Since it’s January and every brand releases pics of their new collection, we can’t forget to check what Ashley Graham has to offer us this year regarding her lingerie. Like every year Ashley teams up with Addition Elle to do her own collcetion. This year the theme of the promo shoot was done in a private yet with Ashley being surrounded by two goodlooking men and a cat. I think it’s a bengal cat, but don’t complian if I am wrong. The cat looks cute anyway so I love the idea behind this shoot. It should make clear that after her successful year 2015 she is expecting the year 2016 to be even more successful. Well, I will just wait and share with you what happend.


The motte of the new collection is ‘SEXY IS A STATE OF MIND’ and with the new promo you can see that a plus size woman can also be sexy where ever she is. I like the idea of shooting in an airplane, because as a successful model herself she also must be traveling around most of the time.

The new collection will be available here soon. It is not out yet, but we can already enjoy the shooting pictures.

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Watch the fullpromo video:

Have a nice day and always remember to love yourself and to love your body.

Lyz Lupo