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This year’s Ms Curvaceous UK show is occuring this weekend on May 13 in London. I will be this year again one of the judges of the show and I am very excited about that. Ahead of the show, we asked last years winner Danielle Gardiner and a few model finalists from this year a few questions connected to the event.


MCUK hosts the biggest live modelling competition in the UK for models with curves. Past Ms Curvaceous finalists that started just like you have gone on to do amazing work with recognisable brands such as River Island, Glamour Magazine, Elle Magazine, Asda, Simply Be, ITV This Morning plus more. 

Ms Curvaceous UK is one of the UK’s leading plus size model management brands and has been recognized for launching modelling careers. We are proud to represent some of the finest Curve/ Plus Size models the UK has to offer. All of our girls are professionally trained. See all models represented here.

The Ms Curvaceous UK show is my favourite model contest event in Europe, it is also the best plus size event I attended yet.

Therefore, we wanted to let you know what it brings future contestants to participate in the show and to see how the event and the model classes helped the former and current participants. Enjoy our interview!


From left to right: Danielle, Alisha, Yasmin and Alicia


How did the Ms Curvaceous UK contest change your life?
Just being a part of MCUK changed my life as I gained so much confidence and learnt to love myself after years of hating the way I looked. Not only that I learnt to be strong and walk away from bad situations. Winning was the icing on the cake as it showed me that I was worthy and that for years I had battered myself unnecessarily. It opened doors for me into the modelling world and gave me a platform to start working.
What jobs did you had since then?
I have walked on the catwalk for some big fashion brands in The Curve Fashion Festival and Uk Plus Size fashion week. I’ve done photo shoots for plus size clothing brands and I’m now part of a modelling group called The Curve Squad. I’ve also helped with confidence talks and spoken at workshops.
What did you personally achieved since then?
I have become the face of two plus size clothing brands; Couldn’t Curve Less and Regal Gold Boutique which is amazing as it’s really showing that people believe in me. As said before I’ve now become a part of The Curve Squad, which is a group of plus size models that have all come through MCUK at some point and have now joint to give a different look to plus size modelling. We are trying to make it more editorial and edgy rather than the cliche commercial poses and show that plus size girls can be high fashion.
What advice would you give this years contestant?
To take on board all of the advice given from coaches and models as this is what has helped me so much. To be confident in who you are and believe in yourself. The main thing is to enjoy the experience. Whether you win or not, it’s an amazing opportunity to meet like minded people, learn skills that will help within your modelling career and most of all build you as a person. It honestly makes you change the way you think about yourself and realise you are worth more than you have been telling yourself. You don’t have to learn to love yourself, you don’t need others approval, you don’t have to ‘accept’ who you are. You are worthy of everything, you are powerful, you are beautiful and you ARE enough!




Why do you participate in the Ms Curvaceous UK contest?
The reason why I have taken part in the ms curvaceous competition is because my friend introduced me to it and she said she really enjoyed the whole experience and it built up your self confidence and I couldn’t agree more it’s been an amazing experience! Meeting all the girls on the journey and it’s nice to know that you share the same insecurities and you can overcome them together. No one is judging you and you and see all the beautiful women and their confidence is a real nice feeling. Ms curvaceous has been an eye opening experience and they have already opened quite a lot of doors for me in the future as I got a modelling job wearing wedding dresses for the one of the top bridal companies in the UK it was a great experience and the feedback is really encouraging and it made me want to really push to be a model!
Did you do the model workshops before the show? How was that experience for you?
 I didn’t do the work shop however I have had the best training in the rehearsals for the final show learning how to cat walk, pivot, how to stand like a lady.
What are your hopes and wishes for the future after this show?
My hopes and wishes for the future is to be successful in my modelling career and see myself if magazines and billboards!
Why do you want to win the contest?
My hopes and wishes for the future is to be successful in my modelling career and see myself if magazines and billboards!


Why do you participate in the Ms Curvaceous UK contest?
I participate in the Ms Curvaceous UK contest because I love the fact that I am able to be apart of a movement that is all about female empowerment, learning how to be happy and confident within my own skin. It’s an inspiring experience being able to meet many other gorgeous females from all different walks of life, learning and growing with each other!
Did you do the model workshops before the show? How was that experience for you?
I did the model workshops prior to the show and I really enjoyed them however they are quite intense because their is so much to learn about this industry. I learnt throughout the workshops that essentially it is not just about the tricks of the trade but it’s also about studying the trade it self as a whole.
What are your hopes and wishes for the future after this show?
My hopes and wishes for after Ms Curvaceous would be to be able to take my modelling career to the next level by being able to have an official representative to represent me, that would be a big step into the direction of my dreams.
Why do you want to win the contest?
I want to win the Ms Curvaceous UK contest because I feel that with both my determination and the foundations of Ms Curvaceous I could be placed on a platform like no other and be given the opportunity to thrive in the modelling and fashion industry as I have always dreamt of doing.

How was your Scarlett and Jo shoot experience?

I was found this shoot by Ms Curvaceous, I had the most amazing experience. The clothes were so gorgeous and nicely fitted, the staff that I worked with were so friendly. And I felt super comfortable in front of the camera and confident in the outfits as they were genuinely things I would wear, I would do it all over again if I could!


Why do you participate in the Ms Curvaceous UK contest?
I entered this competition because I saw an opportunity. An opportunity to inspire others to be themselves and to be part of the movement that is changing the ideal of ‘the perfect figure’
Did you do the model workshops before the show? How was that experience for you?
I took part in a workshop on the day of the audition. During this time I found like minded people who all want to make a dramatic change in this industry. Throughout the workshop I found that I was learning things about myself and unlocking doors to new ideas. The workshop really helped me find the strength in myself and gave me the confidence and determination to win this competition not only for myself but to inspire others.
What are your hopes and wishes for the future after this show?
 My hope for the future is to become a successful curve model/ influencer globally and take part in fashions weeks and collaborate with brands all over the world. I would like to set up body confidence projects by visiting schools and talking to the pupils about getting to know themselves and finding that true self love. During a period of my school career I was bullied and called names such as tree trunks and thunder thighs simply because my thighs have always been thick. It occurs too often that school kids are developing eating disorders that generates from the ‘ideal figure’ image because they are influenced to feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. This is something I feel so passionately about. Whilst being a part of the change in the modelling industry, this is something I would also like to focus on. Although curve modelling is becoming more and more popular in the industry, I would like to encourage brands to design plus size ranges and use them in their tv advertising and on the main page of their websites instead of creating a separate section.
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We are excited about the show and will be back next week with the review.
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