex La Rosa – The caramel voluptuous princess, long hair don’t care — shines bright in her dress. To me, she’s so smooth that she can walk a catwalk and make everything look groovy that even straight-size models would look up to her. Having said that, she always smiles with a body positive credence, showing no slight form of doubt within herself. Something that I love to see in all plus-size women.

Alex La Rosa


Joby Bach – Tall, thick, seductive, with good dressing etiquette. I can tell you that I honour her, that she looks good in every bit of garment she puts on, and I can tell she’s such a strong woman from her persona. Yes, I am receptive to peoples’ energy whether that’s through pictures or meeting them in person. Joby is eye-catching in every direction.


Laura Lee – This beauty, always shows what she’s got in her wardrobe, those endless sets of finery will never cease to exist. Her taste from tops to bottoms, and not to forget, her shoes makes me always wonder what she’s going to put on next. Logging on to social media, that inner voice in my head says, “surprise me,” and guess what, she invariably does. Laura Lee sends tingles down my spine.


Philomena Kwao – Say hello to the sweet mother of chocolate — the African dame to kill for, the lady in the high-rise skinny jeans. Not many women have the style she has; being so humble and curvy with it is a huge attraction for me to feel that she’s one of the most remarkable plus-size models around. She is a glorious goddess with a bonus of curves.


So who would I give the “Plus-size crown,” to? Well, I cannot decide because they are all beautiful and each have something unique to offer to us. They are all winners in my eyes, all can walk the catwalk with great style and curves, and I love how they make social media a better place; without these models I would feel as if something’s missing in the world full of plus-size women. They bring out the artistic side of things to show that they have an equal-eloquent flavour just like straight-size models.

Who would you give the crown to?

Written by: Justin J. White


Seven days ago Vogue magazine announced to publish a special edition about Kendall Jenner, and only about Kendall!

If the world’s most successful fashion magazine decides to praise one certain model in a whole issue, then this only means that she is the top model of the world. The last time models were praised this much was during the supermodel era. So for Ana Wintour, Kendall Jenner is today’s SUPERMODEL. But is this only due to her 68 Million followers across her social media pages?

Vogue even published this article written by Robert Sullivan: “How Kendall Jenner Stays Grounded With 68 Million Followers and Counting” – below are some quotes from it which I want to discuss:

She is a very sweet person,” Karl Lagerfeld says. “Very caring and not at all spoiled by those superficial successes. I must say I love her.”

Kors said. “She’s sophisticated but laid-back. She’s both. She’s chic. She’s the Ali MacGraw for the Instagram generation. I remember when Ali first hit in Love Story, every girl in the world wanted to wear her hat. Kendall is Ali times a zillion.”

Last year, Estée Lauder launched a Kendall Jenner–inspired red-orange lipstick called Restless. “It was the number-one most successful lipstick on our Web site,” said Jane Hertzmark Hudis, group president of the Estée Lauder Companies.

“Her social-media reach is just incredible,” says Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein.

Kendall talking about good posts for Instagram: …“it has to be organic.”…“You don’t want to do too many posts,” she said. “You want to leave them wanting to come back.” She summed up this secret in one word. “Mystery!”

…first I should say what’s organic about her. She works hard when she’s with a photographer (see the way she locks on the lens), she is very concerned with punctuality (“I’m on time—I got that from my dad,” she says)

When I asked her to define an organic post, she said, “It means you can’t totally plan it out.”

Remember: In the world we live in today, being a celebrity is itself a business—with places to be, posts to make, people to meet. In the old days, a company wanted a celebrity on its side because she related to its image, what we now call its brand. Today, someone like Kendall is a brand. And companies don’t just want an association; they want her followers. It’s gone from a sleepover to a marriage.

“I’m aware of the incredible opportunity I’ve been given by coming into this business,” she texted me later. “I mean, I’ve dreamed of being a part of this my whole life.”

Read the reactions below to the special issue news and to the many posts about Kendall on their Facebook page; comments are not chronological order:

‘When did vouge become all about the kardashians I thought vouge was all about style and haute couture fashion

Kate Moss is a supermodel, Cindy, Claudia, Naomi and Linda are supermodels!!!! Kendall Jenner is NOT a supermodel, you’d think being a fashion magazine, you’d know

Why?!!!! There are so many talented models that deserve it

Glad to see that money can still buy you your career

Seriously stop about this posts about Jenner. Oh wait, you’re receiving money so you can say she’s a supermodel of our time. You’re trash vogue. I lost respect.

Unfollowing as of now. We don’t need another rag following this hideous family about and reporting on their every bowel movement. I thought Vogue was about fashion. Not anymore obviously.

When did Vogue become the crappy version of TMZ?? No news on fashion just news on what the Kardashians et al are doing. RIP Vogue.

Answer: When Ana decided to put celebrities on the cover instead of Models. Thanks Ana!

lmao no way she’s a supermodel, she’s just rich have you seen her catwalk? its horrendous.

Anyone one with that much money Can be super model right!?

Whoopdy damn doo. How about photos of normal women with real jobs having a sleepover in Chanel Couture? Bored of seeing the same children over and over.

Vogue is supposed to be the fashion leader not the sheep!!

What I do find disappointing is that @vogue doesn’t actually reply to any of the comments their readers are posting – and that’s not just bad manners, it’s bad PR.

Coco Chanel is rolling in her grave.

Vogue needs her followers. What happened Vogue? It is supposed to be starlets need vogue, not the other way around.

From trend-setter to trend-follower.’


It is obvious that the fans do not like Kendall or the Kardashian’s at all, but that doesn’t bother the magazine. Anna Wintour voiced in November 2014 about the cover of Kim Kardashian:


“If we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us. It’s very important that people do talk about us.”


My Conclusion:

I still don’t know what to think of Kendall Jenner as the new supermodel. She got famous through her family’s show, prompting herself to become a model. She learned everything she needs to become a successful model; changing her image from a spoilt child to a nice, hard-working and girl-next-door figure. But she can never get rid of the ‘Kardashian effigy’. That image helped her get her 68 Million followers. She was a star before she started to model, yet she is the first supermodel hated by many people. The hate and envy she receives is the motor of her career, and I cannot remember any supermodel throughout history who has managed to become more successful from the envy people have towards her. We follow her on Instagram to follow her super-rich lifestyle and her newest model pictures make us become speechless. Surely she is a great model, but to me it is not enough to be the best only because of the millions of followers. However, Vogue thinks differently about this: ‘In the world we live in today, being a celebrity is itself a business—with places to be, posts to make, people to meet. In the old days, a company wanted a celebrity on its side because she related to its image, what we now call its brand. Today, someone like Kendall is a brand. And companies don’t just want an association; they want her followers. It’s gone from a sleepover to a marriage.’ Furthermore,  here is what you need as the future supermodel:

  1. MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS – All you need is a high number of people who follow you. How you manage that doesn’t matter at all; you can even buy the likes. If you are in a TV show then it’s even better, because more people will get to know you. Then you just need to get yourself in a scandal, or in a controversy where more people will follow you ‘organically’ (meaning, you don’t need to buy the likes).
  2. To become a BRAND – You are already on TV, you already created a controversy about your person; one doesn’t know if they should hate or love you. Well done, this is the best place to ask companies to promote them on your page. And yes, you can ask for money from every simple Instagram promotion, for instance, Kendall’s sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian recently got sued by a company who invested 10 Million in their struggling Kardashian Beauty Brand: ‘As we previously reported, the Kardashians originally partnered up with a company called Boldface in 2012, launching a makeup line called “Khroma Beauty.” Problem was … a year later, a judge blocked the company from using the name “Khroma.” The girls changed the name to “Kardashian Beauty,” but Boldface started tanking. Hillair Capital Management was then buying out Boldface and sinking $10 mil into the business. Hillair now claims the Kardashian girls didn’t hold up their end of the bargain by blasting out the virtues of “Kardashian Beauty” to their millions of followers.  Hillair wants its $10 mil back plus what they would have made … up to $180 mil.’: THIS MEANS THAT THE SISTERS WOULD HAVE EARNED UP TO 180 MILLION BY SIMPLE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS.
  3. Become an ENTREPRENEUR – Once you have millions of followers and you become your own brand, all you need to do is make more money and to become better in what you do. This is what Kendall did, and even if she is just 20 years old, she is already on top, due to her 68 million followers and her disciplined work ethic. Her good looks also helped her.

Welcome to the new model world, where you can only become a supermodel if you have many people follow you on Instagram, and Vogue supports this, because if they didn’t create a controversy then less people would talk about them. I wonder if Vogue magazine thought that they didn’t have enough important material to publish that they needed the Kardashian/Jenner clan to guarantee sales. It looks like there are no other interesting or controversial topics anymore.

HOW ABOUT ADDING SOME PLUS MODELS TO THE FASHION SCENE? Big CONTROVERSY!!!!!! I know you guys from Vogue Magazine only want to consider what could potentially make you money. And regarding the plus models, you don’t need to think about the numbers of their followers. These ladies have a whole plus size community following them, which can beat the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan fans. Why aren’t you considering putting a plus model on the cover? I am not talking about Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday here, I am talking of more likeable models such as Danielle van Grondelle: ‘Danielle started at the age of 14 in the modeling industry as a straightsized model before breaking out into the plus modeling industry and becoming Holland’s first curvy topmodel. Danielle has been immersed in the world of fashion non-stop, studying fashion design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. The first Dutch plus size model to walk the New York Fashion week, and has worked all over the world for magazines like Avantgarde,Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many more. A champion of body positivity, confidence, and self-image from day 1, Danielle has been speaking across media outlets on the subject of not being your own worst critic and embracing your own true beauty.’ Danielle is a beautiful and an incomparably curvy model. See our gallery of her below:

What do we need in the fashion industry, more news from the Kardashian/Jenner clan, or do we need some ground-breaking news by making a plus model like Danielle von Grondelle or another plus model the cover of Vogue?

Danielle would be a great match for the first plus model on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Does anyone else agree?

Kind regards,












I always follow the international fashion designers and their new collections. And this year Anna Scholz created a collection which I found very interesting. Anna is known for her designs with prints and I was interested which prints she will choose this year. But this year she came up with a new idea for the collections and we need to show you what you can expect from Anna in 2016.



Read below your interview with Anna about her collection:

1. What is the name of the new collection?

The collection is called Colour Pop, the Heroines in Action subtitle was referring to the superhero in all of us and the cartoonish quality of the collection.

2. This collection is still very colourful with the colourblocking, but why are there no classic Anna Scholz kind of prints?

We have changed our business model this year and we are going to sell our new collections #exclusivelyatannascholz at a better price point for our customer. We are now launching 5 mini capsule collections a season and have just launched the second hit ‘street style’.

I wanted to start the new year with a bold fresh look and something unexpected from us, but there are plenty more amazing Anna Scholz prints to follow this summer.

Anna Scholz341-small

3. What are your key considerations when you design clothes for plus size women?

The mood of the collection, colour and prints always come first. Then I adapt the shapes to a curvy customer and make sure that different shapes suit the varied body shapes of our plus size customer. I strongly believe that plus size women have the same varied fashion needs as their skinny sister. There are no rules as everyone is so different.

4. Your journey to become a successful designer was surely not easy, yet it is still very inspiring. What is your advice for young designers to become also successful?

To follow your dream and stick to your gut. I have been told NO so many times when I started, but I worked through the hard times and broke lots of boundaries to get where I am today.

And here now enjoy below our gallerie about the colour-pop collection by Anna Scholz:

I must say I like her idea to present 5 mini-collections per season (10 collections a year). This way each woman can find the style she likes the most. For me the colour-pop collection is my favorite. The colours are perfectly combinated together and it makes you enjoy the sunny days in spring even more. So go to the website and have a look also at the other new collections called ‘street style‘ and ‘spring into colour‘.

Order the collection here.

Follow the models: Georgina Cox from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Chloe Pierre from ChloePierreLDN.

And always remember to #LoveYourself & #LoveYourBody so that you can go out and wear this collection like a heroine!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo


On January 26 I was graced by beauty when I was watching the Julien Fournie Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 show at the L’Oratoire du Louvre in Paris. It was an amazing show and the collection is very elegant.


Julien Fournie started his own fashion label in 2009, after previously working for labels like Christian Dior, Givenchy, Celine, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Torrente & Ramosport. Although he loved to draw and sketch as a child, his first academic orientation was in the field of medical studies. But after two years he changed to fashion design and finished his degree at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in 2000. Julien Fournie has a very elegant and chic kind of style. He loves black suits, but he occasionally likes to combine them with colourful shoes and clothes.

The Julien Fournie Haute Couture Show Spring Summer 2016 reminded me so much of the 70s. There are two reasons why I had this feeling. Firstly, the models presented the classic Farah Fawcett hair style. Secondly, the song “You only live twice” by Nancy Sinatra made me feel as if i was in a James Bond movie from the 1970’s. Only nowadays Julien Fournie is playing the role of Sean Connery.

I imagined myself to be on the beach in Thailand or in Brazil when suddenly these beautiful tall women with their refined and colourful dresses crossed my way and I loved observing the creations of Julien Fournie. His work on the collection is amazing. The dominant colours on the collection are purple, pink, orange, black, blue and white. He used colours such as yellow and green for the motives. Additionally, he uses leaves and flowers to add a distinct layer which gives me the tropical beach feeling. And what I liked the most was that he also added metalic ornaments in different colours. Overall, I must say this collection is very colourful, with great accessoires and ornaments to give it the ultimate classical stylish look

Below is the gallery of Julien Fournie Haute Couture Show Spring Summer 2016:

My favorite pieces from the collection are these 4 outfits.


I love the skirt, it was one of a kind in this collection and this would be my type of style.  The second and third dress are astonishing. Turquoise and purple are already two of my most favorite colours. And then the wedding dress. Furthermore, you can combine a white dress with many colourful highlights which conveys a wonderful look. On the other hand, Julien’s choice of creating a diverse ethnic background made me feel whole.

Below is the full video of the show – I hope you enjoy it and envision yourself at the beach too when you see the collection.

Like the James Bond song “You only live twice”, Julien made the right decision.  He managed to let the 70’s  stars Farah Fawcett & Sean Connery highlight his show and Style & Curve is happy to promote this amazing talent.

My look for the show was a red caped dress, a fake fur jacket and black accessories – more info about the look and my idea will follow soon.


I made the pictures of my look before my trip to Paris. Find below my best posts on Instagram from the event:

#AfterEventSelfie #Selfie

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on

Have a nice day and never give up on your dreams even if you have to change your decisions, because it will be worth it during your journey.

Lyz Lupo






Alexis Mabille is often dressed effordlessly chic with a sporty touch. He has a very charming smile and first it doesn’t make you believe that he has his own fashion house that was presented my times at the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Judging by the pictures I saw of him, he seemed like a very down-to-earth kind of man, but as I looked closer I saw a strong confidence and believe in this man.

Alexis Mabille studied fashion design at the Chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne and worked later for the fashion houses Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent before founding his own housebrand which quickly became renowned for the designer’s modern rendering of the traditional bow tie.


© Alexis Mabille



For the Spring /Sommer 2016 Haute Couture Alexis Mabille decided to present a monochrome collection. Now only is the combination the colours black and white always super elegant, but it also reflects an opposite attract. Some of the clothes are also only in white and some in black. The designer also added dark blue and light beige in some of the dresses. Alexis Mabille even included a classic black bow tie dress in his collection. The dresses are mostly wide flowing style. He used a lot of ruffle style for the dresses and even the tight designs have ruffles on top or on the botton. Some of the dresses are even see-through, because he used very beautiful sheer materials. But they still sparkle in beautiful elegance like his whole collection.

See the collection in this gallerie:

You can also see the video of the fashion show below:

My favorite pieces are the black caped dress, the white pleats dress, the bow tie dress and the last dress – the long caped black & white dress. It would be amazing to wear them. His dressed go up to size 14 and sometimes even size 16 (US sizes).

Thank you for the fashion house of Alexis Mabille for providing us with the amazing pictures from the show.

I truly love the beauty of fashion and I hope you like it too.

Stay tuned for more Haute Couture Paris features next time.

Lyz Lupo



Since it’s January and every brand releases pics of their new collection, we can’t forget to check what Ashley Graham has to offer us this year regarding her lingerie. Like every year Ashley teams up with Addition Elle to do her own collcetion. This year the theme of the promo shoot was done in a private yet with Ashley being surrounded by two goodlooking men and a cat. I think it’s a bengal cat, but don’t complian if I am wrong. The cat looks cute anyway so I love the idea behind this shoot. It should make clear that after her successful year 2015 she is expecting the year 2016 to be even more successful. Well, I will just wait and share with you what happend.


The motte of the new collection is ‘SEXY IS A STATE OF MIND’ and with the new promo you can see that a plus size woman can also be sexy where ever she is. I like the idea of shooting in an airplane, because as a successful model herself she also must be traveling around most of the time.

The new collection will be available here soon. It is not out yet, but we can already enjoy the shooting pictures.

2FD7D80800000578-3387039-The_plus_size_world_s_golden_girl_s_motto_is_sexy_is_a_state_of_-a-2_1452093352673 2FD7D7F500000578-3387039-Size_16_model_Ashley_Graham_looks_incredible_as_she_strips_off_t-a-1_1452093350070 3012CD7100000578-0-image-a-2_1452592292033 3012CD6900000578-0-image-a-1_1452591979082

All pictures found here.

Watch the fullpromo video:

Have a nice day and always remember to love yourself and to love your body.

Lyz Lupo