We are pleased to announce that a new member joined our team. His name is Justin J. White and he is an author from London. He is a diligent person who not only fights for what he believes in, but lives to write and tell captivating stories from many point of views. His writing style is one of a kind; something that will leave you wanting more. He already published a book called ‘Lawful Enlightenment – The Path to a Rewarding Relationship‘. His amazing book is available through a free download here.

And below you can read his first text for Style & Curve Mag:

Curvaceous vision – through a man’s world

I am Justin J. White, a fearless soul lover of Plus-Size women, the look beyond my eyes that reaches into my soul gave me an insight to what I desire, and seeing these women all around me motivates me to talk about them.

The Plus-Size industry longed for this success — when will we see Plus-Size models on the front of well-known magazine covers? One that over emphasises that for woman to look beautiful she must look a particular way, perhaps slender with long legs and hardly any meat on her bones which was somewhat, “The industry standard.” Not in my eyes, there was no substance and no chemistry that allowed these comely women to aspire towards that direction, self-destruction is what I call it. As you know, the size 0 to 6 hip/waistline which was the industry standard and anything above was considered Plus-Size. Well, let me keep it real, Plus-Size with “Childbearing hips,” is not sinful however, what defines a real woman is being the gender of a woman and not by the size of her body.

Plus-Size women did not let the industry kill their vibe, they hanged on in there, pushed through with confidence which brought them to the level of becoming fearless strutting down the aisle with strong looks on their faces. They were on a whole new level and still are, creating their own shows, developing sexy well-fitted clothes that wrap perfectly around their bodies. Just a little more pushing for the voluptuous women and one came through, that was Ashley Graham who is now on the Swimsuit issue cover magazine. It was very hard, a lot of work, blood sweat and tears — not literally, although you know what I mean do not get your undies in a twist, there is more to come, and let us hope it will not be long until we see another Plus-Size curvaceous queen hit the catalogue. Victoria’s secret perhaps? Who knows but it is coming, I believe it will, I have faith, that one day all women will be treated equally regardless of the size of their waistline, and let us not forget their height, but that is another story. Until then, let us praise the queens of the curves who sit on the opposite end of the throne, who are not scared to parade regardless of what barriers are up against them.

Furthermore, this is why I love Plus-Size women, because they are not afraid to be the sassy-strong women they desire to be with the criticism around, they are not afraid of what it takes for people to accept them for who they are. They will not change for anyone, even if it takes for them to be subjected to a dense category of different women blocked off from the whole entire world, they will still strive for what they believe in.

Strong is bold, strong is confident, strong is sexy, and that’s why I will always be attracted to their inner and outer persona.

As someone who is already a fan of his book and who admires his writing, I am happy to have him in my team. Justin can write about all kind of topics from a man’s view, which will surely be interesting to read. Furthermore, as a personal trainer he can even bring in his knowledge on fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Lyz Lupo


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