Take this mainstream media! Although, some women of bigger sizes get already shared, most media platforms still ignore us. That is not acceptable. Therefore, I want to present you how big and diverse this community is.

I have here a selection of 57 women and 7 men of diverse sizes!

This is the biggest representation of all the diverse models that support Style And Curve.

I named it SUMMER BODIES 2018 – DIVERSITY STYLE, because all bodies are summer bodies. No matter what size you have, no matter what skin colour you have, no mater what gender you have and no matter what age you have.

In the past few years I published during the summer time one article called the “best bodies” or “hottest bodies” in the curve model business. Today, I realized that my choices of the past were actually unfair towards bigger plus size women. It was great to share all the famous models and I still think they are all amazing, but I can’t just pick models with “great bodies” and exclude the other “bodies” from it. That goes against all I believe in, so I can’t support that any longer. Same counts for pages who exclude women, because they are not good enough for there pages.  Therefore, this years selection is more diverse size wise and gender wise.

The featured models in this list are all models who tag us regularly, who use our hashtags #styleandcurve or #styleandcurvemag and who support us. Everyone in this list is equaly worthy and good. I featured the models in the order how I saved their images. All images have a water theme displayed (if possible), because that expresses the joy of summer in the best way.

We featured in this selection 63 accounts. We know we could have featured a lot less, but I wanted to show with this selection that there are a lot more models of size out there than the handful that the mainstream media focuses on.

This feature also does not contain all the amazing summer images by other models, simply because I had to stop after a certain amount was reached. I already added far more than planned.

I am pleased to announce that our final selection is amazing and I am happy about the many different people I could feature in this article.

Enjoy our selection of the SUMMER BODIES 2018 – DIVERSITY STYLE:


Diana Sirokai – UK/HUNGARY

Costina Got Curves – AUSTRIA/ROMANIA



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New beach challenge! Ok guys, we have all felt the pressure from the media to buy into the whole “Beach Body Ready” crap. They have instilled the fear that you need to have a certain body type in order to go and enjoy the beach. Well, they are wrong. Have you ever just sat at the beach and looked around to observe others ( aka people watch)? Well I have! And honestly at the beach, nobody really cares about what other people are doing. There are so many different body types and each of them are just trying to have a good time. It is full proof that the beach body message is all a scam! The beach is not as scary as we have been forced to think. I have created a beach challenge for anyone that has ever feared the beach. Check out my new blog post to get involved! If you wish to share, tag and use the hashtag #krisyeobeachchallenge ! Slide through for some not so sexy moments I had during a day I tested out my theory for the challenge. #beachbum #krisyeobeachchallenge #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #bodydiversity #chantalesgirl #thickthighssavelives #bopo #fun #beach #bodyposi #healthycurves #curvyfit #curvyconfidence #plussizeswimwear #bikini #bikinimodel #booty

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The Curvy Rebel – USA


Babi Monteiro – BRAZIL

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#curvesarebeautiful #xzmodafeminina #curves #tbt

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Jojo Remi – USA


Amber Curve Model – USA

En Mis Curvas – SPAIN





Oyama Botha – SOUTH AFRICA


Lucija Lugomer – CROATIA

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Zelis ostvariti svoje putovanje iz snova? LINK-om u prikazu mog profila mozes ostvariti -15% na bilo koji iznos, na bilo koji period vremena koji si planiras i koji ti pase, koliko god vas ide te na bilo koje mjesto/Drzavu u Svijetu ♥️ Hvala @bookingcom sto su mom dragom i meni omogucili bezbrizan godisnji odmor!🌴🍹 Nama u dzepu ostaje 200 kuna extra na koje uopce nismo niti racunali i vec smo se dogovorili za kino kad se vratimo za Zagreb. OBJASNILA 😃💁🏻‍♀️ • • • • • • • • • #modeling #love #style #bodypositive #seaside #croatia #lucijalugomer #modelo #beautiful #beautycomesfromwithin #instastyle #styling #fashionable #curvy #curves #photoshooting #ashleygraham #bikini #modellife #curvymodel #fashionblogger #fullfigured #plussizemodel #photoshoot #newface #selfesteem #confidence #bookingyeah

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Lessance – USA/FRANCE


Curvy Bambi – GERMANY


Julia Berit – USA




Aadriane Lemos – BRAZIL


Cocos Curvy Closet – USA


Gia Sinatra -USA


Thais Curvylicious – SPAIN


Chloe Fids – UK


Janelle Elaraluna -USA

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I could pick a million different things apart of this photo. The one things I won’t deny though, is the happiness I felt while this photo was taken. Think about all of the pictures you’ve deleted because of the way you looked. Think about the memories you won’t be able to look back on because maybe there was a little more squish on your arms than you’d prefer anyone to see. I look back on some important life events, and I barely have any pictures to remember them. The happiness I feel right here; how free and liberated I felt, trumps a bad angle of one of my arms any day. I look at this and can look back and smile on the day I had, and that’s what makes this picture beautiful to me; regardless if I think I look it or not. 📸

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Dolce Curvy -SPAIN


Kellee Moran – USA


Khrystyana – USA/RUSSIA


Cherella Rowena – NETHERLANDS


Grand Diva Magazine – NETHERLANDS

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Sommigen hadden het al ontdekt, 47 jaar geleden kwam ik ter wereld. Het zijn 47 stormachtige jaren geweest met mooie pieken en ook hele diepe dalen maar “I’m still alive!” De laatste jaren vond ik het ouder worden wel wat lastig maar ook dat is een proces van accepteren zo blijkt…. Iedere rimpel brengt weer een stukje wijsheid met zich mee en ik heb mijn onzekerheden hier over dan ook maar weer los gelaten. Je bent wie je bent en dat is goed! Ik ben dan ook blij en ga vandaag genieten van wat deze dag mij brengt en dat moeten jullie ook doen!💕 • • • • • • Some had already discovered that it is my birthday. It were 47 stormy years, with beautiful peaks and also very deep valleys but "I'm still alive!" In recent years I have found it difficult to get older, but that too is a process of acceptance …. Every wrinkle brings another piece of wisdom so I had to let go my insecurities about it. You are who you are and that is okay! So I’m a happy girl and will enjoy what this day brings me, you must do the same! 💕 #granddivamagazine #bodypositivity #happysize #happygirl #birthday #plussize #styleandcurvemag

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Maren Kiss – GERMANY


Model Asia Monet – USA


Olakemi – UK


Jessie Lupinetti – USA


Paola Torrente – ITALY


Candice Kelly – USA


Asia Penelope – AUSTRALIA


Anna Stomosis – AUSTRIA

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Life is good (not atm because foodpoisoning 😂 but in general). I used to hate summer. It was horrible. Heat, too many clothes to hide. Now? I walk into that pool with that tiny bikini on and give a fuck. I do that instagrammer thing where 50 people are staring at you because you using the showers for pictures. Yeah I‘m that annoying and full of herself person 😂 and gosh I‘m in love with this shot! ❤️ @sheinofficial #shein . . Outfit by @sheinofficial Link as always in my Bio – also use „missan20“ on orders over 59$ http://bit.ly/2K5pyaO . . . . . . . . #celebratemysize #killerkurves #lilsnaxx #bigandblunt #labelcurv #alternativecurves #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #theconfidencecorner #goldenconfidence #plusfashionforwomen #stylehasnosize #boldandcurvy #plusmodelmag #plussizemodels #loveyourbody #inkedgirls #tattooedchicks #effYourbeautystandards #curvemodel #plussizemodel #visiblyplussize #honorcurves #skorchmagazine #volup2isdiversity #psfashion #fabuplus #curvy

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Audrey Littie – USA


Ayesha PI – USA


Jessica Curve Model – USA


Anansa Sims – USA


Laura Lee Plus – USA


Mustang Sally Two – CANADA

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TGIF Insta fam, I hope you have an amazing weekend! I am getting ready to shoot an exciting project on Sunday so you better stay tuned to my stories for some behind the scenes action. 😉😉 Another weekend means I have another swimsuit to share with you from @curvegirl_ . This electric blue two piece is a statement maker with this bold bright colour and strappy details. I love how the bottom is designed with a strap that goes around your neck to make it look like one. For $32.99 US it’s affordable and hella cute! And is available up to size 46! It also comes in white, coral and tangerine. I will put the link in my stories. 💙💙 Oh and if you want to see what it looks from behind you might want to swipe left, just saying lol 🙃👈🏻💁🏼‍♀️🍉 📸s by @rebeccanorthcottphotography #ad #curvegirl #nosizerule #sexyatanysize #plussizeswimwear #plussizeswimsuit #funinthesun #wewearwhatwewant #effyourbeautystandards #bodydiversity #sizediversity #splishsplash #pmmlovemybody #goldenconfidence #tcfstyle #mystylishcurves #fullfiguredfierce #bikinibody #mustangsallytwo

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Lilli Luxe – USA


Alyssa Alexander – USA


Jenny Rieu – USA/FRANCE


Sharon Grobben – BELGIUM


The Curvy Trini – TRINIDAD


Ioana Fit – UK/ROMANIA


Ruby Roxx – CANADA


Abigail Gershon – CANADA


Ewokracja – POLAND


Daisy Christina – USA/NETHERLANDS


Mish Mindy – USA


Retro Modern Splendor – USA

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Tropical Pina Colada 🍍🌺🌴🧡🐆 * & my beautiful rainbow tribe🌈👙🏖 @lisasaysrawr @clarable @edemdzubey @ekennedy521 @_sade_sade_ @katiemcguigs @kreepykamz @jaycapes @sparkof_faith @breezyfthebest * * * * #tropicalcaribbeanstyle #antigua #travelstyle #pineappleearrings #mercedessalazar #tikistyle #50sstyle #tropicalstyle #styleandcurvemag #plusmodelmag #curvystyle #bodypositive #curvygirlsstyle #curlygirls #beachstyle #vintagelook #lookoftheday #creativestyle #boldncurvy #womenwithstyle #dominicanbloggers #femininestyle #theeverygirltravels #buzzfeedstyle #postitfortheaesthetic #wearitloveit #curvyfashionista #femininestyle #fbloggerstyle #ootdmagazine #doyoutravel

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Style Me Curvy – IRELAND

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Growing up if you were to ask me to wear white swimsuit there would have been no chance whatsoever!! .. a stark contrast to nowadays 😄💖. As a teenager I used to hate summer or holidays in general because I’d have to wear some kind of swimwear. I’d try to keep myself as covered up as possible in shorts and T-shirt’s to avoid it where possible. I was so worried about what other people would think of me or if they knew what size I was wearing. I spent so much time worrying about silly things that meant absolutely nothing. I laugh now about it in some ways but a part of me is annoyed for letting that want for a “perfect beach body” occupy so much of my headspace. No matter what your age please don’t shy away from this time of the year.. you will thank yourself in years to come. Create your own beach body rules and wear what you want to wear. xx #mermaidthighs #swimwear #bodylove #effyourbeautystandards #curvyfashion #psblogger #bopo

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Meara Rose – USA

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☀️✨She wore an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Tiny Yellow Thong Bikini, and didn’t care what the haters would say, an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Show Your Cellulite Bikini, breaking down societal rules… ALL DAY! ☀️✨ . 👙 And accessories by @rosegal_official . 💰Use my code “MEARA” for money off your own itty bitty bikini 💰 . ✨Photo by @bellaphotobomb ✨ . . . . . . . . . . #rosegal #ad #discountcode #curvemodel #yellowbikini #neon #psblogger #curvyfit #thongbikini #bodylove #confidence #instabodybuilding #squatchallenge #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #nycmodel #sandybeach #allbodiesaregoodbodies #celebratemysize #effyourbeautystandards #summerfashion #nycfashion #influencer #influencermarketing #thickthighssavelives #legsfordays

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Laura Brioschi – ITALY – LOVE CURVY WEAR

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Pink save me from the world 💕 @lovecurvy_wear 🌴

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For this selection I choosed the men by my own interest and appreciation we got from them in the past.


Zach Miko – USA




Brett Morseoly – UK

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Ooooo Pamela

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Olivier Germán – USA


Daniel Schneider – GERMANY


Alessandro Carella – ITALY




Sassy Red Lipstick & Tripp – USA

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at least five times a day @tripp tells me: “your body is perfect.” ❤️ that type of positive reinforcement has been so helpful in my self-love journey. don’t get me wrong, i’ve always said that self-love starts from within and that you can’t fully love someone else until you love yourself. but having this man by my side to remind me that these thick thighs are sexy and my stretch marks are beautiful definitely doesn’t hurt. find your cheerleader in life, no matter who they are, and keep them close. ✨ // shop both of our swim looks with the @liketoknow.it app! http://liketk.it/2wORB #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKcurves #LTKmens #LTKswim #lagunabeach #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #bodypositive PC: my dad @recyclr 😂🙌🏼

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I am glad if you enjoyed this article.

Follow the featured accounts and get to know them more.

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style And Curve



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