I saw a few tutorials already about Adele‘s famous eyeliner look and how to recreate it, but this one must be the best. Not only because the model looks similiar to Adele, but also because it’s her own makeup artist who shows us his tricks. Adele is one of the most famous and successful singers of our time and she used bigger eyeliners since her first video. This became her signature look and I totally love it. It is just so difficult for me to recreate it, but I must say this video below helped me a lot.

This video was published on the Youtube channel of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She asked Adele’s makeup artist Michael Ashton to do a video for her fans and luckily he agreed.

I hope you liked the video and the picture gallerie of Adele.

And if you didn’t get Adele’s album yet, then do it now through this link.

Always remember to #LoveYourself & to #LoveYourBody.

Lyz Lupo


Cover Pic Info: Picture shows Adele’s Album Cover