The wait is over! Adele is back and says ‘HELLO’!


Grammy award winner Adele just released a teaser of her first single called “HELLO (it’s me)” of her upcoming album. The premiere of the new song was shown in 30-second advert during The X Factor. Read more:

I don’t know the name of the album yet, but I honestly don’t care yet. I am just so overjoyed to hear her voice in this brand new song:

The teaser is actually just 30 seconds long, but this video repeats the teaser for 3:30 minutes. This is much better to handle for die-hard Adele fans like me. 🙂

If the video gets removed, you can still search it here in youtube:


The song will surely live up to her earlier successes, because it is again a quite and sad song of a relationship that went through a break. Here it also means her relationship with her fans, since her last album is already 4 years ago. And it reminds me so much of my favorite song of her called ‘TURNING TABLES’:

Adele does not only have one of the best voices from the UK, but she is also already a plus size celebrity icon. And she became famous for her quotes about her body. Here is one of the quote:


I am so ecxited about this great news from her.

Cheers Lyz Lupo