I always follow the international fashion designers and their new collections. And this year Anna Scholz created a collection which I found very interesting. Anna is known for her designs with prints and I was interested which prints she will choose this year. But this year she came up with a new idea for the collections and we need to show you what you can expect from Anna in 2016.



Read below your interview with Anna about her collection:

1. What is the name of the new collection?

The collection is called Colour Pop, the Heroines in Action subtitle was referring to the superhero in all of us and the cartoonish quality of the collection.

2. This collection is still very colourful with the colourblocking, but why are there no classic Anna Scholz kind of prints?

We have changed our business model this year and we are going to sell our new collections #exclusivelyatannascholz at a better price point for our customer. We are now launching 5 mini capsule collections a season and have just launched the second hit ‘street style’.

I wanted to start the new year with a bold fresh look and something unexpected from us, but there are plenty more amazing Anna Scholz prints to follow this summer.

Anna Scholz341-small

3. What are your key considerations when you design clothes for plus size women?

The mood of the collection, colour and prints always come first. Then I adapt the shapes to a curvy customer and make sure that different shapes suit the varied body shapes of our plus size customer. I strongly believe that plus size women have the same varied fashion needs as their skinny sister. There are no rules as everyone is so different.

4. Your journey to become a successful designer was surely not easy, yet it is still very inspiring. What is your advice for young designers to become also successful?

To follow your dream and stick to your gut. I have been told NO so many times when I started, but I worked through the hard times and broke lots of boundaries to get where I am today.

And here now enjoy below our gallerie about the colour-pop collection by Anna Scholz:

I must say I like her idea to present 5 mini-collections per season (10 collections a year). This way each woman can find the style she likes the most. For me the colour-pop collection is my favorite. The colours are perfectly combinated together and it makes you enjoy the sunny days in spring even more. So go to the website and have a look also at the other new collections called ‘street style‘ and ‘spring into colour‘.

Order the collection here.

Follow the models: Georgina Cox from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Chloe Pierre from ChloePierreLDN.

And always remember to #LoveYourself & #LoveYourBody so that you can go out and wear this collection like a heroine!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo