Home EventsMs Curvaceous UK Model Contest is the most inspiring event Europe has, here are the 5 reasons why.
Ms Curvaceous UK Model Contest is the most inspiring event Europe has, here are the 5 reasons why.

Ms Curvaceous UK Model Contest is the most inspiring event Europe has, here are the 5 reasons why.

I had the honor to be a judge at the Ms Curvaceous UK model contest show this year again. It is my second time and the show already became my personal highlight of the year. It is the best and most vibrant show for curvy and plus size women in Europe. Being part of it as a judge is a privilidge for me, because this show comes with the cause to make women more confident about themselves and their size. Therefore, we named the Ms Curvaceous UK model contest as the most inspiring event in Europe.


Great Organisation!

I was astonished how well organised the event in November 2016 was, when I attented it as a judge for the first time. This is a team of young, educated and confident people. Yet, what I found most amazing was how calm the organiser Theodore Ilori was during the event. This year it was the same professionalism that I saw and this is what you can get from the Ms Curvaceous UK models when you hire them. I saw attented several events in my life, but I never saw such done so confidently and so positively.


Great Training!

Like last time the models who attend this event are already very professional, although many of them didn’t even model before they applied to be part of the event. The reason for the great result are the Ms Curvaceous workshops and their choach. Reuben P. Joseph is the best catwalk trainer I met so far. The care that Theo the founder of Ms Curvaceous UK puts into training the models, makes them stand out and become successful even if they didn’t win the contest. You can cast them right from the show, if you like them. Focusing also on a good foundation for the women, is what will help them later in their carreer.


Vibrant Vibes!

The Ms Curvaceous UK show is the only show that has left me in a very happy state even many days after the show ended. When I attended the show as a judge for the first time in November 2016 I was in a strong depressive state, but I still did it. Not knowing what to expect, but interested in it, I watched the show without any big expectations. In the end, I was overwhelmed by the electric and vibrant vibe this show has left me being in afterwards. Back home in Germany it continued to be great for some time, until my depression kicked back in due to a personal loss in the family. The positive and vibrant vibes of the show are amazing, last time and this time also. I am sure it will also help and motivate the models who didn’t make it.

One of the reason is of course the host of the show Mrs. Kat Henry. Her interactions with the audience are great and funny. Another reason for the overload of positive energy is the fact that this show celebrates all women and allows anyone to cheer their favourite candidate. No matter what size or age you have, at the end of this show you will love all people. If you still don’t do it, then you might wanna consult a doctor. Just kidding! Yet, this show might be for curvy and plus size models, but it also celebrates women and men of other sizes during the show and that is amazing.

If you don’t believe me, then just make sure you will attend the show next year again. 😉


Great Models! 

Last years winner Danielle Gardiner proved in this one year that she is a household UK name that you need to follow. She modeled for many brands, became a mother and kept her own company Danie Lashes also alive. Yes, she modeled during her pregnancy. Speaking about women of power, this years winner is also a powerhouse. More about her in the next section.

One famous model that was discovered at this event is Diana Sirokai and she one of the most successful UK models today. She surely is my favourite also.


And the winner of the Ms Curvaceous UK 2018 is…

Tied up for the first time!

For the first time in 7 years, the Ms Curvaceous UK show had a tie. The judges couldn’t decide which model is better, Corrine or Chloe? Theo the organiser of the Ms Curvaceous UK show gave us the chance to decide again which one should be the winner, by asking them to walk one last time for us.

Then we picked Corrine as the winner and the final result was:

1st – Corrine Mensah

2nd – Chloe Fids

3rd – Jessica Parish

I guess as one of the judges I have to make a statement at this point. To be honest with you, we really couldn’t decide which one is better. All three judges had Corrine and Chloe in their Top3 and I still regard them equally good. Yet, they are unique in their own way. What stood out, though, was how natural their poses where. At some point I was astonished how easy Corrine poses seemed to be. I know it’s difficult to focus on the poses on stage so watching her was amazing. Chloe also made it seem like there is no work involved in her catwalk. Jessica the 3rd winner had a tough job during the two of the three walks. She had to use a big umbrella for her single walk and for the walk with the male model. I also had to do a catwalk with an umbrella on stage once, so I know how hard it is. Jessica did it greatly.

  • Stay tuned in two more articles, we tell you more about Corrine Mensah and feature our favourite models from this years show.


Great Impressions from the Audience!

Impressions from the audience!

Female Viewer: “Wow, these legs. Everything is jiggling more beautiful on these models than on the thin models from the Model Contests on TV. They are very confident and they seem to be happy about their bodies. When I look at these models then I am also feeling happy about my own body and I love myself more.”

Male Viewer: “I loved it. It’s something different from what you can see on TV.”


Impression from Lyz Lupo!

I loved the show a lot! It was more diverse than the show last year. This year they had women of different sizes, different skin colours and different heights. I totally loved to see shorter models like me on the catwalk. I was declined by so many agencies in the past, because of my height and it made me feel inferior. Therefore, it made me even personally happy to see all the shorter models.

I loved the show this year very much and I hope I can be a judge again next time.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style And Curve


Cover Photo by Tabz Wilson



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