I asked Joby Bach last month if she is interested in doing a personal interview with me and she agreed. I was delighted by that, because as an editor of Style & Curve I wanted to give our fans the chance to know how the people really are. Social Media is a great tool to connect with a lot of people, but you can’t know how a person really is unless you meet them in real life. With the new #GetToKnow interview segment we give you a chance to see who the person behind-the-scene is. Joby loved the idea so much that she even provided us with BTS video teasers and a full shooting story. Find full video and the pics from her ‘STRANDED WITH JOBY BACH’ shooting with Martin Perreault below. Enjoy the interview I had with Joby Bach.

Lyz Lupo: Firstly, tell us some basic information about yourself?
Joby Bach: Well, I am from Montreal, Canada. I spent my childhood in Saint-Bruno; a little city off Montreal. I am 31 years old and I have a wonderful son of 10 years old.

Lyz: Tell us how your life was?
Joby: I had a difficult childhood. My mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol; besides that, she was also bipolar. Luckily, she had this deep desire to get out of this situation and get better, and since 1998, she’s been sober and is functioning very well.
My parents were already divorced so I lived with my mum. It was very difficult, especially between the ages of 4 to 9 years old because of her problems. Positive prospects took place when I went to a private college, because I was surrounded and well guided by the professors. And I could happily say that, “THIS SCHOOL SAVED MY LIFE.”

Lyz: How was it for you as a kid to see your mother being addicted?
Joby: I knew it was not normal! My mother told me that at the age of 3, when she was drinking; I took the bottle from her hands and said: “poison mom poison!”
So, I was pretty much aware of it as a kid.
For some reason, I kept my head cool although I knew it was not normal. Therefore, I never identified myself with this lifestyle. Did I have scars from that time?!!! OH, YES!! Many! And as a result, I sympathize with all those who have had similar experiences to me.

Lyz: That must have been hard, but I’m glad you managed it. How did you learn to not let it affect you? Or, how did you learn to be disciplined and work on your plans?
Joby: That’s a good question!
I believe that my spiritual side embarked here, to answer this question.
I have always said that there are two reasons as to why I could cope.
The first one: Being young, I was NOT raised in a religious family who practised the religion, but for some reason, I always believed in God! At a very young age, I was praying without anyone showing me how to. I felt that someone was watching positively over me in the sky.
Secondly: I saw my mother put loads of effort into getting out of the situation she was in. Unfortunately, damage had been done to me, but it’s NEVER TOO LATE to get out of it. Her recovery gave me a BREAK.

Lyz: Did you continue to be disciplined, or did you also make your own mistakes in life? Describe what happened.
Joby: Oh, jeez!!! YESS, I have made mistakes, but these mistakes have taught me. Because I grew up in difficult conditions, when I was 17, I was selling drugs and I fell myself as a drug user. For me, my thing at that time was Amphetamines, and I loved the night life. My boyfriend at that time was a drug dealer; we had the big life; but it was all illusionary. I lost myself in this universe for 2 and a half years. And I can tell you this, for you to understand that no matter how difficult your life is; there is ALWAYS a way out and you can do something about it. We are powerful and we are the masters of our lives.
By chance, when I was 20, I got out of this world which was extremely unhealthy. I left the boy whom I was with, moved to my father’s house and started to work in a FUTURE SHOP store. It was a new beginning for me.

Lyz: Continue how you became a mother and model.
Joby: I have always been artistic. As a kid, I amused myself by recording myself singing or playing radio presenter. Also, acting as a DJ lol…Yes, I did that!! (laughs), so I am not surprised that I ended up being a model, because I always had an interest in photography and art. On the other hand, my mother role began in 2007 when I had my son, and I can say open-heartedly that giving birth saved my LIFE somehow. I did not want my son to suffer as I had suffered as a child! So, I used ALL possible ways to make sure he would not have the life I had as a child. 🙂 My son is a blessing and the moment I saw his little eyes, I knew I was going to do everything in my power to protect him like a ‘mama wolf’.

Lyz: Being a model is a hard job sometimes, but what about the times when you don’t have a job. How do you manage to stay positive and motivated in those times?
Joby: As you know, being a model means working for oneself. Like all things, when you are self-employed there are strong periods and sometimes slower. This is part of the game as they say.
Personally, during my periods of tranquillity, I take the opportunity to recharge:
Walking in nature, writing, meditating and polishing up on other spheres that turn me on! As for example, spirituality or to create artistic projects. I am also a good life coach! I like to help people in need and to help them see clear through difficult situations. I think I’m a good guider.

Lyz: Why do you think you are a good life coach? What gives you strength to stay positive?
Joby: To be humble and sincere towards all my fans who read me, sometimes I am discouraged in the society in which we live. It’s like a race of the ego.
Who has the most beautiful house, the most beautiful body, the most beautiful career etc, and as a model this game is very present between girls; despite that they are PLUS SIZE, this does not change anything at all.
There is a lot of competition in the fashion industry and that personally turns me off!
I love my job, but I realized that we do not save lives.
Therefore, the best I can do is to try to help my friends and fans realize what’s really important in life. WELL-BEING is real important in-itself, and how to achieve it.
Now you probably wonder yourself, “Why do you continue to be a model.” It’s simply because I love the art behind it. I love to create photoshoots and I love to receive emails from fans saying, “Thank you Joby, you are a real inspiration, you helped me to love myself and to accept myself the way I am. Thank you and please don’t stop!” To be 100% real with you Lyz, it’s my main reason. Plus, why do I find my craft so difficult? It’s because I do not want to act like other models out there. Unfortunately, I find that many of them do it for selfish motivations. Personally, I want to make it in the right way! Without falling into the trap of appearance and lust. I try to keep it real and to focus on the goal to help others instead of being seduced by the assets that the job of a model can bring, or to become A CELEBRITY!
That’s why I think it’s important for me to associate myself with THE RIGHT CLIENTS, because I want to give THE RIGHT MESSAGE to the population. I want to associate myself with those who worry about others and care about others.
Most of my bookings are strategically selected because I like to partner with people of hearts; who take good care of the models. It’s happened to me a few times where I refused big bookings, SIMPLY because my intuition told me: “No, Joby do not make this booking!” I always consider myself and listen to myself.

Lyz: Apart from the motivations of your fans, where do you get your positive outlook of life from?
Joby: It’s a choice
(I don’t have anything else to add) lol

Lyz: Ok, so we already heard that your childhood wasn’t easy, that you also made your mistakes in life as we all did, and that your son changed your life. Can you sum up your life lessons in 1-3 sentences?
Joby: I think it’s super important to be well surrendered by people who have good intentions towards you and who sincerely want to help you. Unfortunately, often in life, it is the bad people who teach you the best lessons! The conclusion is here, do not fear the worst. You should TRUST the process 🙂 and know that everything will be fine in the end.

Lyz: Give me a quote of you that sums up your essence?
Joby: I like to expose the things that need to be exposed.
I’m a truth seeker, like a warrior of light from the famous book written by Paulo Coelho.









Joby Bach is a plus size model from Montreal, Canada for many years now. She works regularly for brands like Addition Elle, Le Chateau, Laura Petit Plus, Wonderbra, Curvy Couture with Vivica A. Fox and she already appeared Vanity Fair  Magazine in 2014.  She is represented by NEXT MODELS CANADA and the contact to book her is DIDIER@NEXTMODELS.CA.



photoshoot: Martin Perreault
model: Joby Bach @jobybach
bts video: Yanik Chauvin @yanikphoto
makeup & hair: Catherine Lavoie @catounua
assistant: Bruno Laporte @bruno.laporte.5
assistant: Pat Tremblay @pat.tremblay.1980
lingerie :  Victroria’s Secret @victoriassecret
location: Daniel Goyette Gas Station, Montreal, Canada
special thanks for location tip: Alexandre Monet @alexandre.monet.3
music: Interlude – Briovere Buffentis –


Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

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The images of Kim Kardashian showing her cellulite are storming social media like crazy. Every day I see these images of her.

Even if the press praises her for her unapologetic attitude about her look, she is not the first one to be brave to show her natural unedited skin to the world. Furthermore, Kim didn’t revolutionise the way we see cellulite, nor did she start a movement as the press tried to point out.

I applaud her for being brave and confident enough to present her natural skin to the world. I’m also happy to see that she joined the body positive movement, but we know it started long before her.

We from Style & Curve Magazine follow this movement for a long time now and we are used to images showing cellulite, stretch marks, thick thighs and belly’s.

Therefore, I picked the most known plus size models and bloggers who were unapologetic about their bodies before Kim Kardashian in the collection below:




















































All these women and Kim deserve our respect for showing their so-called flaws to the public. I also showed my own cellulite in shootings from the past as you can see in the post below:

Always be unapologetic about your look. I was so insecure as a teen about my #booty, my #thickthights, my #strechmarks and #belly. I tried to cover up as good as possible, but you can't cover up what's meant to #shine! Today I am much more #confident about myself and my #body. I don't mind to show my #naturalskin anymore. I love my body and my personality. I am special and precious in my own way. Now I only feel bad for following the rules of the society, the media, my friends and family for way too long. I am perfect the way I am and the man who loves me, does this cause I am like this! #loveyourself & #loveyourbody! You rule over your life, but trust me you can't do it if you hate yourself or if you try to please others. Please your own wishes for your life first and the people who love you will still follow. Trust me, I know this for sure! Kind regards, @lyzlupo from #styleandcurvemag. 😘 Photo Left – 2016: By @mfg_prophoto with graffiti style #bodypaint by @esoneart_ for @idaremagazine Photo Right – 2015: Done by myself for my blog on

A post shared by Lyz Lupo (@lyzlupo) on


At the end of the day, why should we hide the cellulite when it was meant to shine?

Silvana Denker, German body positive activist, photographer and model, thinks we shouldn’t hide our flaws as she shows in her post:

#wokeuplikethis when I was in Madrid after a short night. #nomakeup #nofilter #nophotoshop And please register the beautiful toilet in the background, it is very important for the message of the picture 😂😂😂😂 I have big thighs, a belly with rolls, I have bumps, stretch marks, dark under-eye circles and I have to wear glasses or contact lenses because I can't see very well and I have scars. That's me, without styling, without any beautiful fashion, not retouched, just me the way I am. My life wasn't always easy, I went through some very hard years but I never gave up and became the person who I am now. I'm proud to be me, proud I never gave up no matter what happened. And my body tells the story of my life, I learned to love my body with all the "flaws", I learned to love myself and now I'm happier than I ever was. Don't hate yourself, life is too short ❤ #bodylove #bodypositive #loveyourself #loveyourbody #spreadlove #nobodyshaming #nobullying #selflove #acceptance #love

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Kind regards

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine






Wouldn’t that be an amazing headline?

We already shared several times requests towards Victoria’s Secret to go plus. My idea to do this started after seeing how amazing plus size model Joby Bach from Canada looks wearing VS bodysuits for her shootings. Until this day, Victoria’s Secret did not announce plans to extend their range. We still have hopes thought!


A few weeks ago our fan Kayla Eterni send us a link of the email she send to Victoria’s Secret:

As you can see Kayla has a great body, she just grew a bigger chest naturally. As a big fan of VS she surely would prefer to continue to shop from her favourite brand, but she can’t do that now anymore because they don’t offer clothes in her bra size 34DDD. This would change if VS started to add bigger sizes to their range.

Furthermore, as girls grow older into women their body always changes. It is a natural progress, like it happens again with a female’s body after she gave birth to a child. I myself see this natural process as a problem for VS though, because they will lose their former clients if they stick to the sizes they have now.


To make things easier for Victoria’s Secret we asked Joby Bach to do a shooting for us wearing only their clothes and she agreed! Joby had to change some of the clothes in the VS shop to make it fit her size and to change the look. So, she changed the text of the black shirt from the PINK COLLECTION from “Sorry but I actually Can’t” into “Sorry but I actually Can”. She also designed the Black T-shirt saying: “Definitely and Angel” for the cause, because she really believes that she is an “angel” and size doesn’t matter!




I believe that these words are 100 % true. We are not scared to demonstrate Victoria’s Secret or any other fashion brand, that doesn’t offer plus sizes, how such a campaign could look like.

We know that not every brand will follow our request and we won’t be angry with them on that. We know that a change means also investments, which needs funding first. Nevertheless, we ask brands to think outside their box and think about their future.


In the recent years, I saw so many body positive Instagram accounts growing bigger and better than any other accounts. The reason for their success is a change in the people’s minds. We admire women showing their belly, their cellulite, their stretch marks or any other flaw to the public more than anything else. Showing the world that you are imperfect, but still happy with yourself is a strong message. Therefore, we regard those women as brave. But this is not the end, what has started on social media, will become more and more relevant for our real life. This counts also for the brands we prefer. I picked out Kayla and Joby as those consumers, who would love to see a change in the range and promotion of Victoria’s Secret; but I am sure there are many more who would love a more body positive approach of VS by extending their range combined with the promotion of plus size models.

I say that this is important, because I believe that brands will sell less each year if they stick to their old marketing ideals.

Just look at Sports Illustrated! By choosing plus size models last year and this year, they made sure to succeed again. We the consumers love SI again and we are very excited to see which models they will pick for next year’s issue. The reason why more and more brands and magazines hire plus size models like Joby Bach is, because they see how much they can increase their income through this. As you can see, the body positive approach is already succeeding and it will continue to do so in the future.


I know a single article might not change things, therefore I kindly ask you as our fans to write to VS and ask them to extend their range. Please refer to this article by using this link and write “EXTEND YOUR RANGE AND GO PLUS SIZE – GREETINGS FROM STYLE & CURVE MAGAZINE AND ME”. You can send your email to and to It would be better to use both emails to get heard. Both emails are public.

I believe that consumers rule. If you want a change, then we as the consumers must ask for it. Don’t believe that you have no saying in this world. Every brand listens to their consumers, they have to!

I believe in your power! Kayla, Joby and my team from Style & Curve Magazine also believes in YOU!  Therefore, write an email to Victoria’ Secret today!

I will also write to them in the name of Style & Curve Magazine and ask for an official explanation why they don’t offer bra’s in XL anymore and when they plan to extend their sizes for their consumers.



SHARING RESULTS (Our posts and Joby’s posts)

Website – 2,43k

Facebook – 181,3k (6727 likes)

Instagram – 425k (23924 likes)

Total People Reached: 606,3k (30651 likes)

We had to use the first title to see if this news will create a hype. The sharing result shows that it was a huge success already and I am very happy about that. Victoria’s Secret is a Million Dollar brand, so you won’t get them to change anything if you don’t show them what people want.

Regarding the comment that Joby is not even ‘plus size’ and rather just a normal sized woman. For the fashion industry she is regarded as a plus size model. The plus sizes start at size 8 for the industry. Joby herself is a size 14. Now if you wonder why does she looks so thin and fit, then this is due to her fitness regime.

Furthermore, I know that some people don’t like Victoria’s Secret, because their models look too skinny; like young girls. The reason why they look like that is because VS wants to attract young shoppers, but as I said above they will lose them when the girls become women. With an extended size range and with hiring plus size models for their brand, they can connect again with all women. Don’t you think it is important to show young girls that women come in all shapes and sizes? You might not like VS, but you have a responsibility for the young girls of your society to teach them better.

To make a change you only need to send an email to VS as I said above. Use this chance!



After publishing the article Joby Bach was asked by a newspaper and a TV channel to talk about herself and about this article. Furthermore, other online pages that follow us and her shared also the story.

Here are the links of the article/shows/posts who mentioned our story:

Le Courrier du Sud – Canada

 iHeartRadio – Canada

Krągłości – Poland (liked by 171 users)

Plus Girls – Poland (shared 282 times)


Thank you very much for your attention and inform us if you get an answer from Victoria’s Secret.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine



Photographer: Laurie Godin-Rheault
Hair : Tania Triassi
Agency : Next Models Canada



Last year we announced the first time our most favorite models. It was a selection of 10 models/bloggers that we found most interesting. The winner of last year was Ashley Graham and I am happy to see that we made the right decision, since she became the cover model for Sports Illustrated this year.

This year we want to do something else! You will not find the top curvy models like Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, Tess Holliday, Liris Crosse or Denise Bidot. Not because we don’t like them, we love them. But this year we want to feature models that support Style & Curve. new models that we find very promising or models who became activists to raise awareness for curvy women. I tried to cut my list down to 10 models, but I found it too unfair to the other models. And I constantly changed the list. In the end, I cut my list to 20 Top Curvy Models named by Style & Curve.

Here are Style & Curve’s Top 20 Featured Models for 2016:

Joby Bach

Location: Montréal, Quebec – Canada
Fanpage: Joby Bach Official
Instagram: @iamjobybach
Reason for Nomination:

Ever since Joby Bach discovered that Style & Curve shares her she became very fond of us. She is alwas supporting us and we think she is one of the hottest plus size models out there. She is a real beauty, has a strong personality and she is very entertaining.



Barbra Monteiro

Location: Brasília, DF – Brasil
Fanpage: Babi Monteiro
Instagram: @barbramonteiro
Reason for Nomination:

Babi Monteiro is a fan and very fond of Style & Curve since the very beginning. We shared her success as a beauty queen in Brazil, we shared her work afterwards and we love to see how she is getting better and better each year. She is a very professional and dedicated model. With her support we got many fans from Brazil.

12095140_913063668780712_7876618780010644732_o-horz FWPS-INV2015_MARISA-12-BLOG-720x1080


Maria Jimenez Pacifico

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fanpage: Maria Jimenez Pacifico
Instagram: @mariajimenezpacifico
Reason for Nomination:

Maria Jimenez Pacifico got famous as the first plus size model of Island. Maria was living in Island for many years, but she was born in Columbia. Then she got even more famous as the first plus size model of Columbia. Maria created her own campaign again bullying, since she also experienced this and she was recently interviewed by CNN Spain about her campaign. Let’s see where live takes here, because we want to follow her proccess.

FOTO 3 index-horz


Ana Garcia

Location: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Instagram: @anagplus
Reason for Nomination:

Ana Garcia is the most known plus size model from Puerto Rico. She was featured in many international magazines and she is always delivering beautiful pictures. We also shared her several times and we will keep on doing this in the future.

12576086_10204067545569171_943029903_n-horz 12799277_10204067620011032_6632372873402907882_n

Lilli Luxe

Location: Columbus, Ohio – USA
Fanpage: Lilli Luxe
Instagram: @LilliLuxe
Reason for Nomination:

Lilli Luxe is our favorite Pin-Up model. She is friendly, funny, super sexy and just so beautiful. Besides modeling Lilli is a graphic designer, who turned her passion for pin-ups into life. We are excited to see her next shootings.

12645143_1145547302130379_5137084612524999587_n-horz 12644988_1144585018893274_659090781042288760_n


Eva Believer

Location: London, United Kingdom
Fanpage: Eva Believer
Instagram: @eva_believer
Reason for Nomination:

Eva Believer is a plus size model from the UK. She is modeling for a while already, but we like her so much that we want to share her proccess with you.




Rosie Mercado

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada – USA
Fanpage: Rosie Mercado
Instagram: @rosiemercado
Reason for Nomination:

Rosie Mercado is known to most people by the show #Curvy Girls’. She got famous for her look with her wider hips. Rosie was a Make-up artist before starting to model and she is also good in moderation. She was in the news lately for loosing so much weight. Rosie said that she did that for herself. Seeing her proccess through the years I can say that she looks great nowadays. Rosie became a part of the Top20 for her long and successful history as a plus model and for her insprational personality.

Shop-Bellisima-main-image1 1488643_1686902918223432_1409154057414481165_n


Hunter McGrady

Location: Los Angeles, California – USA
Website: Wilhelmina Agency
Fanpage: Hunter McGrady
Instagram: @huntermcgrady
Reason for Nomination:

I saw a picture of Hunter McGrady for the first time in 2015. Hunter has a great hourlass figure and is very beautiful. She is a promising plus model and land herself great jobs as a plus model. We will keep on following her this year.

11947425_900734836648136_1112588094241289032_n-horz 12316108_942051129183173_3960707703673882459_n


Goldie Bow

Location: Uimaharju, Itä-Suomen Lääni – Finland
Website: (agency)
Fanpage: Goldie Bow
Instagram: @goldiebow
Reason for Nomination:

Goldie Bow got discovered by Style & Curve. She won the profile pic contest for January 2015 and that pretty much was her moment to shine for internationally for the first time. Since then many other pages from the plus size community shared her. And we kept following her improvement. Plus she will be featured in the first issue of our Style & Curve Magazine.




Laura Lee

Location: New York, New York – USA
Website: Bicostal Models Agency
Fanpage: Laura Lee – Model
Instagram: @misslauraleej
Reason for Nomination:

Since we saw a picture of Laura Lee, we kept following her. She deliveres always great pictures, even her selfies are worth sharing. We loved her pictures for Rue 107 the most and therefore we had to add her to our featured list.

12524302_957709964315459_8075089388052544018_n-horz 11751461_870464983039958_8098238238078656002_n


Danielle van Grondelle

Location: New York, New York – USA
Website: Muse NYC
Instagram: @daniellevangrondellemodel
Reason for Nomination:

I saw Danielle for the first time at the Anna Scholz for Sheego show in Berlin. And even after the show when she came out with the other models, I could only think: “WOW, what a beautiful woman”. Danielle looks great with and without make-up. She is traveling around the world. because she gets signed by great and trendy brands. This is one of the top models we just have to follow!

12208828_10153133478716674_522110947457951316_n-horz 11796200_10152974546111674_4090010946234742047_n-horz


Tatiana Minfir

Location:Rennes, France
Website: Facebook
Instagram: @shaniaty.m
Reason for Nomination:

I love the look of Tatiana. She lives in France and has Caribean and Irish roots. This mix turned out so nicely on her. I choosed her to model next to me for the first issue of Style & Curve magazine. And the mix of two curly ladies will look so great in the editional later.

11016106_422896387873846_4653485868383633979_o-horz 10533554_333628163467336_5131802302754706842_n


Iskra Lawrence

Location: New York, New York – USA
Website: JAG Models
Fanpage: Iskra Arabella Lawrence
Instagram: @iamiskra
Reason for Nomination:

I just discovered Iskra Lawrence a few months ago and I knew immidiatly that I got to keep on following this model. Iskra is from the UK and living in New York. She was told many times before that she is not tall enough for a model. But her curves and her confidence proved them so wrong. I would say she is the trendiest curvy model right now. That’s why she had to be part of our list.


12646957_760387267429218_7139208043619910872_n 1910041_747246828743262_5740225263157491694_n-horz


Eva Maria Perez Llano

Location: Madrid, Spain
Facebook: Yo No Soy 90 60 90
Instagram: @yonosoy906090
Reason for Nomination:

Eva Maria is modeling since many years as a plus model already. She also became an activist for plus size models, after a spanish designer said something bad about plus size women. We admire women who fight for the same cause as we do and therefore we had to add her in our list.

11225263_1484255998536858_6984146212061225446_n-horz 12439211_10205268416302909_9151899036896657797_n


Lissi Nunez Fuss

Location: Girona, Spain
Fanpage: Lissi Plus Size Model
Instagram: @curvylissima
Reason for Nomination:

Lissi Nunez Fuss is a young plus model from Spain. She has german origins through her mother and she is studying tourism. Besides her study she is modeling very successful and she just finished a spot with other plus size models to raise awareness for curvy women. She will also be featured in our first issue.

10922426_755084854573961_2997264215467128926_n 11703038_731770743600532_2813201556849392004_n-horz


Tia Duffy

Location: Toronto, Ontario – Canada
Fanpage: Tia Duffy Curvy Model
Charity: #BeBodyAware – article 1 + article 2
Instagram: @bebodyaware
Reason for Nomination:

Tia Duffy is a curvy model from Ireland. She is currently living in Canada. She was fighting to raise awareness for curvy women already in Ireland. But now she founded the Be Body Aware™ Project ©. This is a global fashion & educational project that documents & celebrates diversity. Here to make real changes to universal standards of beauty. This is what fashion needs nowadays.



Tamara Unterschuetz

Location: New York, New York
Fanpage: TRUE Model Management
Instagram: @tamtam_0219
Reason for Nomination:

Tamara Unterschuetz is a pretty new model for us. We discovered her last year and since we think that her great looks will get her far, we sure want to follow her in the future.

12241476_1535435503437424_5889699396893154005_n 12795480_1583401278640846_2769968372806910207_n-horz


Tia Provost

Location: London, United Kingdom
Website: Models1 UK
Fanpage: Tia Provost
Instagram: @tiaprovost
Reason for Nomination:

Tia Provost is just a super sexy, very positive Aussie Girl. And then you see a picture of her and you think she must be a goddess. She clearly is one of the newer models that we want to follow also in the future.

11046737_801355323278158_7695536204659980901_n-horz 12195766_919571431456546_1888816241518217908_n


Denise Mercedes

Location: New York, New York – USA
Fanpage: Denise Mercedes
Instagram: @denisemercedes
Reason for Nomination:

The curves and the confidence of Denise Mercedes speak for themselves. Every picture we shared so far got many likes by our fans. We discovered her just at the end of last year and now we will follow her journey also in the future.

11822364_10204375867387265_2340276301588540922_n 10345980_10205096667886827_4639203845900936546_n-horz


Audrey Littie

Location: Simi Valley, California – USA
Website: Hughes Models
Fanpage: Audrey Littie
Instagram: @audreylittie
Reason for Nomination:

A curvy body and a pretty face. That’s the best recipe to become a great plus model. Audrey Littie has both and we love her work already. Therefore we added her to our list.

12250135_1643270472589546_4571551574143787347_n 10686920_617696165006010_5613055199016217653_n-horz

Model Ana Garcia chosen as the Image of Cenia New York’s 2016 Spring Campaign…Curvy is the new Sexy!


“Curvy is the new Sexy” is the Campaign of Cenia New York’s 2016 Full Figured Spring Collection and we at Style & Curve are so happy that the model chosen for the Campaign is one our favorite models Ana Garcia. Ana, who was one of our choices for the 2015 hottest curvy bodies, is a freelance model who shot this last Summer Sydney’s Closet 2016 Bridal Collection, and has worked with great brands among them Sorella Swim, also being one of Artist Fernando Ferreiro’s Muses who will exhibit her portrait “Ana and the Sea” in Cordova, Spain in May 2016.


Designer Cenia Paredes announced recently that her designs will go up to size 24W which is wonderful. Something huge is coming their way that will give a 360 degrees turn around giving the brand an international projection. I am sworn to secrecy, and can’t wait to share. Cenia has started her shoots in New York and Puerto Rico is one of her next stops to shoot some of the new Spring Collection. I will get behind the scenes pics and an exclusive interview with the Designer that has all my respect because she supports women of all shapes and sizes acknowledging that a Full Figured woman can look just as beautiful as any other one that are on the smaller size in her Designs.


I hope more brands will do this, giving us Fuller Figured ladies more options to look and feel sexy.


Lyz Lupo