Support the #BODYLOVE campaign by Silvana Denker

When photographer Silvana Denker started her first shooting for the #BODYLOVE campaign in October 2015 she hoped to get some responce for her idea. She probably didn’t thought it will become so much wanted by the media.

Silvana Denker is an internationally known plus model and photographer from Germany. She already worked for great designers like Carmakoma, was published in many magazines and made herself a name as a photographer who shoots plus models. She created a charity calender called CURVeveS. The proceeds of the calender get donated to the German Breast Cancer Association. Silvana Denker already fights for many years for a more realistic image of women, for more tolerance and acceptance. And now she can show it with her #BODYLOVE campaign:

‘No matter if you are small, tall, big or thin, it only matters that you love yourself and our body. I want remind people how beautiful and diverse women really are.’ ~ translated quote from here.


Silvana got a lot of support for her idea from women who wanted to model for her. She also got support by several fashion companies who allowed her, the make-up team and the models to get ready inside. But to make this happen, she needs to finance it all by herself.


The feedback on the campaign is unexpectedly high in Germany and even worldwide. Currently the Cosmopolitan US People Magazine, french Marie Claire, Cosmo in Germany and the Netherlands are reporting and even in China, Poland, Mexiko, Italy and Spain first articles appeared.


For Silvana Denker it is important to call a lot of attention to the campaign. She want’s to move and get people to rethink about sizes for both genders. In order to finance the tour through the cities, she has now started this crowd funding campaign:

‘It would be great, if everybody could contribute a small amount and make it possible to continue the tour. The more money we collect, the more cities we will be able to visit.’ ~ Silvana Denker



Silvana’s vision is to do the #BODYLOVE campaign internationally. And for this she needs a lot more financial support from each one of us.


Picture: Léon Valjé

#BODYLOVE for all curves from your Lyz Lupo