Today was a very sad day for Style & Curve. Everyday, I post pictures of plus size models on Facebook, but today Facebook started to restrict the visibility of those pictures. No one has reported my page, because no picture was removed by Facebook. I also have no information as to why they need to restrict my picture posts, plus, most of all, I see no violation of any Facebook rules at all. All models shared wear at least underwear, swimwear or dresses. We show no vulgar picture and if we share images of plus size models wearing only lace and no bra, then I can asure Facebook that those pictures are edited. No model nor photographer that we share wants problem with Facebook about free nip***! We are a page who takes care of what we share, because we are a magazine that offers online promotion for plus size models or brands and that wants to improve the self esteem of our plus size fans. Vulgar nudity is not welcome on our page!


Therefore I don’t understand why the picture posts are restricted. Previously I’ve shared images of Eva Believer plus Daniela Sesay, and Facebook started to restrict them, but I removed them myself. Today I shared the plus size models Laura Lee, Morgan Louise, Myself (@lyzlupo) and the same picture of Eva Believer again, but all of these posts got NO LIKES. Forthermore, only 20 – 30 people were able to see these posts. All 4 picture posts are restricted and I have no clue why! This looks to me like we are getting body shamed by facebook.

Since Facebook was not showing my posts, I used my Instagram account @styleandcurve to publish my thoughts as you can see below.

Here I thought everything was still ok:

#LoveYourBody with @misslauraleej : "I love every inch of me!" That includes my belly, my cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, scars, EVERYTHING! Now look in that mirror and see all the beauty we see in you. Stop being your worst enemy, stop looking for flaws, love yourself, say I AM BEAUTIFUL because you are. Believe in you and stop hiding. If you want to lose weight or gain it, then do it. But never let words of others dull your sparkle, BE YOU.' #UNTOUCHED #UNPHOTOSHOPPED #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #celluliteandall #honormycurves #lifethrowscurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #allaboutthatcurvylife #denim #bodysuit Photographer | @desbasphotography HMUA | @rebeccalballister #TagsForLikes #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #style #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @instylemagazine @glamourmag @buzzfeedstyle @yahoostyle

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on

But then I realized quickly that something is wrong on facebook since I got no likes at all. These are the words I used to show the unfairness done by Facebook:

I gotta give #facebook something sexy to work with today. They restricted the views of 3 pictures that I posted today already of plus size women. This is not the first time this happened to us, but now I want strike back! #restrictedposts Model: @moloweez Photo: @i.mays #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #plussize #plussizeoutfit #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #TagsForLikes #tagstagramers #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #style #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @instyleuk @dailymail @cosmopolitan @instylemagazine @glamourmag @buzzfeedstyle @yahoostyle

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on

Dear @zuck from @facebook, why do you restrict the views of my picture posts? What did I do wrong? I don't promote porn, because I don't show nude t*** and a***. I only promote curvy women. Why do you restrict the views on these beautiful women? I am treated by you like a criminal for reasons I don't even understand. Is someone reporting my page for nudity or other reasons? Then why don't you inform me about those reports? All you do instead is restricting the views of my picture posts. I have to inform you that what you do on our Facebook Page looks like #bodyshaming, because you only restrict the posts of #plussizewomen. All the other posts are visible still. I think this is a very unfair! With this you do not only make me angry, but also models like, @misslauraleej, @eva_believer and @moloweez, because they are the models I shared today. I am not going to stay quite now. I will make your cruel treatment public now. Kind regards, @lyzlupo from @styleandcurve magazine. #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #plussize #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #TagsForLikes #tagstagramers #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @huffpostde @dailymail @buzzfeed

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on

This is a picture I shared on #facebook 8 hours ago and it got NO LIKES at all. This is not normal when you would expect between 150-200 likes at least. I have no explanation from @zuck and @facebook as to why they needed to restrict the visibility on @facebook.com/styleandcurve. Facebook only restricted the views of posts with plus size models. All other posts and reposts are still visible. I think this discrimination of plus size women done by facebook has to stop! If you agree with me then #repost this. Furthermore, I am writing right now also an article about this incident with the prove of the restriction. Kind regards @lyzlupo from @styleandcurve. Model: @eva_believer For @deliciousdollsmagazine Photography: Teri V Photography Lingerie: New Look

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on

#STYLEANDCURVE WON'T POST THIS WEEKEND OR EVEN THE DAYS AFTER! Due to some problems with #facebook I decided to not post anything anymore here until the issue is not cleared. The only thing that will follow is an article about facebook on our website www.stylencurve.com tomorrow, because I refuse to accept the discrimination of facebook regarding #PLUSSIZEWOMEN! @lyzlupo #StyleAndCurveMag #styleandcurve #plussize #plussizeoutfit #celebratemysize #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #TagsForLikes #tagstagramers #followme #follow4follow #like4like #follow #likes4likes #likeforlike #likeforfollow #style #claimyourcurvesarebeYOUtiful #fashion #loveyourbody #loveyourself #kimkardashian #kyliejenner #selenagomez @instyleuk @dailymail @cosmopolitan @instylemagazine @glamourmag @buzzfeedstyle @yahoostyle

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on

This tactic of Facebook to restrict the visibility is unfair and discriminating, because they only blocked the view of the posts of plus size models. All other posts and reposts are still visible as usual. What Facebook makes looks like #bodyshaming! It hasn’t only happened to my picture, but also to the posts of the other models, therefore I made screenshots to document their treatment. Find the files below:

facebook restriction-horz-vert

Now, I could either calm down about this, ignore it and just keep on posting as usuall. Unfortunately, this is not why I became active in the plus size community. I want to achieve a change, I want to stop the discrimination on plus size women on social media. I know there are many more plus size women who have suffered from this and I know how they feel, because this is when all the insecurities about our bodies come back. In my case, as the owner of a magazine that works hard on promoting plus size models and improving the self esteem of our plus size fans, it feels like a slap in the face to see that I can post as much as I want to, but no one will see it. To me this looks indeed like cyberbullying and body shaming towards plus size women, done by facebook directly. I am very hurt and dissapointed by Facebook. I wished they would comment on this and explain at least what I did wrong. I know I did not do anything legally wrong, so therefore this treatment is cruel. It hurts my heart to see how my work is getting treated, while there are so many pages out there that show content that shouldn’t even be made public. This is not freedom of speech anymore!


Unfortunatly, this is not the first time social media pages were bodyshaming plus size women.


Even the famous plus size model Tess Holliday experienced such treatment when a picture of her was removed by Facebook, because it was violating its ‘health and fitness’ advertising policy. Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/may/23/facebook-bans-photo-plus-sized-model-tess-holliday-ad-guidelines.
And it did not only happen on Facebook, but on Instagram too, when this picture of the inspiring Aarti Dubey from Curves Become Her was removed. According to Instagram it was done ‘accidently,’ but the hurt was done already. Read more about this here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3632677/Aarti-Olivia-Dubey-outraged-Instagram-accidentally-removes-bikini-picture-plus-size-model-posted-page.html.


‘Tess Holliday was blocked from Facebook for calling out her harassers’ – Article by Revelist.com



‘Plus-size model Tess Holliday says she’s been blocked from her own Facebook account for the past four days.

According to the model, the block happened after she posted screenshots of harassing messages she’d received on the platform. 

She says she initially posted the screenshots to Facebook both for awareness of social media bullying and because Facebook doesn’t do enough to help stop it.

“This time it really upset me because they banned the person getting abused [Holliday], which clearly shows that they just block anyone whose image gets reported instead of looking into it … I honestly just think that if they’re going to take such initiatives against bullying and harassment then they really need to do their due diligence,” she said.’


The sad truth is that although I thought the restriction is finally over, I had to realize this morning that it is still active. I shared this link on my fanpage and I got no more likes, nor comments. Then I shared the link of this article on my profile page already 3 x times yesterday night and 2 x again this morning, but everytime I got the notification that something didn’t work out correctly and that the posting was not successful. I made then a screenshot of my post of this article on my fanpage for Style & Curve shared it on my profile and on the fanpage and all of the sudden it can be seen. This made me realize that facebook is now blocking me from even posting my website link.

So again I had to go to Instagram to make it public:

I wrote the article about the restriction by Facebook (LINK IN BIO or below), but now this article is hidden on the FANPAGE. Plus everytime I shared it on my Facebook profile page, they remove it within 5 seconds. I don't know what to do anymore. I am deeply saddened about this. This is like online prison. 😢😢😢 And @zuck from @facebook, I still don't know why you treat my page #styleandcurve on Facebook like this. There are stars who share their nipples freely and they have no problem at all, but when I share #plussizemodels you need to restrict the views? Why? Am I promoting terrible ugly monsters? Am I a dangerous criminal when I promote #plussizewomen? Am I a devilish person that has to be hidden from the world? What is wrong with my pages on #facebook? Why do you need to use tools that look like #bodyshaming on my online magazine and my own profile? LINK: https://stylencurve.com/facebook-bodyshaming-plus-size-models-on-the-style-curve-fanpage/

A photo posted by STYLE&CURVE MAG (@styleandcurve) on


We the admins can’t see our own posts on the @styleandcurve page anymore. We can’t make our own picture posts anymore. Even links posted from our website are getting restricted by FB.
This is why I had to create these 4 new pages. I hoped they accept posts shared from these pages and it worked so far today.
The 4 new pages are:
FASHION & RUNWAY – https://www.facebook.com/Style-Curve-Fashion-Runway-3090408
BEAUTY STYLE – https://www.facebook.com/Style-Curve-Beauty-Style-559391437
LIFE, LOVE, LIVING – https://www.facebook.com/Style-Curve-Life-Love-Living-19614
ENTERTAINMENT & FUN – https://www.facebook.com/Style-Curve-Entertainment-and-Fun-

This kind of treatment is something I would expect for a page that shares porn or related things, but not for a body positive online magazine. The incident on my page and on Tess Holliday’s page makes me wonder if there are more plus size pages who suffer from this restriction right now?

All I want to do is to help plus size women to become more confident. Nothing more! I dont even share heavy BBWs, althought I should also think of them. But everytime I did this, Facebook remove it cause someone reported it.

I really hope this prejudice is over soon and that I get an answer for all of this.

I am emotionally so much down and I can’t take it any longer.

Kind regards from the dissapointed admins,

Lyz Lupo and Norman Spee.



MODEL SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Nedra Philips from Arden’s Closet

We are having a new model spotlight feature for you. This time it is NEDRA PHILIPS from Atlanta, USA.

1526993_10201141067905733_1054937131_n 4e4fdb091d6ca 297308_208864485836636_4927814_n

1. How did you got into modeling?

A friends told me about this plus size contest that she insisted that I try out for. So I did and I found a whole new world and have been modeling since 09.

2. What do you habe to do with Arden’s Closet?

Arden’s Closet is actually my company. It is a pull closet for styling real size women for events, photo shoots or just everyday wear. I also offer personal shopping and Closet’s Cleanups. Every 3mths Arden’s Closet puts on a Sip n’ Swap where the FAB Plus Fashionistas of Atlanta get together and sip on Moscato and swap gently used or new clothing, shoes, hand bags and accessories. 

3. Do you also offer shipping? In which countries?

No Arden’s Closet doesn’t provide shipping but when I have the yearly closet cleanup I do put Items up for sale and will ship anywhere.

264505_2183266508347_4909128_n 268210_2211962945740_6129943_n

4. What are your wishes for 2014?

In 2014 I want to push my self to the next level and work out side my box.

5. What was your best and worst experience in your life?

The worst thing that I have ever experienced in my life is losing my father at the age of 13. The best experience is when I realize that I have the best mother in the world and she is my best friend.

6. What do you like about yourself the most and what do you hate about yourself?

I love my determination the will to keep going even though people think I shouldn’t. I hate that I wear my emotions on my shelves.

1452083_10202475229589169_747390348_n 1383696_10202332956432429_2030591755_n

7. Do you think the plus size industry need some more inprovement? which ones?

I feel this industry is improving but I wish the industry was more open to petite plus models in high fashion and mainstream and would not be so quick to shut you down because of your height. 

8. What do you like about Style.& Curve?

I really enjoy Style & Curve because it celebrates women with curves in a positive way. It shows that women with curves have beauty & Style!!


website: http://http://www.nedraphillips.com/

fanpage: http://https://www.facebook.com/ArdensCloset

modelmayhem: http://http://www.modelmayhem.com/2343446



Cheers Lyz Lupo for http://https://www.facebook.com/styleandcurve


Canadian Plus Model Joby Bach Official is our second model to be featured for the MODEL SPOTLIGHT  from Style & Curve. She is represented by Natural Model Management.

Source: http://institutemag.com/2013/05/07/bold-beautiful/

1. How did you became a plus model?

An agency in Montreal spotted me at the age of 16 years for the regular size category. But physically, I was unable to hold this shape and weight. So few years after, I applied for the Plus size division! I’m completely in love with this category!

2. Was this also what you always wanted to do? Did you study? what?

Since the age of 4, I knew deeply that I want to be a model. I always liked to be filmed and play the star in front the camera. For me this is the ideal time to let me go, fall into my magical world and share it with the world. 🙂

3. Why do you regard yourself as a plus size model?

I consider myself as being a plus size, because I have curves. I have a refined waist and predominant hips. I wear 14 and I train regularly to be FIT. Being plus size does not mean necessarily, say (Big), but voluptuous to me and comfortable in their own skin. Personnaly, it simply leads to be healthy, well in my body and God knows I eat as I please… lol


4. What are your wishes for 2014?

WOW, this is a very good question. I like that. 
Firstly, I want to develop myself. I am a woman who works a lot on me. I like to learn about myself. I love meeting new people who have full of motivation, inspirations, desires ,always in search of success to excel and become better. So, I wantto  travel, meet positive people, reinforce my relationships with my loyal contacts and being recognized of my good work. 🙂

5. What was the best thing that happend to you?

There are many good things that happening to me. The birth of my son was one of the greatest moments in my life. A tuning point was beginning. There was also the day i choosed to get involved in fashion completely and doing nothing else than FASHION!! A big jump when you are a single mom.

6. What was the worst thing that happend to you?

When my father was diagnosed with a Lungs Cancer in 1998 and thereafter he survived 3 recurrences. He’s alive and I am very proud of him. 


Pic by Jeremy Bobrow

7. What do you like about Style & Curve?

Style & Curve is a young Magazine.The structure is hypper professional.Their choice of publication is always on point and classy. Their posts and interviews are interesting and amazing. The Chief editor is warm, friendly and social with everybody . No discrimination for anybody. I like her and love Style & Curve.



Height: 175cm/5’9″

Bust: 38″ C

Waist: 84cm/33″

Hips:  115cm/45.5″

Dress: 44 EU/14 US/16 UK

Shoe: 40.5 EU/9.5 US/7 UK

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue/Green

Age 28

Agency: http://naturalmodelsla.com/portfolio.aspx?nav=1&subid=11699&mainsubid=11699&modelid=642007&sexid=2&a=22

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joby-Bach-Official/317721864906064


Last week sunday we had our first Model Spotlight feature. On one special day we only share the model work or other work of one certain model.

The first plus model was ISABELLA FORGET from Canada. Isabella is not only a model, but also a make-up artist.


Modelpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isabella-Forget-Plus-size-model/489715384427042

Make-up page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maquillage-BellaFor-Makeup/100409293355955

Here is her interview for  Style & Curve:

1. How did you became a plus model?
I started in the fashion industry as a make up artist, one day my friend told me about a contest to become the next plus size model in Montreal and said I should go try it out. So that’s what I did, I showed at the contest with no expectations and I was in the final 10…. And finaly win the contract with the model agency.
2. Was this also what you always wanted to do? Did you study? What?
I never really tought I will became a model one day. I was always behind the camera. I always been an artistic person but my parents always wanted me to study and go to university. So that’s what I did, I went to school to do a bachelor in fashion marketing. I hated it… that was not really my thing but I wanted to be proud of myself by accomplishing and finishing something. I’m now in the proccess of finishing my master in communication. My subject is actualy the identity of plus size and regular model in the fashion world.


3.What would you respond to the current discussion about size 8 models presenting plus size fashion and to the people who say they are not even plus models?·
Plus size fashion is a relativly new trend and I think people don’t really understand it. There is different categories in the cast plus size. I think and it’s regarding the size zero of the «normal» model. So everything above that would be called plus size. I’m not a size 20 either and people sometime told me I was not a real plus size… I have real problems to find stores and places that would sell pants and jeans that will actually fit me. There is girls with bigger breast, belly or legs… every woman is beautiful in a special way and that is what we need to have in mind.

 4. Why do you regard yourself as a plus model?
I think I look at my self as a model, I’m proud to reprensent my curves. I want to show the world I have curves and I’m proud of them so everyone should embrace themself and be confident as they are.


5. Did you ever got bullied for your curves?
I called myself a plus-size but it’s just for the industry. I consider my body curvyliscious and that’s it. But it was not always been that way. I’ve been victim of intimidation when I was in elementary school. I was then obligated to construct a shell around me and grow stronger… and that’s what I did. So in secondary school, I went to a private school…. I gain on courage and made a lot of friend but I know I was different; all my friends was wearing 3-4 and sometime 0 of pants and skirt size… but I was wearing a size 8-9… at that time I thought I was fat and I wanted to look just like them. I wasn’t comfortable with myself and never realize that I was just normal and that I was really taller then all of them. It took my years to realize that I was proud of my curves and how I look and that most of the time, it’s society that make people feel bad about themselves. I’m now a sexy size 14 and it took me 50 pounds heavier to realize it. I like my body «as is» because that is who I am. I don’t want to change it, I don’t want to do diet, I just want people to respect me as I am. I think that is what make me beautiful, it’s because I like myself as I am and that can be disturbing for other people to see someone just comfortable in their own skin. So it took me year to realize it but now I’m happy.

6. What would you say to young girls who got bollied for their curves?
Been bollied teach me one thing, to be stronger. I stopped to focus on what those bad people told me and said to myself that i needed to show them I was better then that. Beauty is not only from inside, but in you’re mind. I’ve met a lot of people that emanate charisma and that is what make them crazy beautiful.


7. What do you like about Style & Curve?
The fact that you represent really confident women from around the world. Fashion is hard game, specially in the plus size section and Style & Curve do it differently and in a great way.

The pics in the interview are from a special editional she did.


Isabella Forget Plus-size model
Joby Bach Official
Photographer: Anthony Turano
Source: Institute Magazine

Cheers Lyz Lupo for  Style & Curve