It has been 3 days, but I still have the event on my mind… 🙂

Ms Curvaceous UK hosted the biggest live modelling competition in the UK for curve/plus size models. It is a model management company dedicated to sourcing, recruiting and training the best plus size models the industry has to offer. Alongside their highly successful annual modelling competition they aim to create longstanding careers for top class curvaceous models.

The show was amazing and for me personally, it was the best show for a plus sized audience that I saw live. I could clearly see that many models trained hard before this, and I also found out that the organiser of the Ms Curvaceous UK show offers the models a proper training long before the show starts.

It was an honour for me to be one of the judges for this event. Sitting next to people who are known in the plus size community was very exciting, but it was most amazing discovering that they are nice and kind people like me. Judging was not easy for all of us and we wanted to choose a model that would have success in the industry; we all had pretty much the same opinion of the models.

The winners are:

  1. Danielle Gardiner
  2. Savanna Thomas
  3. Danielle Esprit

I think all the judges will agree with me that all the winners were equally strong and beautiful. I myself had someone else in favour before the show and within the show I changed my mind, but I always had in mind that there was something about Danielle Gardiner that I liked. As you can see, in the end she obtained the most votes from the judges and when she talked about her life struggles as an abused woman and how much confidence she gained through this experience, I knew that we made the right choice. Congratulations Danielle you are an amazing and inspiring woman!

Apart from the models, we also had live acts like Che Lingo and Kyle Lettman with Nemesis K.N.E. I was mostly excited to see Diana Sirokai though. She is a plus model from the UK who attended the show to talk about her struggles and how she gained confidence. It was very inspiring too.

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Although we the judges each had a different favorite model, the TOP 3 were all part of our selection, but there was one man who seemed to know who the winners would be…. 😀



This show was so great that me and my co-editor Justin J. White have several articles coming up for you, so stay tuned! 😉

Lyz Lupo

Editor-in-Chief and Owner of

Style & Curve Magazine





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