We are pleased to announce that a new member joined our team. His name is Justin J. White and he is an author from London. He is a diligent person who not only fights for what he believes in, but lives to write and tell captivating stories from many point of views. His writing style is one of a kind; something that will leave you wanting more. He already published a book called ‘Lawful Enlightenment – The Path to a Rewarding Relationship‘. His amazing book is available through a free download here.

And below you can read his first text for Style & Curve Mag:

Curvaceous vision – through a man’s world

I am Justin J. White, a fearless soul lover of Plus-Size women, the look beyond my eyes that reaches into my soul gave me an insight to what I desire, and seeing these women all around me motivates me to talk about them.

The Plus-Size industry longed for this success — when will we see Plus-Size models on the front of well-known magazine covers? One that over emphasises that for woman to look beautiful she must look a particular way, perhaps slender with long legs and hardly any meat on her bones which was somewhat, “The industry standard.” Not in my eyes, there was no substance and no chemistry that allowed these comely women to aspire towards that direction, self-destruction is what I call it. As you know, the size 0 to 6 hip/waistline which was the industry standard and anything above was considered Plus-Size. Well, let me keep it real, Plus-Size with “Childbearing hips,” is not sinful however, what defines a real woman is being the gender of a woman and not by the size of her body.

Plus-Size women did not let the industry kill their vibe, they hanged on in there, pushed through with confidence which brought them to the level of becoming fearless strutting down the aisle with strong looks on their faces. They were on a whole new level and still are, creating their own shows, developing sexy well-fitted clothes that wrap perfectly around their bodies. Just a little more pushing for the voluptuous women and one came through, that was Ashley Graham who is now on the Swimsuit issue cover magazine. It was very hard, a lot of work, blood sweat and tears — not literally, although you know what I mean do not get your undies in a twist, there is more to come, and let us hope it will not be long until we see another Plus-Size curvaceous queen hit the catalogue. Victoria’s secret perhaps? Who knows but it is coming, I believe it will, I have faith, that one day all women will be treated equally regardless of the size of their waistline, and let us not forget their height, but that is another story. Until then, let us praise the queens of the curves who sit on the opposite end of the throne, who are not scared to parade regardless of what barriers are up against them.

Furthermore, this is why I love Plus-Size women, because they are not afraid to be the sassy-strong women they desire to be with the criticism around, they are not afraid of what it takes for people to accept them for who they are. They will not change for anyone, even if it takes for them to be subjected to a dense category of different women blocked off from the whole entire world, they will still strive for what they believe in.

Strong is bold, strong is confident, strong is sexy, and that’s why I will always be attracted to their inner and outer persona.

As someone who is already a fan of his book and who admires his writing, I am happy to have him in my team. Justin can write about all kind of topics from a man’s view, which will surely be interesting to read. Furthermore, as a personal trainer he can even bring in his knowledge on fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Lyz Lupo


Angelita’s Weekly Blog: Beauty Colleges

Head Shot Vintage


MUA: MUA: Make Up Artistry by: Creeping Beauty Inc.
Photographer: Vanessa Velazquez Photography
Necklace and vintage Hat and gloves: Romantic Cultures

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve, Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.  Today I’m going to blog Beauty Colleges.  Ok ladies, there are times when funds are tight and we shouldn’t spend the money on our favorite salons but we don’t want to give up getting our hair done or our pedicure or manicure or any of our pampering services.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that our favorite salon or service isn’t worth it but there’s an option in case funds are simply just tight.  In the image above, I had just gotten my roots retouched at the beauty college.




HMUA: Angela Parker, Photographer: Washhboy Photography

After the Believe Airlines concept shoot I was a part of recently, having my hair teased, lots of product, etc., it’s not fun to have to wash all that out and comb out all the tangles myself.  I went to one of our local beauty colleges and had my hair shampooed and combed out.  Typically that service at my favorite salon can run about $15 to $20 and that’s just a shampoo.  Going to a beauty college where the students are already working on the floor you can get the same service for a fraction of the cost.

AA Model Headshot

Photographer: Imiko

In this case, the fee to get a shampoo was only $3 by a student.  She washed my hair and combed out the tangles and although it’s not my favorite salon, it took care of my needs for a fraction of the cost.  Most beauty colleges offer hair, nail and aesthetician services such as facials, etc, and some even offer massage services.  Even your favorite MUA, hair stylist and aesthetician was a student at one time.  These students perform these services under the supervision of an instructor and they are graded on their performance.


I love getting pampered and when funds are not an issue, I prefer to get pampered by a highly skilled professional, however, funds are not always plentiful and getting services at a reputable beauty college or school is a great option.  I have a lot of gray hair and I like to keep my hair a jet black.  My favorite salon charges a fee of about $75 for that service so often times I am unable to go get it done by an established professional so I’ll go the beauty college and spend about $20 for the same service but done by a student.

If you’re nervous about getting a service done by a student, try a service that you can’t go wrong on like a shampoo and blow dry.  You can also request a student that has a good reputation for providing a good haircut, creative style, manicure, pedicure, etc.  Keep in mind, that these are students so with that being said, be patient, as they may take longer than your favorite professional.  Set aside more time than you normally would, explain exactly what you want and communicate with the student.   When funds are tight, and you don’t want to give up your favorite pampering service, again, try your local beauty college.

Most of the beauty colleges also have a website and provide a list of services and hours of operation.  Do some research; you will be amazed with the services that may be provided by your local beauty college.  I’ve never had a bad experience when I’ve gone to the local beauty college here in my hometown.  Remember, just because funds may be tight, doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite pampering service.

As always, don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path.  Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Again, if there is a topic you’d like me to blog about, feel free to contact me.  Until next week, stay positive!

Angelita’s Weekly Blog – Concept Shoots

Stewardess Me

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve, Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.  Today I’m going to blog about Concept Shoots.  What is a Concept Shoot?  It’s slightly different from a regular shoot.  A theme is selected along with specific models to achieve the right look for the shoot.  Hair and make-up is professionally done, specific locations are chosen, and sometimes more than one photographer will be shooting.  Wardrobe and props are very important to convey the theme of the photo shoot.  It’s important that when selecting the team for this shoot everyone understands what the theme is supposed to convey.  I’m going to share my experience with my first well-planned concept shoot.

Every year my best friends and I like to find matching costumes for Halloween right after Halloween to get the best deals.  I went to the costume store and contacted my friends to ask them for ideas on what they would like our costume for the next year to be.  Several ideas were thrown around but the key was to find three of the same costume in the right sizes. My friend June suggested a stewardess type of costume so I looked for one and hit the jackpot.  I found the cutest costume that didn’t look “cheap” “costumey” or poorly made.  The fabric was nice, the original price was $59.99 and the best part was that they had three in the sizes we needed.  Since it was a couple of days after Halloween and the store was closing that day since it was only open for the season, I was able to procure the costume for 75% off so the costumes came out to $15 each.  I’m not even sure why but I also purchased a Pilot’s shirt and hat thinking my husband could wear it for Halloween.  It turned out to be a great decision.

Group 3Group 2

I also found another great costume online for only $10 on and the regular price was $89.99 that I couldn’t pass up for all three of us.  It’s a good thing I purchased another costume since we ended up using the stewardess costumes for our concept shoot.   After I sent pictures of the costumes to my friends, June suggested that we shoot with a real plane.  Needless to say, we couldn’t exactly go to the airport and ask to shoot for a multitude of reasons and we didn’t know anyone who owns a private plane so we put the idea on the back burner.   Fast forward to Christmas Day, our friend Justin was home alone.  My husband and I offered to have him spend Christmas Day with our family so we went on base to pick him up since he’s in the Military and lives in Military housing.  He lives on a part of the base that I’ve never been too.  As we were going in, I saw a beautiful Presidential Jet that was on display.  It was just too good to be true so I inquired with the front gate guard about taking photographs with the jet and they said it was absolutely permissible.

Group 7Group 5

I talked to my friends and let them know that the plane was available then selected the date for our shoot.  The first person I reached out to is a very talented Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist named Angela Parker.    I called her Angela personally, explained my concept idea and she immediately said yes.  She is also an aspiring photographer so she is becoming a triple threat in the industry.  I also reached out personally to several photographers and two more photographers came on board, Washhboy Photography and cosplay photographer Mars Leon.

Group 9Group 8

Initially the shoot was only going to be me, June and Valerie but June suggested a pilot would be the icing on the cake for this concept.  Luckily I had already purchased the pilot shirt and hat and It had to be someone fun, not shy in front of the camera and could convey a believable pilot.  After some thought, I reached out to my friend Anthony De La Garza who is a well-known local cosplayer.  He cosplays several characters but is best known for his Batman Cosplay.  I reached out to him and he immediately said yes.  Everything was falling into place and we had our concept shoot dream team confirmed and excited about the shoot.

Group 6Group 12

We also decided that our jewelry would be the jewelry I gave my friends for Christmas with the necklace having the word “Believe” on it.  The concept was a late 60’s early 70’s Airline Stewardess and Pilot Shoot with the Presidential Jet on display.  June decided to call the shoot “Believe Airlines” inspired by the necklaces we all wore for the shoot.  You can actually see the necklaces pretty well in some of the images.

Group 10Group 4

Two days before the shoot, we had a severe cold snap with ice on the roads and school closures.  I checked the forecast and had faith that we would have a nice day.  The day of the shoot came and it was an unbelievably beautiful day and a comfortable temperature.  Since this was a portfolio building shoot and we were going to spend several hours getting ready and actually shooting, I purchased snacks and drinks and we took over my friend Justin’s house since he lived just down the road from the plane.  We started Hair and Make-Up at 1:30pm as planned and left for the location right at 4pm, which was also planned.

Group 11Group 15

We only took a few “posed” photos because we wanted to have fun and capture a story.  We tried different scenarios and just had a blast!  So far we’ve seen some amazing images that have been captured by the photographers.  We even shot some some videos because we were having so much fun that we just went for it.  Angela even captured an image of us watching the video we just shot.  It was a spur of the moment decision and Justin Wharton shot the video while my daughter stayed next to him playing the music. Group 14

The shoot was only four days ago and the photographers are busy editing but the images that they shared so far are absolutely amazing.  This was my first time organizing an elaborate concept shoot although I had organized a few before but without professional HMUA and only one photographer.  The key to this successful concept shoot was that our dream team was on the same page and we just had fun!  Also having several photographers allowed for us to have some fun behind the scenes shots as well.


If you have a great idea, put it into action and make it happen, whether it’s just you or you and several models.   Reach out to the artists in the industry and contact them personally. You could easily post a casting on a site such as Model Mayhen but I highly recommend working with people you know and trust since it will be less likely to have someone not show up.  I hope you enjoyed the images I shared here with you today.


As always, don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path.  Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Again, if there is a topic you’d like me to blog about, feel free to contact me.  Until next week, stay positive!

Our Dream Team consisted of:


June Griffin Garcia, Actress/Model –

Valerie Anne Chavira Luna, Model & Mrs. River City –

Anthony De La Garza –

Angela Parker, HMUA & Photographer –

Kevin Washington, Washhboy Photography –

Mars Leon, Photographer –

Everyone except Nikki is pictured below because Nikki took the photo, she’s in a red dress in the behind the scenes image above:

Dream Team

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Angelita’s Weekly Blog: Thrift Store Treasures


1980’s Vintage Cache beaded dress purchased at Goodwill, Photograher: Johnny Richer

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve, Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.  Today I’m going to blog about Thrift Store, resale store and vintage store shopping.  Regardless of your financial resources, shopping at these types of stores can bring you wonderful treasures at unbelievably low prices.  You can certainly find one of a kind garments and accessories that are unique and beautiful.  The images you see in this blog are garments and or accessories that were purchased from thrift stores, resale boutiques or vintage shops.   Each garment or accessory pictured in this blog cost anywhere from .99 cents to $29.95 with most of them being under $10.

black gownVintage 1980’s beaded gown purchased at Goodwill. Image by: Johnny Richer

I have to be completely honest, before I started modeling and acting, I had a completely different perception about these types of shops.  Yes, I used to believe, only those less fortunate shop at Goodwill or The Salvation Army.  Those on a budge shop at resale boutiques and vintage shops just have “old stuff”.    About 10 years ago I performed in a musical theater production called “Spotlight on Broadway”.  We needed some period costumes for some of the different numbers we were performing so our director recommended we go to a thrift shop called Goodwill.  We needed a 70’s type of outfit, a cocktail dress, etc. and it would be very expensive to purchase these garments brand new.  Initially, the idea of shopping at a thrift store was quite foreign and uncomfortable for me but I went in to look.

vintage polka dot dress1980’s Polka dot dress and vintage purse from Romatic  Cultures, Image by Pro Photography

I remember walking into Goodwill for the first time thinking, “I wonder if people in here think I’m poor.”  Looking back, I realize it was such a silly thought.  Granted, I had to go through lots of clothes on the racks with some of them being garbage but then suddenly I would find something that jumped out at me and was such a great find.  I was finding high-end vintage designer garments such as Cache, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Channel, & Calvin Klein just to name a few.  I couldn’t believe my luck and how well preserved these garments were!

Playsuit1960’s Playsuit from Resale Store

Now, don’t pay attention to the size marked on the garment, only look at it and guess if it will fit and of course try it on.  I wear a size 14/16 but in vintage clothing I wear an 18 and 20 1/2.  Today’s clothing designers cut their garments larger and size them about two sizes smaller than they once were.  For example, everyone knows that Marilyn Monroe was a curvy size 14 but by today’s clothing sizing, she would be a size 10.  Another great example is if you wear a size 16 in everyday fashion but you’re about to get married and you have to purchase a wedding gown in a size 20.  That’s because wedding gown designers have never changed their sizing standards.  I will look at the size marked but I will determine whether it might fit based on the cut, style and fabric of the garment.

Anytime you are shopping at one of these types of stores, always inspect the garment.  Keep in mind that vintage garments will not be perfect but you will know whether or not it is a usable garment or not.  Believe it or not, I’ve received more compliments from my thrift store finds than many of my more expensive garments that I purchased brand new.  Although I will watch the trends, I like to purchase garments that are classic and ageless.  Some of the very trendy styles fade away as quickly as they came in.  It’s also fun to mix and match different time periods.  For instance, I purchased this colorful dress on clearance and I paired it with a 1960’s feather hat that I borrowed from a vintage boutique called Romantic Cultures to create this unique look.

feather hat1960’s Feather Hat from Romantic Cultures, Image by: Arts of Utopia

I have walked into a thrift store or resale boutique and have walked out with multiple garments and often with matching accessories and spend the same amount as I would’ve spent on a single garment in a regular retail store.  Not to mention, I now own unique garments that you won’t see everyone else wearing.

Christmas dressChristmas beaded gown from thiftstore

If you haven’t gone into a thrift store, resale store or vintage boutique,  I highly recommend that you do, you will be amazed at what you might find.  Keep in mind, if you go into a smaller store with limited selections, you will not always find a treasure so keep looking,  I promise, you will find something amazing for the cost of next to nothing.

vintage gownBlack and gold gown from Goodwill, Image by: Bloojay Designs

As always, don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path.  Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Again, if there is a topic you’d like me to blog about, feel free to contact me.  Until next week, stay positive!

Firetruck1950’s vintage dress, passed down from family member, vintage hat and parasol (umbrella) from Romantic Cultures, Image by: Angela Parker

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Angelita’s Weekly Blog: Warmth For the Homeless, My experience with this project

Angelita Imiko

Image by: Imiko

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my first weekly blog of 2014.  I want to talk about community service.  Giving back is one of the most rewarding things you can do, especially when it’s to help those less fortunate.  I started out 2014 by agreeing to be part of a special fundraiser called “Warmth for the Homeless”  WFHDan Colon reached out to me and two of my best friends, June Griffin Garcia and Valerie Anne Chavira Luna when he first came up with the idea. Three amigas (image by Imiko) We are in the acting/modeling industry and he contacted us in early December asking us if we would be part of this calendar project to raise funds to purchase coats and blankets for the homeless in our community.  Valerie is no stranger to community service as this is something that she does often with a selfless heart.  She is definite a role model for giving back to the community.  Without hesitation, we immediately said yes although we didn’t have all the details since they were still being worked out.

Many times we find ourselves going through rough times, whether they are financial, emotional or physical.  Often we forget that even though times are tough, most of us have a roof over our head, food in the fridge or pantry, fresh water to drink, heat and air conditioning, a job and our health.  Without realizing, we often take those things for granted.  Sometimes we’re having a difficult time regarding health, finances, etc. but most of us do not have issues with everything all at once.  There are people out there in our own community that have financial issues so severe that they lose their job, their car or something that causes them to live on the streets without shelter and only whatever they can carry with them in a back pack, bag, etc.

We often look at them and think to ourselves that it’s “their problem” and not ours.  You’re right, it’s not our responsibility to take care of everyone but often times good people are living in the street although they did everything they could to prevent that from happening.  Statistics show that many of us live paycheck to paycheck so losing a job could cause many of us to end up homeless.  It may not be “your job” to take care of those less fortunate but it’s rewarding to do the little things we can to make them more comfortable.  Somehow giving back and giving them hope to get through another day.

BFF Calendars

When I first decided to be part of this project, all I was going to do to help was provide an image for the calendar and select my month.  The more I got involved the more I wanted to help even more.  I then volunteered to apply the text to the other models images and format them to fit in the calendar so they would be consistent making the calendar more appealing.  Before I knew it, I wanted to assist in this project more and more.  The first day the calendars went on sale, we sold about half.    Dan entrusted the funds to me and I went out and purchased the first round of coats, jackets and blankets with the available funds. blanketsGW Coats I went to thrift stores and after explaining what we were doing, they all provided me with a price break on coats I was purchasing, stretching our funds and making it possible to purchase even more than anticipated. Coat pics  One of my dear friends, June, who is also a model in the calendar also went out and purchased coats that same day at a different thrift store.

That evening after getting home, we made plans to go out the next night and deliver what we had.  Some wonderful people involved in this project as well stepped up and went with me as we drove through the streets of downtown San Antonio to find those less fortunate on the extremely cold night we were having.  We didn’t want to take the coats to a shelter, we wanted to help those that were out in the elements and could not get shelter. Before we knew it, we found some individuals who definitely needed a coat and or blanket.  One gentleman was so cold, his hands were like ice and I assisted him in putting on the jacket because the cold made him so stiff.  The look of gratitude on his face said it all. Putting on jacket  My heart melted and our group was ready to find more of those less fortunate to help.  We found several groups of homeless people trying to stay warm on this dreadfully cold night.  We drove up, offered them coats and blankets and without hesitation, they accepted our help and again were very grateful.  Much to my surprise, not once did I feel uncomfortable or scared and my heart was so full of love and compassion. Day 1 calendar

One of my best friends, June, was planning to go with us but unfortunately she had car trouble but she had her car worked on so she could attend a mixer with me the next day to sell more calendars.  As were ready to leave the mixer and on the spur of the moment, she suggested we deliver the coats and blankets she had purchased earlier and off we went.  Our friend Justin, June, my 11-year daughter and I drove downtown and we delivered the coats and blankets we had.  coats June even stated that her favorite memory of the evening was after we had just distributed a trunk full of coats to a large group of homeless downtown. While driving away, we saw the dark quiet street EXPLODE in a flurry of activity!  Everyone was trying on their new coats and swapping coats with their buddies … as animated as a dressing room montage scene.

As rewarding as all that was, the words that touched my heart the most was when my 11-year old daughter Nikki who helped me shop for coats and was with us as we delivered the coats and blankets made a profound statement.  She said, “Mommy, I didn’t know just how lucky we are to live comfortably and I hope I can always help someone in need.”  When a child can stop and realize just how fortunate most of us are, I believe any one else can too.  We just need to stop for a moment and count our blessings.  We had amazing sponsors who made the calendar a reality by funding the printing cost so that 100% of the proceeds of the $10 donation for the calendar could be used to purchase the coats and blankets.  The amazing models in the calendar, those working behind the scenes, the On Cue Image team and of course those who purchased calendars and donated coats and or blankets have helped to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Dan Colon who came up with the idea and spearheaded the project was a wonderful inspiration in getting wonderful people involved.

group calendarDay 2 calendarCalendar Thumbnails revisedGroup WFH

Giving back to your community in any way shape or form like just volunteering your time is a very rewarding experience.   Stay positive and I look forward to writing my next blog.  Again, if there are any suggestions or anything you would like me to blog about, feel free to contact me!

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Angelita’s Weekly Blog, Reflecting on 2013


Image by: Imiko

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my first weekly blog of 2014.  First I want to take a moment to apologize for not posting a blog the last 4 weeks.  I was very ill and hospitalized for a week and I was on the road to recovery but now I’m much better and I’m back!  Being the second day of 2014 I thought I would reflect on the wonderful opportunities and amazing things that have happened in 2013.  I believe I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog that I started my modeling and acting career at age 41.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be as successful as I’ve been and 2013 was definitely a wonderful year for me.

I’ve acted in several great films starting 2013 off with filming the feature film “Zombie Prombie” in the role of Nurse AbbyIMG_2753 and although it’s still in postproduction you can find some info on it here.  The next feature film I worked on right after that was H.O.A. Havoc starring Daniel Baldwin and my character is Flatula. IMG_3051 It was a fun and comedic role and this film is also in postproduction and I even performed a scary stunt but it was well worth it.  A short film that I was part of and actually filmed in 2012, “The Symphony of Silence” in the role of Ana Symphony of Silence, a mother who goes after her son’s bully won the Platinum Remi Award at 2013 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.

I also starred in my first music video by Mallorie, the song is called “Imagine” and it is such a beautiful Military inspired Love Song.  It was such an honor when I was contacted and asked to be part of this project.   Mallorie wanted a real military couple so I my husband was my co-star in this music video.   The link to this beautiful song and music video on YouTube is below.

I was also involved with NDG Productions and was part of four commercials for various free family events for The Thingamajigy Fayre, SciFest 2013, Monstercon 2013

, and Nerdtactular Holiday Bazaar 2013.   I was also involved in other film projects ranging from commercial work to features and ranging from extra work to lead roles in 2013.  You can find my IMDB page here:

LC OL Ed48–cover

Regarding modeling projects, I started off 2013 by gracing the cover of Latin Connection Magazine with a 3-page story inside.  You can download a free digital copy or purchase a hard copy at this link.  I was blessed to be part of a few print projects including the Timeless Beauty Book, featuring models over the age of 40 by the talented photographer Imiko. 465019_587995821224785_1494658278_o  I was also Miss August in a calendar fundraiser project for Cancer Benefit 1076992_10200985362748228_2051279750_o, Empowering to Live and I’m finishing the year out with another calendar project called “Warmth for the Homeless” as Ms. May 2014. Calendar Thumbnails revised The proceeds will be used to purchase coats and blankets for the homeless in our community.  The calendars are only $10 so feel free to contact me if you’re interested in supporting our cause and wish to purchase a calendar.   Two of the most exciting things that happened with my modeling career in 2013 was being the July Profile Pic winner for CMR and I will be one of the 8 faces of Fashion A Go Go Profile Pic launching this plus size clothing line in Paris, April of 2014.  I am in great company with some of the most beautiful international models!  I am also one of the bloggers on Style & Curve fka Curvy Models Rocks.  I have also modeled for quite a few photographers and ripped the runway in quite a few shows, many of them being charity fundraising fashion shows like the Fiesta Fierce Fashion Parade that benefited the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Fiesta Fierce

In 2013, I also gave back to the community with organizations like NDG HeroesNDG Heroes.  I participated in several events with NDG Heroes to help raise money for children with devastating diseases.   I also went to the children’s hospital to visit some of the children and knowing that they are suffering from horrible illnesses, seeing their faces light up when walking into their rooms was so rewarding.  I was also involved with several other projects including “Women in Heels” an organization that is consistently giving back to the community and co-founded by one of my best friends, Valerie Anne Chavira-Luna.   I also put together a fundraiser as Ms. Texas Plus Size Diva 2012/13 called TPSD Divas & Gents094.  It was a bachelor/bachelorette auction to raise funds for the TPSD organization and to benefit a family dealing with cancer.  Daytime @ 9 in San Antonio even interviewed me on their show to promote the TPSD organization and to promote this fundraiser.  I also mentor teenagers and women privately.  Giving back is one of the most rewarding things that I have the privilege of doing.

2013 was an amazing year.  I have a wonderful support systems, a family and husband who love and support me unconditionally and of course friends who also love and support me and mean the world to me.  I’ve learned a lot, grown from all my experiences this past year whether they would good, bad or indifferent.  For those of you who feel like your life is going nowhere, I can relate, I’ve been there and I can tell you that it’s up to YOU to change the direction of your life. YOU are the ONLY person who can make a difference in your life. Find your inner strength and understand that it is NOT too late to follow your dreams. Don’t let the “haters” bring you down. Smile and show them what you can do…that is the best “revenge” and Karma will take care of the rest.   I guarantee that you will get many rejections but don’t allow that to stop you from chasing your dreams, whether it’s to be a model, an actress or anything else you choose to do in life. Don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path. Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Until next week, stay positive!

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Angelita’s Thursday Blog, Let’s talk Nails!


Image by: E&Js Photography

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.   I actually shared this blog just over a year ago but I’ve noticed here lately that some models aren’t taking the time to manicure their nails for their photo shoots.  So, today I want to talk about nails and how much of a difference it will make in your photo shoot because a messy nail look is not pleasant to look at.  You’d be surprised to see a beautiful photo of a model but your eyes are drawn to her chipped polish or dirty nails.    I’ve seen many gorgeous photographs of models and then I can see that the nails are messy with chipped nail polish or an unkempt manicure.  I was also guilty of not always taking care of my nails prior to a photo shoot but that is no longer the case.  I just love nail polish (I have many) and I love being able to grow out my own nails but sometimes one or two will break and I have to cut them all off and start over.  Many models, including myself, have gotten acrylic nails, sculptured nails, solar nails, etc.  They look beautiful but it is high maintenance and can get expensive.  Over time this type of manicure causes our nails to become thin, weak and brittle.  After I had mine removed, it was 3 months before I had nice healthy nails again.  They are also so thick that I am unable to put on a necklace myself because the clasp is usually small and the nail is too thick to open the clasp so I haven’t had them done in acrylic for the last two years and I never will again.  In the image above, I actually took the time do a traditional nail polish manicure in a teal blue polish then used a glitter nail polish top coat and you can see the results but it took me a while to do it and those are my natural nails.  In the image below is one where I have acrylic nails.


Image by: Donald Ransburg

I will still paint my nails in a traditional manner when I have the time to do so but in the past two years, I have found two products for a perfect photo shoot manicure every time that doesn’t take long to do.   The first product is Impress Press on Manicure when you have short nails and don’t have time to get them done or want a quick solution that won’t harm your nails.  The website to see this product is When done properly, you not only a perfect manicure but they stay on your nails for up to a week.  They come in many colors, designs, short length or a longer length.   Personally, I like the short length because I do so much with my hands.  I can do all the normal every day things but I always use gloves when washing dishes.  There are only three of us in my family so I won’t use a dishwasher and it’s a waste of water for just a few dishes.  You’ll feel when they start to get loose so you can easily remove them and they come off your nails without taking any of the nail layers off or harming your nails in any way.  The photo below is one where I’m wearing this type of manicure.  In the image below, I’m wearing an Impress Press on Manicure

Pic 1

Image by: Imiko

My absolute favorite manicure product is the Sally Hansen, Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  They come in cool patterns, designs, animal prints, solid colors and everything in between.  The notes on the package state that they last for up to two weeks but in my personal experience, they can last up to a whole month.  As long as you start off with clean nails, push your cuticles back they will definitely last up to a month.  The directions tell you that they are instantly dry and ready but I have found that you need to avoid any nail contact for about an hour and they will not come off or chip.  When my nails are shorter, I will use one strip, stretch it on to my nail, fold it over and they tear off easily and then use the same strip for the opposite finger.  I can get two full uses out of them when my nails are shorter.  As my nails grow out, I can only get one full use but then I will take the left over strips, seal them up in an airtight bag and the next time I purchase that design, I can use the existing ones I have.  I can usually get three full manicures with two boxes of nail strips.  The official Sally Hansen website is I also found a YouTube video tutorial that shows you how to apply the nail polish strips.  It’s a good tutorial but I’ve mentioned some tricks to get more uses out of them above and I don’t use a clear topcoat because I found that the nail polish strip lasts longer when I don’t use a topcoat.  You can find several tutorials on YouTube but this is the one I liked best. I also like the fact that my nails grow out and don’t break as often.  In the image below, I’m wearing a really cool Ed Hardy type design.

Ed Hardy

Again, nails are often overlooked and I have been guilty of it myself.  As models we tend to ensure we have great make-up and a nice wardrobe but it’s a little detail like a good manicure that can turn a nice image into a nearly perfect image when showing your hands.  Of course these are great tips even if you’re not a model.   As always, take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t go after your dreams and until next week, stay positive!

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