Yesterday, Joby Bach shared our funny Plus-Size Victoria’s Secret post and one guy commented:

why u promote obesity ? and tell girls that being FAT is oke?

His comment made me very angry, so I commented to it and asked him to not write stuff like that. But he didn’t stop:

Obesity killlllsssss people ! being curvy is cool but FAT kills you and when people promot and tell giirls to stay and be how you look(even of you are FAT is not helping girls but kill them

”’You need to tell a fat women to first start to love herself and then if she truly loves herself then she realizes that she needs to loose weight”’ this is here AMERICAN logic that no one can’t understand.. if i tell girls that being SKINNY as hell is oke .. or in other words : love how you look because evry size is oke.. .. they will understnd that its oke to be skinny as hell or if i suport bigg huge bodybulders that take roids for years is also a whong way !. if fat girls read and look at famous people(what amerikans really love..) and see that they telling them that being in every size is beateful they will NOT understand that being fat and heavy is a bigg big problem… they will eat thesame and wil stay fat becasue famous people telling them that the ”angry world” need to accept that being FAT or VEry skinny is a normal thing!. i m trainer and loss fat specialsit and cant see that insane USA paranoid about feminism,black lifes matters and being fat is oke becaue ”be who you are” !

Screenshot 2016-04-19 23.31.58

I was just thinking on this day, how my life was as an insecure teen and the amount of times I’ve heard ‘you should lose weight – you are too fat’.  People like this man are responsible for the insecurities of so many young girls out there. Do you fat shamers ever wonder how much you hurt others with your words? Does it give you a kick to do this? Did your boss or your girlfriend make you angry for you to blame ‘fat’ women for it? THIS HAS TO STOP!

I also asked our new contributor Justin J. White to comment this. He is a published writer and a personal trainer. Here is his comment:

‘As a personal trainer myself, one should approach these situations with precaution and analyse the meaning of the picture in order to avoid insulting many plus-size people across the platform. Sometimes, when living on the other side of life, you need to put yourself in another person’s shoes, and if this cannot be done then one should cease those type of comments and maybe ask for clarification.’ ~ Justin J. White

We are not promoting obesity, we are simply raising awareness for Plus-Size women. What could be so wrong about that?
And what is so bad about celebrating Plus-Size women? In fact, I think we need to celebrate them even more. The young and insecure girls need to gain confidence, and a great way to celebrate curves, are through beauty pageants, for instance, the Ms. Full-Figured beauty pageant show. The contestants from this year look so pretty in their dresses. So why is it bad to promote them?
We should celebrate all bodies and all people and believe that you don’t gain anything in life from bullying and hatred. SPREAD LOVE! Because in the end, is it not the personality that matters?

Enjoy the Plus-Size Ladies from the Ms. Full-Figured 2016 show below:

All beauty pageant pictures provided by Rjonesphotography. If you want to book him for an event, write to RJONESPHOTOGRAPHY1@GMAIL.COM.

Always remember to #LoveYourself & to #LoveYourBody.

Lyz Lupo

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  1. Yawn. First of all, the guy can’t form a coherent thought, can’t spell, and I bet he’s all of 22 years old, so, I’m sorry, but as adult woman with a university degree and a business and my own home, I’m hard-pressed to give a rat’s ass about his opinion.

    But — he IS part of a bigger chorus of fat-shamers who scream that “size acceptance promotes obesity.” Frankly this whole “promoting obesity” rant is getting old. Personally, I’m pretty tired of it. We’ve had DECADES of mainstream promoting being underweight as a goal and an ideal (since the 1960s, thank you very fucking much, and thank God some time ago the push back started on the dangerously thin, anorexic fashion model ideal).

    So here’s what I always wonder when I hear this “promoting obesity” rant:
    Is anyone seeing these size acceptance messages and then going purposely trying to GET FATTER?

    I “get” the argument: by showing — and not shaming us — larger sized, plus-sized, big, chunky, chubby, OH GOD DARE I SAY — FAT — women then we won’t feel properly ashamed, and “shame” is the only reason anyone would ever try to slim down.

    Yeah, because SHAME makes me want to “be healthy.” SHAME is supposed to make me wake up today and say, OH MY GOODNESS I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! I NEVER NOTICED! THANK GOD I FINALLY NOTICED! I BETTER GET TO THE GYM, NOW, TODAY! I AM A DISGUSTING, PATHETIC, SHAMEFUL ABERRATION who has no right to live!

    The problem is this: shame makes people hide. Shame doesn’t inspire. Shame doesn’t motivate. Shame strips you of motivation. Shame strips you of self-esteem and self-love. Shame makes a tub of chocolate ice cream look a whole lot better than going to the gym.

    Get it? Or is that too deep?

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