#PosteriorLove is the new #BodyLove – inkl. a feature of the tag #BootyRevolution
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#PosteriorLove is the new #BodyLove – inkl. a feature of the tag #BootyRevolution

Today I want to present you in this article our most favourite models/bloggers aka activists who are totally confident about their posterior and I also want to explain why showing it shouldn’t be a reason for you to complain about it!

I announced a few days ago that I want to write an article about the best “booties” in the plus community and I got mixed reactions. Many liked and tagged their favourite models to get featured in this article, which I will do. Yet, there were also a few who were totally against the display of a tushie and regarded it something really bad.


This feature of the most confident women is about their presentation of their so-called “flaws”. It is so-called, because there are no flaws at all. What some might regard as a way to promote insecurity is actually a way to promote strength. You might think that nowadays with all the progress in the plus size business that women would admit to be proud of their bum, but honestly most of them are still not. Presenting your front side to the world is still easier to do than the backside. The reason for it is that in the back we have the most cellulite and the showing your back to the world is regarded as promoting a sexual behaving.

#PosteriorLove is the new #BodyLove

@thecurvytrini nominated me to share 5 interesting things about me. Here we go: 1. I show skin, in my case my backside, as my way to accept me as I am. I have this pear shape since I was 12 and until I was 28 I really hated it. It was only when after turning 28 that I would wear more tight clothes. It was also my choice to have my first shoots in underwear, in order to find out if I look still pretty wearing it. So, I don't show so much to get attention from men. Actually, I could live without that. I do it only to prove myself that I and my body are beautiful; and to make female fans realize that they are also beautiful no matter what body or size they have. 2. I am happily divorced. I was married from 2003-2009 and I married my first love, when I was 21. There is not much more to say about that. 3. I am 5'4 and actually too short for a model agency, but I still found a niche for me. 4. I am stubborn and when someone says to me "you can't do this" or "this is too difficult for you", then I will do it even more. 5. I am 1/2 Romanian, 1/4 German and 1/4 Hungarian. Plus, I have forfathers from Austria and Serbia too. I should make a test to figure out more about my genealogy. – I nominate myself @sosocapel, @jobybach, @yazminthefox, @curvyrockdoll, @thecurvyblog, @granddivamagazine and @mfg_prophoto. Tell us 5 intetesting things about you..🤗 (You are free to choose any of your pictures or to share it in your story.) #lyzlupo #5interestingthings #loveyourself #bootyrevolution

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I’ve been showing my bum in shoots occasionally since 2011, as you can see on my website www.lyzlupo.com; and I didn’t do it because I wanted the attention from men or for the fame. I did that for myself, first. I did that to prove my “insecure” mind that I am beautiful and that my backside is also beautiful, no matter how big it is and no matter how much cellulite it has. You see I hated my whole backside ever since I was 12 and only after I was over 28 I really started to love it. 10 years ago it would have never crossed my mind to do shootings in lingerie and to pose like I did for my shootings. Yet, once I got encouraged to try it out I started to get to know my being in a new way. I enjoyed to wear more tight clothes, I understood my femininity and I felt in love with my body for the first time in my life. That love lasts til this day and it will only grow stronger. Yes, I am plus size. Yes, I have a lot of cellulite. Yes, I know I have a lot but that’s how I was supposed to be. And yes, I love myself for exactly the way I am inside and outside!

This is what it should all be about when you promote the #PosteriorLove. Explain why you love your backside, show it and encourage women who are also plus sized to love their body like you do. This is the only reason why I am still available for shootings, otherwise I wouldn’t model anymore.

Posteriorlove is the new Bodylove, because it’s time for us to also start loving our backside. Loving your bigger bust, your bigger hips, your big stomach, your stretch marks is an amazing achievement. Now it’s on to the next one and this is the cellulite on your back thighs and your bum. No matter how small or big it is, it is yours given naturally and you should accept it as a part of you. When I can fall in love me as I am, then you can do that too.


This tag was created by blogger Meghan Tonjes 4 years ago, after an image of her presenting her bum got removed. Since then she continuesly shared an image of it once a week as a protest. See video about it below:

With the rise of body positivity in the plus size community more and more models and bloggers dared to share their bum over the years. This led to a huge rise of male followers from all over the world commenting all kind of stupid stuff, but it also allowed women to see bloggers of bigger sizes presenting themselves in unedited images. What bloggers regarded before as just a special thing to do, became normal to share.

Today we have the #bootyrevolution, because more women go on social media to share images of them to encourage other women. More accounts become big in a short time when the models/bloggers present their so-called flaws, especially their bum. As a result we have an overreaction from male fans, but with every new image more women also get encouraged to accept their body as it is.

You see every progress comes with two results, a good and a bad one. That is just part of life! Even we as a magazine get tons of emails of silly men, but they don’t matter to us. All this sillyness is worth the stress, if we can empower women like our fans. It is our responcibility to do so. We had no one to empower us and now that we have a tool for is, we should use it to help future generations.


Get ready for a very long selection of Instagram links…:D

1. Models

PART II << LOVABLE >> Cutie Rolls – LOVABLE Thunder thighs – LOVABLE Tiger stripes – LOVABLE Sun kisses – LOVABLE Lines of stories – LOVABLE Zits and bumps – LOVABLE Mood swings – LOVABLE Awkward moments – LOVABLE Your rarest uniqueness – LOVABLE Body Asymmetries – LOVABLE Fluid Sexuality – LOVABLE Racing Mind – LOVABLE Colorful Spirit – LOVABLE Everchanging BODY – ALL LOVABLE ALL OF YOU. Even your doubts that you are .. also LOVABLE… —- from the bottom of my heart ♥️ sending love to you my lovable precious person —- Khrystyana shot by @ylvaerevall makeup @deeptisadhwani #bodyimage #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bopowarrior #cellulite #allbodiesaregoodbodies #womenempowerment #plusisequal

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Apparently, my buttocks are undeniable 😏 and therefore @lyzlupo from @styleandcurve nominated me to share 5 interesting things about me with you :Swimsuit provided by @chrldr😝 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First: I started modelling because of my love for the art of photography not for the fame, first and foremost. Second: I am a very generous person, I am intense, I never do anything half and I commit myself entirely to all the projects that I undertake. I am a person of words, of heart and of convictions. If a person in my work environment or in general dares to take me for a fool, because I have a big heart, they will quickly realised that I am also able to give some Bitch slaps! Third: I am for the rapprochement between black and white people. I am against the N word of all kinds and I dream of the day where finally we will not feel this barrier between our 2 races. Especially, since I recognize myself in the black culture. I vibrate and resonate with it and I don't care to say it outloud, because it's true. Unfortunately, therefore I identify much less with my culture,but its doesnt change the facts that I appreciate my culture anyway. Fourth: I do not like the Illuminati including other organisation connected to them and I refuse to associate with them. I have nothing to add at this point, you can research yourself. Fifth: I am a woman who truly believes in God and I am not afraid to say it. He showed me his presence and power so many times already, by helping me. He made me outdo myself to often, I can't even count anymore. Although I am not a church-goer nor practitioner, my heart and my eyes are fixed to him only. I put my life in his hands every day and he always amaze me. ~ #Buttconfidence #styleandcurve #christinaLouiso #JobyBach #Positivity #awarness #love

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CELLULITE!!! Ita-Eng Sino a qualche anno fa la detestavo con tutta me stessa, ora non la amo, ma sento che non ha più il potere di cambiare il mio ESSERE! Coooomunque, negli ultimi mesi mi sono un po' rilassata per quanto riguarda cibo ed esercizio fisico, mille viaggi e non abbastanza forza di volontà…solo a giorni alterni, anzi nemmeno…solo alcuni rari giorni! Quindi porca paletta è ora di darci dentro e MIGLIORARSI! 💪🏻 @justfit_fabiolacuni sono tua 👯 "Migliorati quanto puoi, ma impara ad apprezzarti! CURVY IS NOT A CRIME" . . ENG CELLULITE!!! Until a few years ago, I hated this with all of myself. Now I do not love cellulite, but I feel that don't has the power to change my SELF! Aaaaanyway, in recent months I have a little 'relaxed regarding food and exercise, a thousand trips and not enough will power … only on alternate days, indeed even … but a few rare days! So slut shovel is time to get down and IMPROVEMENT! 💪🏻 @justfit_fabiolacuni are your 👯 "Improve yourself as you can, but learn to love it!!! #CURVYISNOTACRIME 💋 . #LauraBrioschi #LoveCurvy #imperfect #cellulite #love #loveyourself #loveyourbody #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #positive #positivebodyimage #mybodysmile #stylehasnosize #styleandcurvemag #inspiration

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> Swipe the image below

Swipe for surprise 😂

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Strong comes in all sizes 💪🏽✨ #bodypositive #malibu #lingerie #strong

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When they call you 'brave'..

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Deep post alert⚡️ So for the longest time ( 10 years+ ) I haven't been to the beach in a bikini. If I ever visited the beach it would be to chill, not to frolick in the sun in a cute little bikini. I've always been so self conscious about what people would think so I've just avoided the situation all together. I was so ashamed of my flaws that I'd think, why should I burden people by letting them see my body. It sounds insane reflecting on how I used to think!! I have grown so much in a year, particularly in my confidence. I would never dare show my body to anyone and now I have the confidence to actually put on a bikini or jump in front of the camera and work with incredible brands embracing diversity. The message I'm trying to get across is that you will never do the things you love or the things you want to try in general if you let other people's opinions dictate the thoughts of yourself. I hope you all find your inner peace ✨🌻 Sending love and blessings to you all 🌻 Bikini- @myraswim jagger top & mase bottoms

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Acknowledging the “hard thighs” privilege in the plus size community. I am not sure if yoll are aware of the “jiggly” vs the “hard” thighs comparison amongst big girls…there’s generally girls gifted with genes that allow them to have rock hard thighs that normally don’t have much cellulite, no matter how big they get…so they always get away with wearing short things without being cautious…then there’s jiggly thighs that some of us have which imply that you are always cautious when wearing short things based on the fact that as terrible as the world is with fat shamming…you’re more prone to be shamed by your own plus size community with “hard” thighs saying “how do you wear that when you have jiggly thighs?” placed into simpler context; “how do you wear that when you have a big tummy?” because in as much as a small waist is seen as privileged to acknowledge…we also need to acknowledge the hard thighs as that… With that being said….you owe no one a small waist or hard thighs…. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Let’s celebrate the diversity in our bodies ✨✨✨✨

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I done a photoshoot yesterday And these are some behind the scenes pictures – I was angry when I seen this pic because Of my cellulite – It was on my mind but why should it ? I am more than #cellulite I am more than the #bellyrolls and the #backfat and #celluliteisnormal !! It’s natural for us ladies to have cellulite and we need to stop seeing it as disgusting or ugly. Yes we all want smooth skin but we also need to accept reality! I’ve had cellulite since I was about 12 which is normal. After living with something for a decade it’s all apart of being me! And I’m still learning to love it and not hate it- it’s a slow road to #selflove but it’s the best thing you can do for your confidence and mental health 😊❤️

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Pretty much my mood … always 🍑🧡 Video courtesy of @lanebryant

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I know what you want mami

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I’ve always been insecure about my cellulite. It didn’t matter if I was fit and working out or at my heaviest weight, I still had cellulite. I still have a hard time acknowledging that it’s there because it’s not my proudest feature. When I was modeling for this photo I felt sooo confident! Then I saw it and I shrieked. There is this constant battle I go through where I feel so happy and content on the inside then I look in the mirror and my confidence isn’t so present. Acknowledging my insecurity and identifying that it is a part of me, helps me accept it. I don’t need to love it because it does not define me but what I do need to do is accept it’s a part of my body, MY BODY. Fat, skinny, cellulite no cellulite, imperfections and all…it’s MY BODY and it’s a #PerfectFigure no matter what it may look like. ✨ @chiefofstyle @parfaitofficial

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Just some Sunday confidence for you 🌻 📸 @mariacastellanos_ri #becauseitsmybody

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Na campanha da amiga querida @fabisaba #libertemasdobrinhas . "Vamos nos liberar juntas dessa loucura que o nosso corpo tem que ser reto, esticado e passado a ferro…. porque corpo tem dobra, tem furo, tem ruga, tem mil pintinhas, tem cicatriz… tem coisas que te fazem você! E você é linda com tudo isso, por causa de tudo isso! Então quem não gosta de dobrinhas vai passar uma roupa, porque agora as dobrinhas ganharam liberdade e elas são lindas!!!" . Essa foto diz muito para mim, pq não gosto do meu bumbum (ou a falta dele rsrs), sim, tenho ótima autoestima, mostro minhas banhas, celulites ou estrias sem vergonha alguma, mas raramente posto fotos como essa, com o derrier à mostra, não porque possa ser sensual demais, mas pq há muito tempo não conseguia gostar dele, mas quer saber de uma coisa? Tô amando cada dia mais o meu corpo, do jeitinho que ele é e cada dia mais descubro que não tenho que ser igual a ninguém para ser feliz. Faça o exercício do bem-me-quero todos os dias e olhe cada parte de vc com mais gentileza. . A campanha da Fabi não veio só pra libertar as dobrinhas e sim para reafirmar que somos lindas do jeitinho que somos. . LIBERTE O SEU CORPO!!! . #SilviaNeves #curvymodel #BelezaSemRótulos #BelezaAlémDasMedidas #nofilter #nophotoshop #autoestima #amorproprio 💋

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Moram priznati da sam se zadnjih dana bas dobro zabavila. 😂👌 Ljudi moji, ovo vam je sam dokaz – tko pod drugim jamu kopa – sam u nju pada! 🥇🙈…pazite sto radite i kako se odnosite prema drugima jer se vijesti sire brzinom munje a povjerenje se vraca jako sporo i tesko. Covjek bi pomislio da stariji ljudi to znaju ipak bolje od mene. 🤔 Balkan je ovih dana iz vise razloga pokazao svoju jacinu, srdacnost a i koliko nas ima normalnih, zdravih i jedinstvenih! 🤗💯 Ono sto Vam ja mogu reci jest da mogu i trebam prvo kao covjek potom kao zena a bome i kao javna osoba odgovarati za iskljucivo svoje postupke u ovom slucaju a to je da sam vas naucila kako rijec 'HVALA' ljude moze izbaciti iz takta a najljepsa je rijec na svijetu.✨Uvijek svemu odgovarajte s ljubavlju i kako su vas roditelji naucili a mene su ovako!♥️ Voljeti sebe nije dar koji je svima dan pa se neki za njega moraju posebno truditi, a tu sam ja! JER SVI SMO JEDNAKI! 💪💪 Ljubomorne duse mogu da 💋ovu moju 🍑 koja s ponosom koraca svijetom, hahhahahha! Svoju karijeru i nastup smatram glasom svih vas/nas zajedno i ako vec imam tu priliku onda mjestu glume nema niti u nekom malom kutku. Nema tog proizvoda kojeg u ovom poslu mozes ispromovirati i maljati ljudima oci kada ono sto istinski jesi uvijek dodje na vidjelo. 👀A ako se 'slava' dobiva putem iskljucivo promoviranja proizvoda takva mi niti ne treba. 🐣 Budite onakvi kakve sam vas ucila – svoji. Nesavrseno – prirodno – istinski – svoji! ♥️ Za mene ste savrseni! 💋🙋👑 Ovo nije pisano radi ikakvih losih i ruznih komentara te istu nikako ne podrzavam vec da budete jos svjesniji, bolji i da ucite iz tudjih gresaka.📚 🔛GIVE LOVE TO RECEIVE LOVE🔛 • • • If you want to collaborate with me, send me dm. • #modeling #love #style #bodypositive #seaside #croatia #lucijalugomer #modelo #beautiful #beautycomesfromwithin #instastyle #styling #fashionable #curvy #curves #photoshooting #ashleygraham #bikini #modellife #curvymodel #fashionblogger #fullfigured #plussizemodel #photoshoot #newface #selfesteem #confidence #followforfollow

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2. Bloggers

Servin’ cellulite REALNESS 🍑 #bodyacceptance #nonairbrushedme

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I've gone back and forth about whether I should alter the content on my page. I have been criticized/warned not to be too "sexual" in my content, but that's where I'm torn. In the media, fat bodies are covered. Fat women are ashamed of their bodies, hiding away. Fat women don't have much sex and aren't portrayed as being sexual or enjoying sex. Aside from this being entirely inaccurate, it sends the message to women with curvy bodies that they "shouldn't" be sexual or they "aren't allowed" to feel confident and sexy. I don't want to perpetuate that myth. You see, I think it's extremely important for All women to portray Themselves as sexy if that's what they choose to do. I think it's vital that women decide for Themselves what makes them sexy, how they'd like to convey their sexiness, and how they'd like people to access that side of them. It's a powerful feeling to get to make those decisions about my body, my sexuality, and my expression thereof. When I see women making choices about their sexuality and their bodies, choosing how and when they're objectified, and standing up for themselves, it makes me incredibly proud of my femininity. Female bodies are more than vessels for the mere amusement of men. I support women who are taking back that power and pushing back against the portrayal that only thin women are confident, sexy, and worthy of sexual attention. So I'm sorry if people get offended or bored, but I feel like it's part of my duty as a woman to show my femininity and sexuality as I perceive it to be. It's my duty to take advantage of that ownership and make those choices for myself. . . . #bodypositive #curves #effyourbeautystandards #fashionblogger #plussizefashionforwomen #plus_isamust #allsizebeauties #boldncurvy #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #plusmodelmag #plussize #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #picoftheday #fashion #style #ootd #psootd #inspiration #weheartit #ic360curvypic #chubby_girl_cg #fullfigured_fashion #styleandcurvemag #bigandblunt #curvywomenarethebest

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Today would have been my 8 year wedding anniversary. It's taking a lot of courage and strength to dig into these details of my life but I must learn to explore my feelings and reason with them. My marriage to my husband was perfect for that time in my life. And separating when we did was also perfect, in disguise. Don't get me wrong, these last two years have been brutal hell and yet I've had some of the best experiences of my life during this time. When we were married, I chose to push aside all the things that made us wrong for each other to make room for all the things that were amazingly right. We were spontaneous and adventurous and we laughed and laughed and laughed together. I loved him so much, and I still do. Starting when I was 20 I had the perfect partner, and then we had two perfect children together. I did so many things with that man and accomplished so much. Then it ended. I think about all that I have done and accomplished since then. How sustaining so much disappointment and heartbreak forced me to tap into a stronger, more tender part of myself than I would have known without those challenges. Accepting that successful relationships often have a time limit opened me up to experiences that I would otherwise pass up. Since, I've learned it's not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. I didn't want to be married just to be married. I can't think of anything lonelier then spending many of those years with someone I couldn't talk to, or worse, I couldn't be silent with. The best I can ask for is that my life, which has been built on countless failures, will continue to grow and takes me to deeper, more meaningful places. My failed marriage is one of my greatest treasures in life, the thing that shook me out of the world of wanting everything to look perfect on the outside when on the inside nothing felt right. Success does not mean winning the “longest marriage” award. Success to me looks like happiness, & the feeling of contentment. My failures have brought me the sweet success of delivering me where I was meant to be in life, and although I don't know where that is yet, everyday is another step forward.

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"How was your book tour, Jessamyn?" Well, it wasn't just one thing and there's no way for me to actually describe it. I wrote about a few things that stuck out on my tumblr- link is in the header above. Here are a few selections: 2. In Athens, GA, I taught a yoga class at @centercityballet and seeing the ballet students before my class reminded me of when I was the fattest kid in my dance class and our costumes almost always involved midriff baring and I was so self-conscious of my chubby belly that I would pull my hip huggin spandex pants up to my belly button and I had a perpetual spandex camel toe. 5. During my tour stop in Boulder, CO, I stayed at this insanely cool Denver hotel called @theartahotel. I was busy as shit so I barely got to spend any time there, but it was a very cool hotel and y’all should stay there if you’re in Denver. 6. In Chicago, I did back to back presentations at a high school in the ‘burbs. Literally every kid in those presentations reminded me of high school Jessamyn. Many of y’all seemed afraid to ask questions during the Q&A which made perfect sense because adults do the same goddamn thing. Most human beings are afraid of each other and nowhere is that made more vivid than the American high school system. 9. Darien, CT. has one of the bougiest and most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen. Where I was reminded that library science is actually social justice and librarians are out in these streets for real. I have more to say but it’ll come out when it’s time. Every city had POC who verbalized a feeling of complete isolation. I see you. As a POC who operates in a very white world, I have to admit- our shared sense of isolation reads like a victory flag. It’s a sign that assimilation isn’t working and we are resisting. I am happy to be in the struggle with you. The rest is on my tumblr, link above- see you tomorrow at @rva_library MAIN BRANCH at 2pm, Richmond 💋💋 👙 by @bynadiaaboulhosn

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You can’t spell “Cellulite” without “You Lit” ❣️❣️ • • • I was so hesitant to post this picture because it is so “uncensored” I’m touching my own body! There’s nothing wrong with loving and embracing my body! Yes i have cellulite, no i don’t have societies definition of a perfect butt or body. But, i love every inch of myself. Unapologetically! I’ve come to a amazing place where i don’t care what people think.. I’m free to be me! You should try it sometime! ❣️ Did you know that the hashtag bbw is now considered a violation, because it’s looked at as being in appropriate? So Big Beautiful Women are now being censored. We aren’t a fetish! It’s time to take back our hashtags and positive affirmations! • • • • #bigworldforbiggirls #effyourbeautystandards #blogger #boudoir #ootd #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #plussize #travelblogger #brandambassador #celebratemysize #influencer #coloraesthetic #webbw #plussizeboudoir #goldenconfidence #curvy #selflove #boudoirnyc #fishnets #beautiful #nycphotography #plussizemodel #skorchmagazine #plusmodelmag #redrobe #forever21 #forever21plus #bigbeautifulwomen

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3. Pantreon Girls

Now models that offer images and videos of them on Pantreon do actually cater to men, because these men can pay and send more content of them through the website. Nethertheless, these women mostly present also their natural skin and don’t hide it with retouched images. Therefore, they are also admired and followed by many women also. Furthermore, for many for many models Pantreon offers them a regular income with which they can afford doing what they like the most, in this case to create art.



Now you see that the #BootyRevolution and #PosteriorLove is a real thing and it’s all included in the movement of the hashtag #CelluLIT. All I can say to it is that I LOVE IT!

You don’t need to be ashamed to show your bum, your cellulite and the love for your body. You don’t need to get effected by the comments that if you show so much skin than you need to expect horny men coming after you, because you know that there is a difference between downgrading yourself and empowering others.

I want to end this article with an quote from an article of me published on www.revelist.com:

“I do it only to prove myself that I and my body are beautiful; and to make female fans realize that they are also beautiful no matter what body or size they have.”

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

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