“I’m not ashamed of a few lumps,” says Ashley Graham, but why do parts of the society still don’t think so too?
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“I’m not ashamed of a few lumps,” says Ashley Graham, but why do parts of the society still don’t think so too?

Every time I share an image of a curve model showing her natural skin, Instagram goes crazy about it. Literally every single time you will find insulting and degrading comments. I myself don’t want to repeat them for now, because I am getting tired of hearing the same words on our page on Instagram!

I would rather like to discuss how to avoid such a behaving in the future by talking about the latest images Ashley Graham. The pictures were taken during a shooting she had together with Teyana Taylor and Niki Taylor at the Miami beach on March 1, 2017. It was a shooting inspired by the iconic serial Baywatch with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. The images of Ashley took the online world by storm. The display of her butt, her cellulite, part of her tattoo and just herself in the most natural way without any photoshop was literally breaking the internet!

Here is the full collection of images I found so far online:

Pictures are not in chronological order and the source of them is the Daily Mail.

I would like to know now, why can some of you still regard this as terrible or horrible when the rest of social media loves it?

I would like to know, why can’t you just accept that women and men come in all shapes and sizes?

How much more unedited images do I have to post for you to finally realize that you have been brainwashed by the media and that you need to accept NOW everyone as they are?

Realize one thing, Ashley Graham loves your hateful comments, no matter which page shares her. She loves it because, by creating a constant stir with every image she stays relevant and trendy. She is even making more money from your insulting words. Ever thought about that?

Realize another thing, I also love your hateful comments. You give me the motivation and the drive to keep this website and my idea of my magazine alive. I would probably get bored if it wasn’t for you. You are the air I need to breathe. But to make this life better, you should just start to realize that every individual has a right to exist! Is that so difficult?

Ashley Graham said once in a Vogue interview this: “A little cellulite never hurt no body.” I believe that too. This society has come so far and yet we are not wiser than 50 years ago, we believe today that only thin women are regarded as beautiful, while since the beginning of human kind a plus size woman was regarded as the ideal body type. Why else were our forefathers taught that they should praise and admire women who have the body of fertility goddesses?

Nowadays a woman is immediately regarded as ugly and fat when she becomes pregnant and many women are even scared of gaining weight therefore.

What happened with admiring women for their natural beauty?

What happened with respecting any woman, no matter if pregnant, or what size or look she has?

It’s a world upside down and this world is ruled by negativity, but my page, many other pages and models like Ashley Graham are here to show you that we are all beautiful and perfect the way we are!


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