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As we’ve entered a new year and a new era for yourself, create goals that seem impossible and achieve goals that people once said you will never reach. It’s not about having something to prove to anybody, it’s about proving to yourself that you can do it. We have all been down in the dumps at times plus felt demotivated to do things, but life doesn’t end there, it carries on. Whether you’re an aspiring model/plus model, yoga teacher, writer, filmmaker, engineer, scientist, accountant, fitness instructor; the list goes on, take that leap. See the vision in your mind, take the required action and if things aren’t working out then re-evaluate and try again.

Paloma Elesser for Nike Sports


Love one another as you love yourself, if you don’t feel like you love yourself then look into ways that can make you feel better: meditation, yoga, reading, talking with loved ones, working out, going for a walk, listening to your favourite music and letting go are some of the things you can do to make your day feel better. One step at a time is the mantra, one day at a time is the aim, so keep your eyes on the prize.

Even though I am writing this article, it doesn’t mean that I live a very happy and everyday cheerful life because that’s not the reality of it. Sometimes I feel just like you, down in the dumps with the “What’s the point,” attitude, demotivated for days or even weeks, feeling like nothing is moving and that I’m forever stagnant, however, I still manage to get through and reach out to people like you by writing a positive article. All I’m doing is trying to prove from my own experience that the depressive feeling diminishes over time because time is a great healer. Old cliché? Yes, but it happens.

So pick yourself up on where you left off — especially to the plus size women out there, slay in every great way as possible, because we can all make a huge difference. 2017 is the year to feel assured more than ever, and to live in high spirits as much as we can.

Written by: Justin J. White

The pictures are from Nike Sports campaign promoting their first plus size line. It features Muse Management model Paloma Elesser.


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