I decided to publish a list of ‘YOUR FAVOURITE PLUS SIZE MODELS ON INSTAGRAM’, after receiving a lot of comments from you.  The image was originally a post from Joby Bach‘s page :

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It took me several days to count all the tags/votes and to figure out how to present you the final results.

I wanted to see if you (as the fans) can reflect with your votes who is trendy and who is up and coming at the moment; I must say that I am very pleased with the results. Of course, many of you also voted for people who are not that known yet, and I don’t mind that, because these are just fan votes in the end. Nevertheless, fans are consumers and they need to be heard!

Furthermore, I want to point out to the fashion world that the International Plus Size Community is growing bigger each year. More people in more countries are becoming active and the result I present to you this year is approximately 10 or 20 % of the total amount.



(This selection contains many big model names from the International plus size community, but some are new names with a very supporting following.)


(This selection contains of a lot of known names, but also many new and upcoming models/bloggers worth following.)


kitchi cherokee
jade green


  1. Only the votes on the post seen above on Instagram and Facebook count.
  2. Votes that followed after I announced that I will start the counting, don’t count as votes anymore. Therefore, they could not get added to this list; they are just your opinions of the best models on social media.
  3. Models/Bloggers that got tagged by the same person 2 or more times will only get one vote.
  4. Models/Bloggers accounts that are private could not get added to the album, since their images are not public. Affected by this are two accounts. The links of the private accounts who got one vote were added in the list of the people for 1 vote. 
  5. Some of the tagged accounts were not models, or were models which we would not share on our page. They were also kept out of the list. We understand that you like them, so we didn’t remove them from the original post.


I hope you (as our fans) are pleased with your result, I for my part am very happy to see that 5 people voted for me. This is the only time I am allowed to participate in a contest as myself, as this is just a fan voting system. Thank you very much for that. :*

To all the models who got 1 vote, I am sorry if I didn’t add you in the album. I tried, but I had to find out that an album with 223 people is too much for my website (for now). Therefore, I added your IG links so that the fans can check you out.

I love how the results reflects the current trendiest models/bloggers, and I love that I discovered many new accounts with your help.

To our fans: Thank you very much for making such great results. This is your work!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine



Iskra Lawrence is the new promo model for a fitness plan of SELF Magazine. This might be a great success for her to be chosen, but it also came with consequences that caused uproar within the public — especially by body positve activist and blogger @Bodyposipanda and others who have previously suffered from eating disorders.  Iskra said in a statement that she knew about an eating plan, but did not know that it contained such low calories. Regarding my opinion as a personal trainer, it’s really hard to say because firstly, the recommended daily intake varies from person to person depending on their requirements, that could be to lose weight or gain weight. Secondly, you need to determine whether someone is active or inactive to determine how many calories they need. Thirdly, it depends on where you’re getting those calories from, whether it be carbohydrates, fat, protein or alcohol.

What should have happened is that SELF Magazine should have stuck to the recommend daily intake: 2500 calories for men, and 2000 calories for women. Then include a suitable amount of calorie intake ranging from carbohydrates, protein, and fats (although a qualified nutritionist can only give you an exact nutritional profile). This is where it gets a little confusing (although these figures tend to slightly vary from time to time), the government guidelines recommend : fruit and vegetable (33%), starchy food which includes potatoes, rice, and pasta (33%), milk and other dairy products (15%), non-dairy sources of protein which includes meat, fish, and beans (12%), foods and drinks high in sugar or fat (7%). Some people will argue that these figures are not realistic or are not good for your overall health, whereas some people will agree to those figures.

SELF Magazine should have given a “Healthy,” eating plan and not a “Diet,” plan which is less than the recommended daily allowance. I think that’s where the problem starts where it sends out a message to lose weight even if people are at a “Healthy,” weight and sticking to the recommended daily intake. As far as I’m concerned the calories within the meal plan added up to around 1500 calories per day, which is 500 calories below the recommend daily intake for women, and 1000 calories for men. Calorie intake also depends on each individuals lifestyle, age, height, weight; how busy you are within your daily job also affects calories being burned, etc. That’s the only way to determine true physical fitness, but let me not shy away too much from the main point which is that the plan promotes weight loss and not a healthy eating habit. See here

Is it okay for a curve model to promote fitness? It is completely okay, and all sizes can participate in fitness which also contributes to a good and overall well-being.

To conclude, SELF-Magazine along with Iskra should have included a “Healthy eating plan,” that they both agree with which complies with the recommended daily intake guidelines along with a balanced diet to round it off. This would have avoided the conflict between the public about Iskra and her work with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

Also, to any plus size model who does work for any type of magazine/organisation, please make sure you check with the company what the advert entails: if it meets your requirements, if it meets customer satisfaction (although it is impossible to satisfy everyone), and that it wouldn’t damage your reputation and jeopardize your career by sending out the wrong messages. We all know mistakes can happen but some come at a heavy loss.

Chronology in Iskra’s posts:

No eating plan information, but a picture eating chocolate.

🍫 Happy New Years everyone😘 if you're feeling the pressure to do the whole new year new you diets, think about what reason you're doing it. It's gotta be for you. And it's not about changing yourself because you're not good enough we can make healthy choices of moderation and self care improving our health rather than just changing a number on a scale. I will set myself new goals and challenges in Jan to try and be the best version of myself. I will never feel guilty for eating chocolate or pizza but I also want to keep finding new ways to challenge my body and mind. Eating what I want in moderation but also nourishing myself and trying new exercises to improve my fitness, strength & even for stress relief. Tomorrow is the start of my Jan challenge with @selfmagazine we spent time thinking of a way to create a healthy challenge that you can learn from and it's about you feeling good about yourself because health is so much more than just a size or weight. The links in my bio👆 to sign up and I'll post a pic for the first move tomorrow😝 wearing @aerie undies in this pic by @gavinglave #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful

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I want to first thank you all for voicing your concerns about the New Year’s Challenge. I know nothing I can say will undo the damage that was triggered, but I'm thankful to have you all to learn from. Your voices have had such a huge impact and that makes me so happy. After seeing many of your comments and DMs, I spoke with SELF's editor-in-chief, Carolyn Kylstra. We had a meaningful conversation about the Challenge, after which she made the decision to remove the meal plan. My involvement with the Challenge from the beginning was the fitness aspect—I wanted to share some of my favourite workout moves with you all that aren't for weight loss, but to feel healthy, strong and to look after our bodies. I knew that there would be recipes involved but did not know that they would be put together in the form of a meal plan or be so restrictive / low cal. I don’t believe in diets, haven't controlled my food since recovery, and would never mean to advocate for them. So thank you to @selfmagazine for hearing us – this truly shows the power of our community and the importance of the work the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is doing. We are stronger together and we are enough! Thanks to my bf, fam, my team, @nourishandeat @ddlovato and all of you who support me & @nedastaff 💚💙💚

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Written by: Justin J. White









MsCurvaceous UK hosts the biggest live modelling competition in the UK for curve / plus size models. It is a model management company dedicated to sourcing, recruiting and training the best plus size models the industry has to offer. Alongside their highly successful annual modelling competition they aim to create longstanding careers for top class curvaceous models.



Style & Curve will be livestreaming for you the Grand Final of Ms Curvaceous UK on Sunday 27th November at 229 The Venue, Great Portland St, W1W 5PN from 6:45 – 10:30pm GMT.



Our editor-in-chief Lyz Lupo will also attend the show as a judge for the event.

We are excited to present you our first plus size event though our own channel here.

If you are from London too and want to attend the show too, then click here to buy your tickets.

This is what you can expect to see at the show:


Hungarian plus size model, who lives in London, will also attend the show.


Some models who from the last years award shows:


Save the date, because this sunday you will be seeing the next generation of curvy models from the UK live on stage.

Kind regards,

Style & Curve Magazine


The promotion for Halloween always starts at least a month before Halloween and every year we follow these posts. This year we thought to name the TOP 4 brands, who had the best promotion. With ‘best promotion,’ we mean who we saw most often and who were most entertaining. Here are the TOP 4 Halloween promotions:



Sexy Plus Clothing is an online shop for sexy, sophisticated fashion and lingerie exclusively for women wearing sizes 12+ from Canada. Their Halloween promotion was in our view the best one, because it was sexy, funny and entertaining. It was the first time where I saw a brand posting funny Halloween videos, which we found very entertaining.

Models: Caterina Moda and Sarah Taylor



DEBSHOPS is a shopping destination for young women looking for the perfect fashion finds at affordable prices. What we liked the most from their promotion were the sexy outfits for curvy and confident women.

Models: Hunter McGrady and Michelle Vidal



Ashley Stewart is a global fashion brand that stands for uncompromising style, fashion, fit & empowerment for the woman who flaunts her curves. Every year they have some really great promo for Halloween, which is why we had to include them in this list.



Located in Southern California, Hips & Curves opened for business in 2000 and has been going strong ever since! They offer a secure, private and entertaining shopping experience while bringing you the latest and greatest in plus size lingerie styles.

Models: Elly Mayday and Nicole Le Bris

We are excited to see which brands will rock the Halloween hype the best next year. Stay tuned! 😉

Style & Curve Magazine



The year 2015 was already a great year for curvy women. So many things happend that we never thought were possible a few years ago. But they happened and they changed important things regarding the perception of curvy women.



Ashley Graham said about this achievement:

‘I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too.

‘There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. The world is ready for more curves in bikinis.

‘Swimsuitsforall helps women feel confident and sexy in swimsuits and I am so thrilled to be a part of the Curves in Bikinis campaign!’ ~Daily Mail

Even though Ashley was only seen on an advert in the magazine and her fellow model Robyn Lawley became the first official curvy model to work for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, for me her breackthrough is more important since she is bigger than Robyn.



© Getty Images

Ashley Graham has since a few years her own collection with Addition Elle and in the year 2015 she appeared with this collection also at the New York Fashion Week:

Now some people might hint out that this is not high fashion and these things don’t belong to the New York Fashion Week. I disagree! Every company that can pay the price of being part of the NY Fashion Week has to gain our respect for that, because it is a really expensive investment. And they would not be the only company making an overpriced show just to sell later “cheap” clothes. Just think about the money Victoria Secret spends on their show each year. The most expensive item on the show is only a bra with diamonds on it. The other lingerie is actually very cheap – just look at their website:


Let’s face it, Ashley Graham is the TOP CURVY MODEL of our time! She was already in the news with her first lingerie advertisement years ago, which was banned later. And she will always be in the news with any new campaign or collection she is doing, because she works with the right companies who know you need a message to sell your products. Lane Bryant is one of these great companies who had two important campaigns running to increase the media attention for plus size women. With these campaigns all the big magazines wrote about her, even the Vogue Magazine.



© People Magazine

This news was, for a model like me, just great to read. Tess Holliday is as tall as I am with almost the same size and she still got signed by Milk Model Management Agency. Robyn Lawley is also under this UK agency. So she is in good company! Tess is the plus model with the most likes on all social media pages, because she is not scared to be controversial. She might get bullied a lot, but this is what helped her to succeed!



© swimsuitsforall

After the #CURVESINABIKINI campaign with Ashley Graham, Swimsuits For All decided to make another campaign called #BEACHBODYNOTSORRY. They choosed for this curvy model Denise Bidot and showed a promo of her without any editing of the skin. They showed her natural body. We have to accept that every curvy body has flaws like cellulitis. But this doesn’t mean that a model like Denise is less good. She has proved for many years that she is a great model!

“There is no wrong way to be a woman” ~ Denise Bidot

See here our former post about the campaign here. And here is our album on facebook of fans supporting the campaign.


© Frazier Harrison / Getty Images

© Ashley Nell Tipton

How cool was it to see plus size models walking at the New York Fashion Week for the Project Runway show. But it got even better, because plus size designer Ashley Nell Tipton even won in the end.

“It’s nice to see how much the mainstream fashion community has been so accepting of it,” ….”It’s very exciting to see that folks finally want to make plus-size mainstream.”~Skorch Magazine and People Magazine


Ⓒ Ashley Nell Tipton

I was happy to see curve models I know, like Liris Crosse, Danielle van Grondelle, Chloe Marshall and Lornalitz Baez, walking the stage.

See all the pics here.


Adele had her comeback finally after all those years of being outside the public. Adele does not only have one of the best voices from the UK, but she is also already a plus size celebrity icon and I was so happy to see that she is back. Her song “HELLO” is still everywhere in the news and I know some of you can’t even hear it anymore. Well, I don’t care. Her album was breaking selling records already in the first week.  She even managed to get her first Time Magazine cover, so her comeback is a huge success after all.




2EEDD66300000578-3339518-Funny_woman_Amy_Schumer_who_is_best_friends_with_Jennifer_Lawren-m-3_1448894532414 2EEDD62F00000578-3339518-The_Pirelli_Calendar_is_taking_2016_s_issue_in_a_whole_new_direc-m-4_1448894548125

How cool was the decision of Pirelli to do something new for their calendar 2016. They choosed not to feature models as usuall. This time they choosed to feature the most inspiring women of the world. Women of all ages and races like comedian Amy Schumer, athlete Serena Williams, artist Yoko Ono, model and philanthropist Natalia Vodianova, actress Yao Chen who has over 70 Million followers on her chinese website. They all got photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

I loved the most that they showed the women in a natural and rather simple photographic way to show their natural personality. Especially the picture of Amy Schumer is ground-breacking in the fashion world. For so many years we are used to photoshop all flaws of women. And even women who didn’t like their body wanted to get photoshopped. But Amy Schumer didn’t mind to show her natural stomach. It only shows that it is all natural to have a stomach nowadays. Watch also the Behind the Scene video:


A natural beauty in #LouboutinCharme. @bonjourclem @lesmijotes 🎥 @mvonthron

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Now a lot of great things happened already this year for curvy models, but having a model Clementine Desseaux as the face of the beauty range Rouge Louboutin by Christian Louboutin is almost ground-breacking. Critics said that it doesn’t matter if she became the face of the lipstick promo, because she only has to feature her face not her body. But I have to say that it is a great achievement for a curvy model. Clementine’s unique look with her curves and her freckles symbolizes in a perfect way natural beauty. And even if she doesn’t show her curves in this spot you can still see a face of a size 14 model and not a size 0 model. I think that Christian Louboutin made the most perfect choice to have her as the rolemodel for his beauty brand.

Order your own Rouge here.




© Beth Ditto / Jean Paul Gaultier

Just before the year 2015 was over the next amazing headline appeared. And I thought it can’t get any better. I am glad that I was wrong. Beth Ditto announced that she will bring out her own first plus size collection in co-operation with Jean Paul Gaultier. Now we already know that Jean Paul loves all women, no matter what size or age they have since even our curvy idol Velvet D’Amour was walking for him years ago.

But making a collection with Beth Ditto clearly is an amazing thing. The design they choosed is a t-shirt collection with the famous corset by Jean Paul Gaultier worn by Madonna – like in this link.

Sure the big t-shirt might not be figure-enhancing, but you can still  ake it more tight in the back. Overall I must say the idea is great, funny and has a great fashion rock style. I would surely want to wear it!




© Silvana Denker


© Silvana Denker


© Silvana Denker

We already asked you to support the #BODYLOVE campaign by Silvana Denker. And the reason for this is that she needs to finance her trips all by herself. To make Silvana’s dream come true to go international show your support here.

Her campaign got international attention by the media already. This shows how much people want to see natural women. Therefore I am sure with our support she will change the minds of the people worldwide. And we totally want to see more news of #bodylove like in the collection below.


© Edit by Silvana Denker




Plus Size Fashion Days already had a special award ceremony during the show in 2015. And I think it is a great idea to award the best blogger, the best fashion brand and the best plus size model national and international.

The show developed from a idea by CEO and Founder Tanja Marfo 3 years ago. I attented every show since then. I can tell you it got better every year. Therefore I am excited to see how much better it will become in 2016.


All the headlines from last year show that the fashion world finally recognizes plus size women as an important target. We are new hip and trendy, so either you follow us or use us for your promotion or you will be regarded as old-fashioned. And no teen likes old-fashioned stuff. The future for curvy women is bright and I am sure more brands will understand this in the near future!

Have a good time and always remember to love your body and love yourself,

Lyz Lupo


Hottest Curvy Bodies 2015

This year (2015) has been an amazing year for the full figured women. Incredible campaigns promoting body acceptance (#BeachBodyNotSorry, #IAmNoAngel, #BeautyBeyondSize), beautiful shoots by Designers in exotic locations and so much more. We are getting to the point that it is about being comfortable in your own skin, and people accepting it, shapely women are the future! Curves are sexy and that skinny look is becoming a thing of the past, Once you have that confidence and you have your head held up high, then others will notice the change and compliments will start rolling in.

Here are our choices of the10 hottest curvy bodies 2015 that prove that being curvy is sexy. We hope you agree.

1- Ashley Graham


2- Denise Bidot


3- Joby Bach


4- Liris Crosse


5- Candice Huffine


6- Ana Garcia


7- Fluvia Lacerda


8- Babi Monteiro


9- GabiFresh


10- Nadia Aboulhosn


In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.” by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton


We couldn’t agree with the words of Edward. All these models / bloggers stand for the new curvy beauty. They get shared in the international media and inspire you curvy girls to be proud of themselves and their bodies.

Style & Curve promotes international curvy models since two years. And I am working on our first magazine issue with Silvana Denker as our cover model. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates:

Cheers from Lyz Lupo :*

MODEL SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Nedra Philips from Arden’s Closet

We are having a new model spotlight feature for you. This time it is NEDRA PHILIPS from Atlanta, USA.

1526993_10201141067905733_1054937131_n 4e4fdb091d6ca 297308_208864485836636_4927814_n

1. How did you got into modeling?

A friends told me about this plus size contest that she insisted that I try out for. So I did and I found a whole new world and have been modeling since 09.

2. What do you habe to do with Arden’s Closet?

Arden’s Closet is actually my company. It is a pull closet for styling real size women for events, photo shoots or just everyday wear. I also offer personal shopping and Closet’s Cleanups. Every 3mths Arden’s Closet puts on a Sip n’ Swap where the FAB Plus Fashionistas of Atlanta get together and sip on Moscato and swap gently used or new clothing, shoes, hand bags and accessories. 

3. Do you also offer shipping? In which countries?

No Arden’s Closet doesn’t provide shipping but when I have the yearly closet cleanup I do put Items up for sale and will ship anywhere.

264505_2183266508347_4909128_n 268210_2211962945740_6129943_n

4. What are your wishes for 2014?

In 2014 I want to push my self to the next level and work out side my box.

5. What was your best and worst experience in your life?

The worst thing that I have ever experienced in my life is losing my father at the age of 13. The best experience is when I realize that I have the best mother in the world and she is my best friend.

6. What do you like about yourself the most and what do you hate about yourself?

I love my determination the will to keep going even though people think I shouldn’t. I hate that I wear my emotions on my shelves.

1452083_10202475229589169_747390348_n 1383696_10202332956432429_2030591755_n

7. Do you think the plus size industry need some more inprovement? which ones?

I feel this industry is improving but I wish the industry was more open to petite plus models in high fashion and mainstream and would not be so quick to shut you down because of your height. 

8. What do you like about Style.& Curve?

I really enjoy Style & Curve because it celebrates women with curves in a positive way. It shows that women with curves have beauty & Style!!


website: http://

fanpage: http://

modelmayhem: http://



Cheers Lyz Lupo for http://


Canadian Plus Model Joby Bach Official is our second model to be featured for the MODEL SPOTLIGHT  from Style & Curve. She is represented by Natural Model Management.


1. How did you became a plus model?

An agency in Montreal spotted me at the age of 16 years for the regular size category. But physically, I was unable to hold this shape and weight. So few years after, I applied for the Plus size division! I’m completely in love with this category!

2. Was this also what you always wanted to do? Did you study? what?

Since the age of 4, I knew deeply that I want to be a model. I always liked to be filmed and play the star in front the camera. For me this is the ideal time to let me go, fall into my magical world and share it with the world. 🙂

3. Why do you regard yourself as a plus size model?

I consider myself as being a plus size, because I have curves. I have a refined waist and predominant hips. I wear 14 and I train regularly to be FIT. Being plus size does not mean necessarily, say (Big), but voluptuous to me and comfortable in their own skin. Personnaly, it simply leads to be healthy, well in my body and God knows I eat as I please… lol


4. What are your wishes for 2014?

WOW, this is a very good question. I like that. 
Firstly, I want to develop myself. I am a woman who works a lot on me. I like to learn about myself. I love meeting new people who have full of motivation, inspirations, desires ,always in search of success to excel and become better. So, I wantto  travel, meet positive people, reinforce my relationships with my loyal contacts and being recognized of my good work. 🙂

5. What was the best thing that happend to you?

There are many good things that happening to me. The birth of my son was one of the greatest moments in my life. A tuning point was beginning. There was also the day i choosed to get involved in fashion completely and doing nothing else than FASHION!! A big jump when you are a single mom.

6. What was the worst thing that happend to you?

When my father was diagnosed with a Lungs Cancer in 1998 and thereafter he survived 3 recurrences. He’s alive and I am very proud of him. 


Pic by Jeremy Bobrow

7. What do you like about Style & Curve?

Style & Curve is a young Magazine.The structure is hypper professional.Their choice of publication is always on point and classy. Their posts and interviews are interesting and amazing. The Chief editor is warm, friendly and social with everybody . No discrimination for anybody. I like her and love Style & Curve.



Height: 175cm/5’9″

Bust: 38″ C

Waist: 84cm/33″

Hips:  115cm/45.5″

Dress: 44 EU/14 US/16 UK

Shoe: 40.5 EU/9.5 US/7 UK

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue/Green

Age 28



Angelita's Thursday Blog: My first lingerie modeling experience

Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog. I had an aspiring model contact me about lingerie shoots. She asked my advice on what she should wear since she was also a busty young woman. My answer was simply this; wear whatever makes you feel beautiful whether it is showing lots of skin or something more conservative. Accentuate your favorite features such as your legs, bust line, etc. Then she asked me how I got through my first lingerie shoot.

Ok, I had to stop and think about it since it’s been a while since my “first” lingerie shoot. I wanted to wear something fun and sexy but not too sexy so I modeled a vintage nightgown that belonged to my grandmother. I absolutely love this two-piece nightgown and have modeled it a couple of times since then. I was really nervous; in fact if you were to see the first couple of images, I looked like a deer in headlights.
All these emotions came flooding when I got in front of the camera and I was second guessing myself. I thought to myself, do I look fat? Can I look sexy without looking like I’m trying to hard? Maybe I look ridiculous; maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. There was so much going through my mind. I was so scared, you would think I was modeling nude but that wasn’t the case. I just had to breathe and relax.

I wasn’t sure how to pose but luckily the photographer was experienced with lingerie models and gave me good directions. He played music that was fun to listen to and I was able to relax and we took so many photos. It was a lot of fun and I found that I really enjoy these types of photo shoots. Every woman likes to feel beautiful and sexy and these images really made me feel exactly that.

After I got comfortable with the idea of lingerie shoots I decided to look for something fun and new. I’ve always liked the lingerie with feathers so I went looking for a baby doll garment. My daddy used to have a little doll with the type of lingerie I always wanted to wear so I went out and found what I was looking for at Fredericks of Hollywood. It was super sexy and I even found matching slippers.

Wearing something that you’re comfortable in, whether it’s a beautiful bra and panty set or some other type of sexy lingerie. If it’s your first time modeling lingerie, be sure to choose a photographer who is experienced in photographing lingerie models. He/She can give direction as far as pose suggestions, also go online, type in lingerie models or anything like that into the search engine and there will be tons of images that you can look at for inspiration.
I believe every model should have some lingerie images in their portfolio to show more diversity in their modeling style. In my personal opinion, don’t attempt lingerie modeling until you’re comfortable in your basic fashion modeling. Once you get comfortable modeling in lingerie, you’ll probably want to do more. Just have fun!

As always, remember, take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t go after your dreams and until next week, stay positive!

Vintage nightgown images: JVC Studios
Red lingerie images: Jaime Lopez Fotos

To follow my career on FB, please go to the link below

Angelita's Thursday Blog, Age is just a number

Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog. I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “Age is just a number”. In this current time, yes, age is simply a number at least in my opinion. There are many examples of famous celebrities that got their start late in life. There is an American Model named Carmen Dell’Orefice (pictured right below) who is known in the fashion industry as the oldest living working model in the world. She hit the runway for the Spring 2013 collection at the age of 81. I’m sure that may help put your age into perspective if you’re wondering if it’s too late for you to start. Granted, she’s been modeling for over 60 years but now there are even agencies that represent the mature models.  You can read more about Carmen at this link:


Some of the most famous celebrities weren’t even known until their 30’s like Sylvester Stallone, famous for the Rocky franchise or Harrison Ford from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Recently there was a Dove Soap ad campaign that featured senior models. Just because you didn’t start modeling as a teenager doesn’t necessarily mean that the modeling window has closed. , Read this article about Baby Boomer Models:  Although I attempted modeling when I was a teen, I had so many doors closed on me that I gave up because I lacked the self-confidence to keep trying.

Fast forward to the age of 41, I embarked on a modeling and acting career simply because my daughter thought I should. It was a dream that I had I buried long ago and although I’ve had more rejections than I can count, this time it didn’t stop me, I just kept going to as many modeling and acting casting calls as I could. There is always a need for actors of any age but modeling is where I’ve been most successful. Ages 41 to 43 were the years I struggled the most in acting and modeling but my hard work paid off because I gained the respect of the local acting and modeling community. At the age of 44 I was signed as the Face of N-V-Us Fashions & Boutique,,  I was crowned Ms. Texas Plus Size Diva and happened to be the oldest contestant. I graced the cover of Latin Connection this past January and thanks to my friends and fans, I was voted the July profile pic winner and one of the Faces of Fashion A Go Go on Curvy Models Rocks just to name a few of my accomplishments. I’m not in anyway against cosmetic enhancements but I’ve never had any fillers, botox or anything like that. That’s not to say I never will but as of now, I don’t feel the need to do that.
LC OL Ed48–cover

Women are beautiful at any age, especially now with people living healthier lives and modern medicine helping to extend the human life expectancy there is a greater need for mature models than there ever has been in history. At one time, it was common for a model’s career to be over by the time she hit the age of 30 or even younger. Now it’s become more socially acceptable to model for a longer period of time or to get started later in life. There are even beauty pageants that showcase the mature women as well as the younger age brackets such as the United America Pageant,  CMR has also showcased some beautiful mature models as well. I’ve noticed the average age of many of these beautiful models is 30. Twenty years ago, that was the exception, definitely not the average. There is no better time than now to get started if this is your dream or to go after any of your dreams.  Only you can make your dreams a reality.

As always, remember, take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t go after your dreams and until next week, stay positive!

Head shot by: Imiko
Latin Connection Magazine photo by: Angels on Earth Photography
Full body shot by: Washhboy Photography

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Angelita's Thursday Blog – Native American Indian Heritage

Angelita Native American Princess 5th 049

Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog. Today I’m going to talk about my heritage and ethnicities but one ethnicity in specific. Different people pick up different ethnicities when they look at me so today I’m going to share more about that. My ethnicity is a mix of Tigua Indian (Native American) & Spaniard on my maternal side, Filipino & Mexican from my paternal side. This mix gives me an exotic and interesting look.

The month of November is Native American Heritage Month so I’m going to focus on sharing my Tigua Indian roots. My grandmother was from a Spanish Aristocratic family and while her family was in the states, they were in Texas and visited the Tigua Reservation.  When she saw my grandfather and he saw her, they immediately fell in love.  They were married shortly after meeting, he left the reservation and enlisted in the Navy.  The photograph below are my grandparents.  I have my grandmother’s dimpled chin that as a child I did not like but I’ve learned to love it.  The Tigua Indians were not recognized as a tribe for many years but I’ll provide you with a brief history.


The Tigua are the only Puebloan tribe still in Texas. The Pueblo tribes are very much alike and they live in the Southwest part of the United States from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and some in Colorado and Utah. The languages are different and the cultures were also a little different but overall they were all peaceful tribes. It’ s interesting that they are very similar on the outside looking in but much like the Europeans, having similar characteristics, they speak different languages and have different cultures such as French, German, etc.  The largest commonality is the fact that they built pueblos, which are big buildings with many rooms similar to a modern apartment building. Some of the pueblos could be 4 or 5 stories high.


The Tigua have been around for centuries and they call their ancestral home Pueblo Gran Quivera. Coronado, the Spanish explorer was the first European to see Gran Quivera in 1539. They called Gran Quivera “Pueblo de los Humanas”, which means “city of humans”. In the 1600’s the Spaniards brought diseases and epidemics that killed off many of the Pueblo Indians including the Tigua. In 1680 the Pueblo Indians revolted and drove the Spanish out but the Spaniard came back a year later and attacked. After several years the Tigua made peace with the Spaniards so the Spanish King gave them a land grant and title to the land now called Ysleta. They were founded near El Paso, which also happens to be the city of my birth. Today, the Tigua Reservation is a suburb of El Paso but much of what is now El Paso was taken from the Tigua and only the land around the Ysleta mission and their houses are still theirs.

Tigua Map

In 1848, after Texas was already part of the Union, some crooked Americans stole the land and Texas ignored the Spanish land grant and title to the land. By the 1930’s many believed that the Tigua were extinct but in the 1960’s they were asserting themselves and they were laying claim to the land that was stolen from them. In 1968 the state of Texas recognized the Tigua as a tribe and President Lyndon B. Johnson signed an act of Congress recognizing the Tigua as a tribe making their land a reservation, the year I was born. After several year of battling in the 1980’s, The Tigua Indians were finally federally recognized as a tribe in 1986, the year I graduated from high school.

Thankful Worship

I am very proud of my heritages and will be happy to blog about anything else any of you wish to ask. Please note, I am not wearing a traditional Tigua garment in the images in this blog. If you’d like to learn more about Native American Indian Heritage Month, follow this link.
Until next week, stay positive!!!

Native American fire

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Photographer: Ruben Sanchez

Source of facts, Pueblo and Map Images:

Angelita's Thursday Blog – Mommy/Daughter Halloween Shoot


Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.   If you’ve been following my blogs each week, you know that I have a daughter who inspired me to start modeling and acting because she thought I was so beautiful that I should be.  Halloween is just around the corner so I wanted to discuss our Annual mommy/daughter Halloween photo shoot tradition.  My daughter goes with me to many of my photo shoots and acting gigs.  I’ll never forget after our first shoot together she said, “Mommy, I didn’t know modeling was so hard!  My back hurts.”  It made me laugh so hard to hear her say that.

My daughter is one of my biggest supporters and although I did not give birth to her myself, I couldn’t love her more if I had.  When I married my husband, I gained a 6-year old daughter and that is the greatest gift outside of his love that he has given me.  I see life through her eyes and my faith in life was restored when she became part of mine.  We have as close a bond that is possible to have between a mother and child so we are very blessed.
I brought up the idea of a mommy/daughter photo shoot to include her in my modeling world.  She jumped at the idea and was so excited that it became an annual tradition.  We have also done other mommy/daughter shoots but it’s our Annual Halloween shoot she and I look forward to each year.   We always discuss what we would like to dress up as the following year and plan ahead so we have time to purchase costumes on sale or with coupons.
Life is short; kids grow up in the blink of an eye so I highly encourage you moms out there to include your child or children somehow or way in your careers.  Never bring a child to a photo shoot without the express permission of the photographer.  My child is very well behaved and has proven herself mature enough to go along without any drama or issues.  Almost every photographer I’ve ever worked with allows her to come even when they have a strict no children rule because she is so well mannered and helps out with the shoot.
She is a bright child who does extremely well in school; she’s made straight A’s since starting school and is now in middle school.  All her core classes are Advanced Placement and she is also learning to play the guitar in her Mariachi class.  She offers ideas for photo shoots such as locations, themes and even poses, helps me pick out wardrobe if I’m bringing my own and she also helps me run my lines if I’m working on my script for a scene.  She’s even booked small roles in films that I’ve acted in, not because I’m her mother but because of her own maturity and ability to take direction.  She even booked a fashion show and did extremely well.  I never push her regarding possible modeling and acting gigs for her.  I bring it up and if she wants to audition, I encourage her.  If she’s not interested, I respect her decision.  She’s been asked before if she wants to be a model or actress when she grows up and although she enjoys doing it from time to time, she has stated that it’s not something she wants to do but enjoys helping.
I started modeling at the age of 41 because my daughter believed in me when even I did not believe in me.  As many of you know, this year I turned 45 and my modeling and acting career just keeps getting better.  Again, don’t allow anyone to tell you what you can or can’t do; no one can control your future but you.   I guarantee that you will get rejections but don’t allow that to stop you from chasing your dreams, whether it’s to be a model, an actress or anything else you choose to do in life. Don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path. Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Until next week, stay positive!
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Hill Country Vision: Mermaid Shoot
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Mars Leon: Lady Bug & Bumble Bee Shoot