I know we women are all going crazy if the accessoirs don’t match together. Some of us want to be so perfect that we even take care that the details of the accessoirs look good together. And if you are one of the lucky woman who own her own Louboutins, then you need to check out this simple and amazing tutorial.

Yesterday I saw a video about Louboutin Style Nails here and I had to find out how to make it myself. It turns out to be very simple. So I looked for tutorials and there quite a few of them online.

Below you find a gallerie how to do the Louboutin Style Nails step by step:

Source: - Order Louboutin Nail Polish here.

But I must admit that I love this style with an matte black polish more – see video below:

And here you find another gallerie of more Louboutin style nails in different colour which I found on pinterest:

Enjoy trying out this tutorial yourself.

Lyz Lupo