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Herbsttrends Teil 1 – Langer Mantel

Herbsttrends Teil 1 – Langer Mantel

This is a “GERMAN ONLY” post. This means the main text is in German, but we include shopping links if you are from other countries below. Ich schaue mir ja immer gern online an was so die Models und Stars derzeit tragen, denn ich weiß […]

MODEL SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Nedra Philips from Arden’s Closet

MODEL SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Nedra Philips from Arden’s Closet

We are having a new model spotlight feature for you. This time it is NEDRA PHILIPS from Atlanta, USA. 1. How did you got into modeling? A friends told me about this plus size contest that she insisted that I try out for. So I […]

Angelita’s Weekly Blog – Concept Shoots

Angelita’s Weekly Blog – Concept Shoots

Stewardess Me

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve, Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.  Today I’m going to blog about Concept Shoots.  What is a Concept Shoot?  It’s slightly different from a regular shoot.  A theme is selected along with specific models to achieve the right look for the shoot.  Hair and make-up is professionally done, specific locations are chosen, and sometimes more than one photographer will be shooting.  Wardrobe and props are very important to convey the theme of the photo shoot.  It’s important that when selecting the team for this shoot everyone understands what the theme is supposed to convey.  I’m going to share my experience with my first well-planned concept shoot.

Every year my best friends and I like to find matching costumes for Halloween right after Halloween to get the best deals.  I went to the costume store and contacted my friends to ask them for ideas on what they would like our costume for the next year to be.  Several ideas were thrown around but the key was to find three of the same costume in the right sizes. My friend June suggested a stewardess type of costume so I looked for one and hit the jackpot.  I found the cutest costume that didn’t look “cheap” “costumey” or poorly made.  The fabric was nice, the original price was $59.99 and the best part was that they had three in the sizes we needed.  Since it was a couple of days after Halloween and the store was closing that day since it was only open for the season, I was able to procure the costume for 75% off so the costumes came out to $15 each.  I’m not even sure why but I also purchased a Pilot’s shirt and hat thinking my husband could wear it for Halloween.  It turned out to be a great decision.

Group 3Group 2

I also found another great costume online for only $10 on www.buycostumes.com and the regular price was $89.99 that I couldn’t pass up for all three of us.  It’s a good thing I purchased another costume since we ended up using the stewardess costumes for our concept shoot.   After I sent pictures of the costumes to my friends, June suggested that we shoot with a real plane.  Needless to say, we couldn’t exactly go to the airport and ask to shoot for a multitude of reasons and we didn’t know anyone who owns a private plane so we put the idea on the back burner.   Fast forward to Christmas Day, our friend Justin was home alone.  My husband and I offered to have him spend Christmas Day with our family so we went on base to pick him up since he’s in the Military and lives in Military housing.  He lives on a part of the base that I’ve never been too.  As we were going in, I saw a beautiful Presidential Jet that was on display.  It was just too good to be true so I inquired with the front gate guard about taking photographs with the jet and they said it was absolutely permissible.

Group 7Group 5

I talked to my friends and let them know that the plane was available then selected the date for our shoot.  The first person I reached out to is a very talented Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist named Angela Parker.    I called her Angela personally, explained my concept idea and she immediately said yes.  She is also an aspiring photographer so she is becoming a triple threat in the industry.  I also reached out personally to several photographers and two more photographers came on board, Washhboy Photography and cosplay photographer Mars Leon.

Group 9Group 8

Initially the shoot was only going to be me, June and Valerie but June suggested a pilot would be the icing on the cake for this concept.  Luckily I had already purchased the pilot shirt and hat and It had to be someone fun, not shy in front of the camera and could convey a believable pilot.  After some thought, I reached out to my friend Anthony De La Garza who is a well-known local cosplayer.  He cosplays several characters but is best known for his Batman Cosplay.  I reached out to him and he immediately said yes.  Everything was falling into place and we had our concept shoot dream team confirmed and excited about the shoot.

Group 6Group 12

We also decided that our jewelry would be the jewelry I gave my friends for Christmas with the necklace having the word “Believe” on it.  The concept was a late 60’s early 70’s Airline Stewardess and Pilot Shoot with the Presidential Jet on display.  June decided to call the shoot “Believe Airlines” inspired by the necklaces we all wore for the shoot.  You can actually see the necklaces pretty well in some of the images.

Group 10Group 4

Two days before the shoot, we had a severe cold snap with ice on the roads and school closures.  I checked the forecast and had faith that we would have a nice day.  The day of the shoot came and it was an unbelievably beautiful day and a comfortable temperature.  Since this was a portfolio building shoot and we were going to spend several hours getting ready and actually shooting, I purchased snacks and drinks and we took over my friend Justin’s house since he lived just down the road from the plane.  We started Hair and Make-Up at 1:30pm as planned and left for the location right at 4pm, which was also planned.

Group 11Group 15

We only took a few “posed” photos because we wanted to have fun and capture a story.  We tried different scenarios and just had a blast!  So far we’ve seen some amazing images that have been captured by the photographers.  We even shot some some videos because we were having so much fun that we just went for it.  Angela even captured an image of us watching the video we just shot.  It was a spur of the moment decision and Justin Wharton shot the video while my daughter stayed next to him playing the music. Group 14

The shoot was only four days ago and the photographers are busy editing but the images that they shared so far are absolutely amazing.  This was my first time organizing an elaborate concept shoot although I had organized a few before but without professional HMUA and only one photographer.  The key to this successful concept shoot was that our dream team was on the same page and we just had fun!  Also having several photographers allowed for us to have some fun behind the scenes shots as well.


If you have a great idea, put it into action and make it happen, whether it’s just you or you and several models.   Reach out to the artists in the industry and contact them personally. You could easily post a casting on a site such as Model Mayhen but I highly recommend working with people you know and trust since it will be less likely to have someone not show up.  I hope you enjoyed the images I shared here with you today.


As always, don’t allow the negative people along the way bring you down and trust me; there will be negative people that will cross your path.  Take control of your future, even if it means smashing through preconceived boundaries in this industry. Again, if there is a topic you’d like me to blog about, feel free to contact me.  Until next week, stay positive!

Our Dream Team consisted of:


June Griffin Garcia, Actress/Model – http://imdb.me/junegriffingarcia

Valerie Anne Chavira Luna, Model & Mrs. River City – https://www.facebook.com/ValerieAnneLunaMrsRiverCity

Anthony De La Garza – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000617739823&fref=ts

Angela Parker, HMUA & Photographer – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angelas-photos-hair-and-makeup

Kevin Washington, Washhboy Photography – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Washhboy-Photography

Mars Leon, Photographer – https://www.facebook.com/marsleon80?fref=ts

Everyone except Nikki is pictured below because Nikki took the photo, she’s in a red dress in the behind the scenes image above:

Dream Team

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Angelita's Thursday Blog

Angelita's Thursday Blog

Hello Beautiful models and fans of CMR. It’s Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog. I received a wonderful email from a beautiful young lady who viewed my Costume and Cosplay album on my fan page asking where I get my great costumes. Halloween is sneaking up on us so I want to share this with all of you today. Regardless of your size or body shape, you can dress up as anything your imagination can come up with. There are your traditional types of characters that everyone knows or you can use your imagination and come up with a unique costume that you create yourself but would still be something the general public recognizes. I’m not going to go into the history of Halloween, only suggestions regarding dressing up.
I am sharing a collage of four of the costumes I’ve worn/modeled since 2010 and my latest costume is the Honey Bee costume that I just had a recent photo shoot in. Whether you’re a huge fan of dressing up or if you want something simple, one of my favorite sites to go to is www.buycostumes.com if you want something already made and ready to go. I recommend signing up with your email address so you will get notices of special sales or discounts. I’ve found costumes on clearance for as low as $4.99 and they can go up to roughly $400 and every price range in between. I just purchased a Firebird Costume on clearance that has a light up bodice a couple of months ago. I purchased this costume for my best friends and me. We had a group shoot in the costume minus one but it was still a great shoot. The costume is amazing and they had it available in the standard sizes including XL, which fit like a 1X. The regular price for this costume was $89.99 so it was an absolute bargain for $4.99. I can assure you that you will find something you like within in your budget.
Many of the costumes also have a video so you can have a 360-degree view of the costume and lots of the costumes also have customer reviews to help you decide if it’s the costume for you. There is also a sizing chart to help you choose what size to purchase. They also have the best exchange and return policy anywhere on the net in my opinion. You have nothing to lose, once you order the costume and get it delivered, if for any reason you don’t like the fit, the design, fabric or it just wasn’t what you thought it would be, you can return it hassle free and refunds generally take about a week to two weeks after returning it. I’ve ordered many times and I’ve only returned two purchases and received my refund very quickly. This site is based in the US but I’ve read reviews from customers all over the world happy with the customer service and the fast delivery times outside of the USA. Of course you cal also visit your local costume store and try it on before you purchase but in my experience, the selection is limited for us plus size beauties.
If you’re more creative, use your imagination and let your creative juices flow. There are many hobby stores around and costume stores where you can purchase accessories to help you create your very own unique costume. Narrow down your ideas of what you would like to dress up as and google your idea. It’s amazing how many images you can find that can inspire you and create a version of your idea that is uniquely your own. Don’t be afraid to choose non-traditional accessories and if you know how to sew or know a great seamstress, having your costume made to fit you perfectly is another option. If you go to a tailor or seamstress shop, first sketch your idea or take photos to show them what you would like. They can tell you how much fabric to purchase based on your design and measurements then you can go to a fabric store and choose the quality of the fabric based on you budget. Many fabric stores will have coupons and you can even google coupons for a specific store online to get discounts on your fabric purchases. Purchasing the fabric yourself and only paying for labor will give you significant savings rather than just going in, telling them what you want. Now if you have a nice budget, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sketching or showing your seamstress what you want and they can do everything for you from start to finish.
Your options are endless, you can purchase your costume ready made online or at your local costume store, you can create your own costume with your imagination and great accessories, or you can have something custom designed just for you. Regardless what route you take, you can have a great, fun, scary, beautiful, or unique costume to enjoy on Halloween or anytime. I personally love dressing up so any reason to wear a costume or play dress up I will take advantage of.
As always, please feel free to contact me if you ever have a question, suggestion or a topic you would like me to blog about. Send me an email to model.isis@gmail.com and if I know enough about the subject matter or can offer my personal experiences, I will be happy to do so. I’ll be back next week, keep chasing your dreams and stay positive!
Vampire and Queen of Hearts Images by: Washhboy Photography
Pirate Image by: Hill Country Vision
Honey Bee Image by: Mars Leon
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