Adele’s album ’25’ is out now – ORDER IT HERE!


Adele released her much-anticipated new album ’25’ today. But her album will not get released for streaming on big pages like Spotify. Spotify also confirmed that they won’t offer the album. I was wondering about the reason.

Here are some reasons why video streaming is not really good for an music artist:

  • I know we all love spotify and all the music it offers, but for the artists it’s not that much of an profit that they can expect. Sure the streaming pages argument with the many million of users, but the pay an artist gets per view if very little.


  • It also doesn’t help an artist to climb up the charts by offering their album for selling on their website only, because the numbers of sales can’t be counted in for the charts. So it is important for an artists to offer some song online to view for free or against a monthly fee, but it depends on which ones. Taylor Swift, for instance, decided to leave Spotify and got into an argument with Apple Music, because she didn’t agree that the artists can’t get paid during the three months free trial period and she won. Apple Music has to pay the artists even during that time.
  • The last reason for artists to not work with many streaming pages is that the sound is not having a good quality. Tidal might be more expensive than other streaming pages, but the quality of the sound is better there.

Adele herself choosed to keep the ‘Hello’ video online on youtube and VEVO and it is already the most viewed video in a month in a long time. Her album ’25’ is expected to become the best selling album of this year.



Or watch the #Hello video below:

Picture Source: Daily Mail or JustJared

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