Mattel ends criticism on the skinny Barbie Look by presenting a new curvy Barbie


Toy maker Mattel presented today the new ‘Fashionistas‘ collection of Barbie Dolls, including a new curvier look. The new dolls are thin and curvy, they are tall, normal hight and petite. They have all kind of  hair colours, even blue and purple and like before they have different skin colours.


But the biggest evolution is for sure the curvy Barbie. After many years of critisism towards Mattel to not offer a curvy Barbie, they listened to the comments and created new doll. The Doll really evolves, therefore they choosed really the perfect hashtag for this: #THEDOLLEVOLVES.


With these different types of looks Mattel can present young girls a more realistic view of how women look nowadays. The kids can relate to the dolls more, since they might look more like real women that they know in their life. And it gives them hope to achieve more in their life, since it really doesn’t matter how you look or what size you have. All women can achieve their goals in life.

Here is the Video of the New Dolls:


I really love this idea and I hope one day I can also let my daughter (when I have one) play with a curvy Barbie doll.

Since Mattel thinks the same, always remember to love yourself and to love your body.

Lyz Lupo