A few weeks ago I found a new amazing Instagram account. I was just checking the interesting IG page of a fan who left a nice comment under one of my posts and I saw that she has some really good images. I kept on looking and found out that she is a model from the Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile.

The Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile is the first ever plus size agency in Chile. I immediately realized that this is great information I need to feature on my website. It is special, because besides Brazil the other countries in South America are so far behind in the plus size movement. A female fan even once commented that she cannot find any clothes in her country so she has to import them. Another female fan wrote that she only buys bras in the US when she is on holiday in Miami, because she finds none for her bust in bigger sizes. As you can see the need for plus size clothes is there, but the supply isn’t. An agency like Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile can change that by promoting the needs and the beauty of curvy women.

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To let you find out more about the agency and the situation in Chile, I asked a representant of the the agency to do an interview with us. Here are their answers:

1. Since when did your agency exist? In which city?
Agencia y Academia Plus Size en Chile starts on December 2015 in Santiago de Chile.

2. Why did you want to create a plus size agency for Chile?
In Chile, like most countries, there were beauty standars that you were only beautiful if you were skinny. Well I’ve always felt pretty and happy with my body, but I realized the low self esteem the women had and that’s just wrong. Women thought that because they were plus size women, you were not able to feel pretty, sexy or even wear high heels. So from that this whole idea started wanting to help women, teach them to dress their bodies, to accept themselvs, to gain confidence, to love who they are and what they got is perfect, and to show Chile and the world that here are confident women who can represent the word Plus Size. We know that there are not ugly women, just women that are lost in loving who they are.

3. Is there a need for plus size models in Chile?
Yes, as the times has gone by, there is a need for the Chilean women to be represented by a real person, meaning a woman with a belly roll, with cellulitis, big hips… the whole package. The brands bring products that are for “big girls” but they use models from 2 years ago and people don’t even know who they are, like if they are going to look up to somebody, why not a person that lives and shares their reality here in Chile.

4. What size does the average woman in Chile have and are there many plus size women?
From size 12 to 22. In Chile 4 out of 10 women are Plus Size.

5. What kind of training or preparation do you offer your models?
Since the beginning I always wanted to have professional people working with me and if we wanted to get out there the idea was to do it right. We prepare workshops, teaching them catwalk and photography. We also work with their self-esteem and confidence.

6. What are your plans and hopes for the future?
First of all, we want our models to be valued as real models and be treated just like any other “normal size” model. And we want to incorporate the Plus Size beauty to different places, like fashion, art, movies, tv, editorials, etc.

7. What can we expect from you this year?
Agencia Plus Size has big dreams, but we want to go step by step. Our big success will be having our first Miss Plus Size in Chile.

Below you can also get to know the models of Agencia y Academia Plus Size:

Photographer: Javier Moreta
Director: Vanessa Isla




For more information about them, contact them here:

We from Style & Curve Magazine wish the Agencia y Academia Plus Size all the success to create a true and lasting movement in Chile and worldwide.

Kind regards,

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