Iskra Lawrence embarks on an incredible journey to help the lives of others, proceeding with the courage to spread the word and make a difference around the world. And those lives consist of those who fall victim to eating disorders:

Anorexia nervosa – When someone begins to starve themselves or is exercising excessively to lose weight. Enabling them to keep their weight as low as possible.

Bulimia – When someone deliberately makes themselves vomit after eating food to control their weight. Additionally, they will binge eat and repeat the process over and over again, even to the point where they may use medication to empty their bowels.

Binge eating disorder (BED) – When a person forces themselves to overeat, usually, within a short space of time.

Approximately 30 million people in the USA suffer from eating disorders, that’s roughly 20 million women and 10 million men, and there are serious consequences amongst these issues. Also, there are over 1.6 million people in the UK that eating disorders affect and it is highly likely that this number is nowhere near accurate (underestimated). And worldwide, approximately 70 million suffer individually. People from all walks of life suffer from these terrible mental illnesses, and that is from one side of the spectrum, all the way to the other side can suffer from the same illness like Bulimia. What causes these are more complex than just social pressure.

So if you have an eating disorder, be assured that there’s help out there one way or the other, there are so many people and organisations to reach out to. There are many people who care about your problems than you think; Iskra Lawrence being one of them who supports and is speaking on behalf of NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association), and she’s not only bringing herself but she’s bringing an entourage, who will walk with her to raise funds and awareness to tackle these mental illnesses. All around the world there is help but we can only seek help by taking action, and that means even if you’re locked away from the world, try to send an email, go onto google and search the nearest place in your region who deals with eating disorders. You can even go onto social media platforms and contact an organisation from there who will direct you to the appropriate firm in your area.

So who’s joining Iskra on October 2nd? I hope you are because this is a stepping stone for those who wish to overcome the hardship of the cycle and influence others to head in the right direction. For those who speak out on this issue but feel as if they’ve made no progress, believe me, some who are suffering are listening.

Where there is a sense of defeat, lies a sense of hope.
Where there is a sense of no reach, lies a sense of outreach.
When the voice is quiet, inside is a scream.
We can fight together, to overcome these false beings. – Justin J. White

Written by: Justin J. White

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