Shooting inspired by this “back catalogue” image of Tony May for Pink Floyd showing the album covers on the back of models. Graphic artist who designed the album covers was Storm Thorgerson.

Image shows the six albums of Pink Floyd on the back of six models. See more here.
Photographer: Tony May
Body Painter: Phyllis Cohen
Graphic artist who designed the album covers: Storm Thorgerson
Date: 1996
Location: private indoor pool in Putney (London Borough of Wandsworth)
Albums and Models (from left to right):
Atom Heart Mother (1970) – model: Pauline Swain
Relics (compilation – 1971) – model: Julia Ashbury
Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) – model: Jackie St. Clair
Wish You Were Here (1975) – model: Mandy Lomax
The Wall (1979) – model: Jo Caine
Animals (1977) – model: Kimberley Cowell


First Style And Curve shooting in New York

The original image is already beautiful, but when Jessica Curve Model wrote me about the idea to redo this shoot with plus models I was over the moon. I loved the idea immidiately! So we worked together on organising it.

I know doing a body paint shooting is interesting for any model since I also had one already, but finding 6 models turned out to be not an easy task. Some had no time, other couldn’t come due to other appointments; but we managed to find a great selection for the first Style And Curve shooting in New York. The shooting happened on March 24, which was also the 45 anniversary for the album The Dark Side of the Moon.

We got a cast of models with different sizes, different skin colour, different ethnicities and different bodies.

I love each model that participated in this. The selected models where:

Jessica Curve Model

Laura Lee

Daisy Christina Plus Size Model

DOLCECURVY By Yamila Orozco

Melissa Henrius

Desiree Jenkins

Other people included in the shoot where:

Creative Director: @jessicacurvemodel

Body Painters: @sheilajordanart + @fabulousfaces77

Photographer: @photo_karizza

Videographer: @briantru

Assistant on location for Style And Curve: @colinjoecurtis


Shooting Experience:

Like in any body paint shoot there is a lot of waiting and a lot of baring skin to strangers involved. Therefore, I am not surprised that it was a challenge for some of the models. Yet, I had no idea how much of an body positive and deliberating experience it was for the models.

After sitting on a chair to get painted for 1 hour each model had to pose for Photo Karizza individually. Karizza decided to do it this way, because waiting 6-7 hours for a final shot, would have cause the colour to look bad. So while waiting and then shooting, when a model was ready, the models had a lot of time to chat, to laugh and to enjoy the time. We have here some BTS images from the shoot for you.




Brain Tru was also there to record for his video. Here is his amazing work.


Model Statements about the Shooting

Here are also the statements from all models about the exceptional experience:

Jessica Sweeney
This project was so special to me! Growing up I always loved Pink Floyd and to get to recreate one of their most iconic images with such inspirational models was just so incredible. A lot of times with body positivity campaigns we are trying to help other women see beauty in themselves, but the most special part of this project was that we all grew to love and accept our own selves even more throughout the shoot! We pushed the boundaries for sure and the result was incredible! Creative directing and modeling for this project has blended all of my passions (rock music, self love, women empowerment, modeling etc.) together and created something more beautiful than I could have ever dreamt! SO thankful for Style and Curve and our incredibly talented team!

Laura Lee
For me The Pink Floyd project was truly amazing. Seeing each piece come to life with every stroke of the brush was so incredible to watch. Some were nervous, but we pushed each other and the coversations that manifested that day were so uplifting & empowering. We laughed, we cried and we danced. The final product was very emotional to see!!! And when you watch the video, you will see the sparkle in each of us and the bond that we all share. We can do anything!

Daisy Christina Van Egmond Furino
The shoot was something different, something I’ve never done before. We recreated Pink Floyd’s “Back Catalogue” with Plus Size Models! How cool is that?! The photo shows different album covers on each woman’s back from Pink Floyd albums.
This was my first body paint ever. I got to work with amazing body paint artists and models. It wasn’t done in an hour we really put our time in it to recreate. I loved it and I enjoyed it. It was something totally different from what I usually do. The body paint Is like a beautiful piece of art that you don’t want to wash of your body. What I liked the most about it is that we “recreated” something but with plus size women. And the that we get body paint on our bodies. It was a great experience!

DOLCE CURVY by Yamila Orozco
The day they proposed to participate in this project filled me with happiness. Both the women who participated, the artists who made these works in our bodies and the photography and video team made me feel very happy. I travel to NYC for vacations and end up participating in a work of art that I will always remember, not only for the beauty of the project, but also for what it symbolizes and the human quality of all these women who accompany me. Thanks again for an experience where we laughed, we danced and our curves shone.

Melissa Henrius
The Diverse Pink Floyd shoot was amazing! To be around talented women including the body art painters and photographer (Karizza) was very inspiring. The thought of being naked can be intimidating and others may not even take the opportunity, but I knew this was going to be special. I hope the Pink Floyd recreation will give more plus size women the influence to say that “art” –shall we say comes in all different forms of identity/meaning.

Desiree Jenkins

Desiree made a beautiful statement one day after the shoot in her Insta Story. She provided us with the video. Enjoy!


This shooting in its full artistic beauty was just amazing for the 6 women. They had to overcome some insecurities for it. 
Being naked is getting so much sexualized in the US, but for this shoot there was nothing sexy about their experience. The shoot was in fact deliberating and empowering. It showed the women that being naked is nothing bad. 
Being nude in a room of women and men, they realized that they being body positive is an amazing feeling. 
Love your body and love yourself. If someone doesn’t believe you or becomes jealous of you, then you can at least show them your back while you walk out of their live with a confident and body positive attitude.

After a lot of work and an amazing work on editing by Photo Karizza we got the final result.

Shooting Details
Photographer: @photo_karizza
Body Painters: @sheilajordanart & @fabulousfaces77
Videographer: @briantru
Creative Director: @jessicacurvemodel
Assistant on location for Style And Curve: @colinjoecurtis
Date: March 24, 2018
Location: Studio of Photo Karizza, New York
Albums and Models (from left to right):
Atom Heart Mother (1970) – model: @misslauraleej
Relics (compilation – 1971) – model: @dolcecurvy
Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) – model: @melissahenrius
Wish You Were Here (1975) – model: @desireejenkins_
The Wall (1979) – model: @jessicacurvemodel
Animals (1977) – model: @daisy_christina


I don’t know how you feel about the image, but everytime I see it I want to cry tears of joy. I am soooooooo proud of each model and their work they have done. I know it was hard to be nude for a shoot, it would make anyone vulnarable. Therefore, I am so overjoyed that 6 amazing women of different shapes, sizes and skin colours got together to recreate this amazing shoot. I am so proud of them and the body positive experience they agreed to do for Style And Curve. Thank you Ladies and also a huge thank you to the body painters @sheilajordanart & @fabulousfaces77, they are totally on the level of Phyllis Cohen. Yet, I don’t want to forget Photo Karizza who agreed to do the shoot just days before it happened, to Brian Tru to create such an amazing video and to Colin Curtis, who was on location for Style And Curve.

Thank you Jessica Curve Model for coming up to me with your idea. This is much more than I imagined.



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PLUS GOES PINK FLOYD – HOW 6 WOMEN SLAYED A BARING BODY POSITIVE SHOOT BY STYLE AND CURVE – #LinkinBio This shooting was an exceptional experience for the models and the whole team included. I want to thank every single person tagged in this post for their great work. I never imagined it to be so beautiful. You are all amazing! I even have tears of joy in my eyes over the beauty created here. And yes, all women and all sizes are beautiful! #plusgoespinkfloyd #pinkfloydgoesplus . Shooting Details: Published on / @styleandcurve Photographer: @photo_karizza Body Painters: @sheilajordanart & @fabulousfaces77 Videographer: @briantru Creative Director: @jessicacurvemodel Assistant on location for Style And Curve: @colinjoecurtis Date: March 24, 2018 Location: Studio of Photo Karizza, New York Albums and Models (from left to right): Atom Heart Mother (1970) – model: @misslauraleej Relics (compilation – 1971) – model: @dolcecurvy Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) – model: @melissahenrius Wish You Were Here (1975) – model: @desireejenkins_ The Wall (1979) – model: @jessicacurvemodel Animals (1977) – model: @daisy_christina Link: #pinkfloyd #diversity #plussize . Shooting inspired by the "back catalogue" of Tony May for Pink Floyd showing their album covers. Graphic design of the albums was done by Storm Thorgerson. . . . #rock #classicrock #darksideofthemoon #bodypaint #shooting #photography #iconic #iconicimages #bodypositive #macro

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