The next Cover Pic Contest will happen from April 1 – 2 in cooperation with the page Plus Elegance. This time we want to try to see how working together with another page will be like. We are very excited about this.

Goldie Bow from Finland is until this day the winner with the most likes. She achieved over 2200 likes only through the support from the Finnish community. It was the first time that the international plus size community heard about the power of the finish plus size women and their male fans. In retrospect, we should have known that the descendants of the Vikings are always fighting for their own people and that there are a lot of them. 😉

Here is a collection of the images she had published during that time:


The contests are what I totally miss about my page on Facebook and I want to have that back, but most of all help new models or bloggers gain followers though that. The more you grow, the more I and the community grows.

Never forget that a movement doesn’t happen only by a hand full of people!

Here is how I will be organising it:

  1. From Feb 15 – 27 I will publish several posts on Facebook and Instagram shouting out that models and bloggers can apply to us vial email to
  2. Then in the morning of Feb 28 I will create an album on Facebook with the pictures and inform every contestant that the contest has started. I will send each one them the link of their exact picture to share.
  3. Furthermore, I will also share each contestant on Instagram and tag them, if possible.
  4. The contest will be held from Feb 28 til Mar 1, 10pm CET.
  5. I will announce the winner by changing the cover picture with the winner’s image. This image will remain uploaded there for a month, unless I must change it for special or unexpected reasons.
  6. Then on March 15 the search for new contestants will start again with a new article or simple announcements in different posts. This will happen every month on the 15th, unless we are too busy with other stuff or sick.

Here are the requirements for models or bloggers:

  • The models/bloggers should send in a rectangular picture in a very good quality. The image should not be blurry at all. (SEE EXAMPLE PICTURE BELOW)
  • The models/bloggers should have a Fan page or at least a public Instagram page for reference.
  • The models/bloggers need to tell us the following information of them:
  1. Name 
  2. IG account name (@…)
  3. Links of Facebook Fan page, Website and of Instagram page
  4. Location, Country
  5. Picture Details about the submitted image (photographer, mua, stylist and if the image was already published elsewhere)

Further information for the contest:

  • The models or bloggers can be both female or male.
  • This contest is free for everyone from every country of the world!
  • The contest will be held ON FACEBOOK AND ON INSTAGRAM and the likes will get counted by my on Mar 1, after 10 pm. After that the posts in Instagram will get removed.
  • The models or bloggers participating in the contest agree to share their image on all their social media pages with the link (also in bio) while asking their fans or friends to like their image on our pages.
  • 1 Like = 1 Vote. This means that you alone are responsible for the success during the contest. You are also allowed to share your image in private groups if you want or you can even make a paid promotion for it (if you like to).
  • Everyone that already participated in the past in the Profile Pic Contest can apply again for the Cover Pic Contest.
  • Please note that if the image or information submitted is not good enough (not rectangular), we might have to decline your participation. As a magazine, we must make sure to deliver a good picture quality. Edited images are welcome, but also unedited ones that show your natural skin. HERE IS THE PICTURE EXAMPLE:


Photo Sini Hollström for


We the admins and editors of Style & Curve are not allowed to intervene in the contest, not even by sharing the album on our private pages. We can only share an information on the Style & Curve social media pages.

I hope you like this idea as much as I do and I am excited to read your emails with your pictures sent to me via

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Mag

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