Fernando Ferreiro’s #beautifulFACE selection for 2015

This is our christmas post for this year. We at Style and Curve joined forces with Artist Fernando Ferreiro from Spain to look for the ten #beautifulFACES 2015…not an easy task I might say.

Fernando Ferreiro says  “From an artistic point of view, the beauty of a female face depends on several factors. Technically, a beautiful face should have a correct bone structure, symmetrical, well aligned eyes, provided nose, high cheekbones, suggestive lips and balanced jaw. But the technique is not everything. The beauty also comes from within, although it sounds like a cliché. The charisma, the personality, the  ability to seduce with a single glance at the camera, the confidence, also define beauty, sometimes more than mere anatomical perfection. These intangible aspects of a woman’s face are those that provide me more artistic inspiration because a perfect face can be also impersonal, but a face with charisma, whether or not perfect, there will always be more attractive.” 

Here are his choices although there are many more, it was very hard to choose. The models are in no specific order, they are all beautiful in their own special way. We hope you agree and support our selection.

Maria Luiza Mendes



Ana García

Ana Garcianew

Jada Sezer


Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot

Nicole Le Bris



Jakaliene Rivera

jakaliene Rivera

Chloe Marshall



Melinda Parrish

Melinda Parrish

Tia Provost


María Jiménez Pacífico


See the art of Fernando Ferreiro here.

Model Ana Garcia chosen as the Image of Cenia New York’s 2016 Spring Campaign…Curvy is the new Sexy!


“Curvy is the new Sexy” is the Campaign of Cenia New York’s 2016 Full Figured Spring Collection and we at Style & Curve are so happy that the model chosen for the Campaign is one our favorite models Ana Garcia. Ana, who was one of our choices for the 2015 hottest curvy bodies, is a freelance model who shot this last Summer Sydney’s Closet 2016 Bridal Collection, and has worked with great brands among them Sorella Swim, also being one of Artist Fernando Ferreiro’s Muses who will exhibit her portrait “Ana and the Sea” in Cordova, Spain in May 2016.


Designer Cenia Paredes announced recently that her designs will go up to size 24W which is wonderful. Something huge is coming their way that will give a 360 degrees turn around giving the brand an international projection. I am sworn to secrecy, and can’t wait to share. Cenia has started her shoots in New York and Puerto Rico is one of her next stops to shoot some of the new Spring Collection. I will get behind the scenes pics and an exclusive interview with the Designer that has all my respect because she supports women of all shapes and sizes acknowledging that a Full Figured woman can look just as beautiful as any other one that are on the smaller size in her Designs.


I hope more brands will do this, giving us Fuller Figured ladies more options to look and feel sexy.


Lyz Lupo