I always liked Nancy Reagan for her smile which gave her a positive appearance. Unfortunatly, in the future we can only see this in pictures of her. Nancy Reagan has died today from a heart failure in Bel Air aged 94. I know many may think it was expected for someone her age to die and you are right. It was only a matter of time until her heart gives up. Nethertheless, her dead is still saddening. Let’s just praise her to stay alive for such a long time.

Nancy Reagan was known as the First Lady next to her husband Ronald Reagan and for her style. Mainly for mostly wearing red at any occasion. I also have to say this colour really fitted her so perfectly, that if I see a picture of her in another colour I always think it doesn’t fit to her. Nancy was known for always wearing ‘Reagan Red’ or at least including red to her outfit:

“I always liked red. It’s a picker-upper,” … “I didn’t give it the name of Reagan Red, but that became its name.” ~ W Magazine

See below my collection of her ‘REAGAN RED’ style:

I personally must say I LOVE RED – always will and always did. But I have every year a certain favorite colour. Last year it was black and this year I chosed in January that it will be red. Although Nancy is not alive anymore, I can still use her looks to re-create for myself in her signature ‘Reagan Red’ style. So girls, next time you make pics of yourself go red!

Rest in peace, Nancy!

Lyz Lupo


Love the real you – how Be inspired Boutique supports women of all sizes!

Michelle Brasher’s Campaign #beautyhasnosize shot in Puerto Rico!


Every woman is beautiful no matter what shape or size they are and that is a fact! Designer Michelle Brasher owner of Be Inspired Boutique and sister company Notion + Grace from California has also joined the movement of celebrating each body type. Brasher is a firm believer that any women can look and feel sexy no matter what shape or size. Her designs range from S to 3XL.

Take a look at their recent collection: http://beinspiredboutique.com/new-arrivals/?sort=newest

The campaign is named #beautyhasnosize and was shot at Old San Juan Puerto Rico, a city characterized by its narrow, blue cobblestone streets, and flat-roofed brick and stone buildings and beautiful parks. Plus Model Magazine also went to the beautiful Island to shoot a cover this year. The models who worked the campaign were Curvy model Ana Garcia who just wrapped up Sydney’s Closet Bridal Shoot 2016, and was among the 10 beautiful curvy bodies 2015 chosen by Style & Curve, Petite Model Naneishka Marrero, San Juan Beauty Show Image 2015 and Angelica Vazquez a Fashionista that feels confident with her body. Photographer Apolonia V. was in charge of the shoot.

The Designer put the models in the same outfit to show that each one looks beautiful, petite, curvy, tall, short whatever size they are.

We think more designers should promote their collection by presenting them in different sizes, because the consumer can relate more to the product. And the images are just stunning.

Cheers your Lyz Lupo from Style & Curve :*