Australian Plus Model Georgina Burke is tired of seeing how brands use plus models only to create a ‘shock value’ to their collection:

“It’s kind of sad because it’s almost like brands feature plus models for the shock value, to get noticed. It shouldn’t be like that,….Those campaigns should just be released, and it just happens, and then another one should be released. It shouldn’t just happen occasionally. We need a happy medium of using a plus model and then shooting a straight-size model too and intertwining them instead of segregating everything,….And I wish people in the industry didn’t have the misconception that ‘plus’ models are not as agile or we can’t move or that we’re not able enough as a straight-size model because they think our size restricts us,… When anybody asks me, ‘What do you do?’ I say, ‘I’m a model–just on a grander scale.’ That’s all it is.” ~ ELLE

I think she has a point here. I love to see how more and more brands like to use one or two plus models for their newest promotion, but will this really last? Calvin Kline choosed a plus model a few years ago for his promotion, but after that not again. It gives really the impression as if they are only used to create an hype in either a positive or negative way. Both is fine, if the brand sells more than before. Is a good selling result also why brands like Victoria’s Secret, or Chanel didn’t use a plus model for their collections yet? This is a question which can only be answered in time.

But useing plus model only to create a hype is totally wrong. We are not a hype and we are not just in right now. There have always been plus size women and we will also stay. We just want the accurate represantation. And as Georgina Burke said, we need a happy medium of using different types of models with different sizes.

If you look at how many different nationalities and body sizes each country has, then I think this should also be reflected in the fashion sector.

Enjoy a selection of pictures whih I found during my research for the article. All pictures were already featured in Ke Blog Italy:

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Have a nice day and to all brands I just want to reminde you to better include, rather then exclude.

Lyz Lupo

GOLDEN GLOBE 2016 – Best and Worst Dressed Review


Oh, there it was again. The first preview of the Oscars. In this case it’s the Golden Globe Awards 2016 and I can’t even wait to show you my best and worst dressed choices. But first the most important announcement from the event: LEONARDO DICAPRIO WON AN AWARD FOR BEST ACTOR IN THE MOVIE THE REVENANT! This win is important, because it means he could have a good chance to finally win an Oscar after all those years of waiting since the Titanic.


But now let’s go on to the Ladies.


Jane Fonda

30017D9100000578-3393256-Loving_lamp_Jane_Fonda_looks_fabulous_at_78_but_the_massive_ruff-m-56_1452479041232 3006B42F00000578-0-image-m-24_1452507966094

I have almost no words for this one. This dress would have looked so much better if it had a simple cape. The ruffles on the dress make her the worst dressed from last night. But hey, at least she looks fabulous for a 78 years old woman. I wished I could achieve this, even in that dress. 😉

Cate Blanchett

300191DD00000578-0-Fringe_from_tip_to_tail_Cate_Blanchette_46_was_all_lace_fringe_a-a-91_1452478219819 3001926A00000578-0-Fringe_from_tip_to_tail_Cate_Blanchette_46_was_all_lace_fringe_a-a-92_1452478219822

I saw a pic last night on Instagram naming this dress as grandmas drapes and yes that sums it all up. Not her best choice, since Cate Blanchett is so well dressed usually.

Rooney Mara


Nevermind her makeup and the upper part of the dress. Rooney Mara looks amazing, but the messy lower part of the dress is really not good. I am saddened to say that this is a Alexander McQueen dress.

Olivia Palermo

300153D200000578-0-Boxed_away_The_color_blocked_curves_on_Olivia_Palermo_s_chunky_D-a-99_1452478220126 300153AB00000578-0-Boxed_away_The_color_blocked_curves_on_Olivia_Palermo_s_chunky_D-a-93_1452478219823

Now we know that Olvia Palermo is of Italian descent, which is why she choosed this dress. Unfortunatly, the dress doesn’t look good and if you ask me her lipstick has the wrong colour. Could it be that she had a different dress in mind before, but changed her decision in the last minute? It looks to me like that.

See also the worst dressed list by the Daily Mail here.



Jennifer Lopez

30016D4C00000578-3393191-Doing_the_honours_During_the_evening_Lopez_helped_present_the_aw-m-30_1452476642712300191B800000578-3393191-Dripping_in_jewels_-m-19_1452475547733 30017BD900000578-3393191-Awards_glamour_The_singer_s_dress_featured_a_dramatic_train-m-17_1452475494481

Oh, I can’t get enough of this dress. It is so beautiful. I don’t care if people make fun of the colour. I think it just looks amazing on Jennifer Lopez. I just had to make her my winner in this form-fitting caped dress by Giambattista Valli with the split on the side. Her makeup and her accessoires just fit perfectly together.

Melissa McCarthy

30017D8D00000578-3393256-Hiding_away_Despite_losing_an_impressive_50_pounds_funny_lady_Me-a-66_1452479268157 300228A500000578-3393256-image-m-65_1452479258524

Who can say they showed up at an awards show as an actress in their own design? Melissa McCarthy can! She presented a dress from her own collection. And I must say she looks amazing in it. Although the Daily Mail named her as one of the worst dressed Ladies, I don’t agree with them. It is her own decision if she wants to take a form fitting dress or a wider one. I can still see that she lost weight. And this dress is such better choice than the onces she had before – pictured below:

Doesn’t she look more happy and confident this year? This is going to be such a great year for her fashionwise. So bring it on Melissa – I want to see the other dresses from your collection!

Jennifer Lawrence

3001A98300000578-0-image-a-8_1452473716020 3001B85200000578-3393177-image-m-36_1452474589775 3004ABA300000578-3393354-image-m-79_1452489192932

What does it mean when the most successful actress of Hollywood today wears a red dress? Girl, get yourself a red dress too. Like right now! Every year I have a certain favorite colour to wear. Last year it was black, this year it is red. And honestly if Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a red DIOR dress at the Golden Globes, then I know I was sooo right with my intuition. Red is the fashion colour of 2016. Oh, and her accessoires are also nicely combinated. Especially the award looks great next to the dress. 😀

Amy Schumer


Here we go, my last choice for the best dressed list. This is Amy Schumer wearing a black and white dress from Prabal Gurung. Unlike Olivia Palermo, her dress looks more relaxed I wan to say. Not to much colour blocking going on. And her makeup fits to the dress.

Let’s talk a little longer about J.LAW and A.SCHU:


These two ladies didn’t show up in the same dress as announced before, but they still managed to provide the audience with a funny moment at the award show – here is the video of the two funny girls:

P.S. I also want J.LAW and A.SCHU to host the next Globes show!

More pictures from the event available here, or here – oh, and here too.

All picured found on the page of the Daily Mail.

Thanks for reading and alwas remember to love yourself and love your body!

Lyz Lupo