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Angelita’s Weekly Blog – Concept Shoots

Hello Beautiful models and fans of Style & Curve, Angelita Aronce Sorensen here with my weekly blog.  Today I’m going to blog about Concept Shoots.  What is a Concept Shoot?  It’s slightly different from a regular shoot.  A theme is selected along with specific models to achieve the right look for the shoot.  Hair andContinue Reading “Angelita’s Weekly Blog – Concept Shoots”

Curvy Models


Last week sunday we had our first Model Spotlight feature. On one special day we only share the model work or other work of one certain model. The first plus model was ISABELLA FORGET from Canada. Isabella is not only a model, but also a make-up artist. Modelpage: Make-up page: Here is her interview for  StyleContinue Reading “MODEL SPOTLIGHT: ISABELLA FORGET”