“I’m really trying to make a change in the industry,” she says. “I’m trying to have more quality clothing for curvy women.”

“Be your own woman. Be your own kind of role model. And remember that the women around you are women you can lift up. You can change their lives.” ~ Ashley Graham for Glamour Magazine

Glamour magazine has named curvy supermodel Ashley Graham as one of the ‘Women of the Year 2016.’ See all winners here.

This news is no surprise for me at all. Ashley is making waves every week and sometimes several times a week, she has achieved the superstar status since being on the cover of SI swim. We saw her on the cover of so many fashion magazines, although one in Vogue is still waiting to happen. We saw her at so many events, rocking the red carpet with costume made dresses and she always represents us plus size women in a beautiful way. Ashley has been featured on the covers of Elle QuebecLondon TimesCover MagazineStyle Magazine and The Edit, and has been featured in the Shape Issues of VogueHarper’s BazaarGlamour and Elle UK. She has appeared regularly in several Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Marina Rinaldi campaigns; her list of regular clients includes Nordstrom, H&M, Old Navy, Bloomingdale’s and more. Besides this examplary resume, she also turned into a Designer for lingerie with Addition Elle and for swimsuit with Swimsuitsforall. Although she said many times that she doesn’t want to be labelled as plus size in which I don’t fully agree, I still think that she deserves to be admired as a role model for young women. She has been involved in media controversies ever since her Lane Bryant ad was banned, because it showed a curvy and sexy woman which Ashley is undoubtedly.

Therefore, we use her nomination as ‘Woman of the Year,’ to share our favourite images of her.


We from Style & Curve Magazine also created a lot of unwanted online controversy whenever we shared an image of her. The reactions of the fans towards her images go from praising her to shaming her as ‘fat,’ ‘obese,’ ‘unhealthy,’ and the shamers accuse us of ‘promoting obesity.’ All these accusations are pure nonsense and we ignore it, because we know better. Nevertheless, this will not stop us promoting beautiful, sexy, confident and curvy women like Ashley Graham – EVER!

Kind regards,

Lyz Lupo

Style & Curve Magazine

Beyoncé ‘s Jedi Mind Trick and other information you need to know

Beyoncé released a new explosive album called Lemonade and suddenly all the newspapers and online magazine started speculating about the story behind it. Most of all, because of the lyrics in this song:

I couldn’t find the video online anymore, but you can look at it on Tidal here. Below is a great sum up of an article I really liked:

‘The album tells the story of a woman grappling with her husband’s infidelity, moving through chapters with titles like “Intuition” and “Denial,” and ending with apparent reconciliation. Jay Z and the couple’s four-year-old child Blue Ivy appear on screen; it includes images from the couple’s quiet 2008 wedding, which they didn’t release photos of at the time. Lemonade practically begs to be read autobiographically, and as such, it is a master class in reputation management. Beyoncé planted enough seeds this weekend to keep the gossip industry drinking her lemonade for years. And somehow she did it without getting even a speck of dirt on her own hands.’ ~ Ruth Graham from 

I am going to answer all the important information you need to know from this media hype with the questions below:

  1. Is the marriage of Beyoncé and Jay Z on the rocks?
  2. Who is Becky with the good hair?
  3. Why did she write such a personal album?
  4. What is the truth behind all the hype?
  5. What is the good thing for her behind all the hype?

I know you all heard already so much of her and you saw so many pictures of her that I won’t repeat them. I want to do something else, because I am more of an investigative journalist. And I must say that most articles I read were just terrible. Even the articles of Vogue and Times sucked and these are the ones I admire the most. But now let me answer the questions I wrote above.

Is the marriage of Beyoncé and Jay Z on the rocks?


This is Jay Z smoking a Cuban cigar one day after the release of the album. Does this look to you like a sad man who has been publicly shamed by his own wife? HELL NO! Sure, she sings about how he cheated on her in this album and how he is such a bad husband, but did she leave him? NO! I can only talk for myself here, but if I published such an album, then only after I left my husband and not while I am still together with him. Her words are so rude and personal, that it can’t be the words of a wife who is still living with her husband. Although, I don’t wish them to separate ever, but her words would only then become authentic if she will leave him anytime soon.

Who is Becky with the good hair?


The first woman, who was suspected to be Becky, was Rachel Roy, because she shared an image on IG writing ‘Good hair, don’t care….’, but she already stated that she is not Becky. One day later singer Rita Ora was seen with the same red dress that Beyoncé was wearing in her Formation video and everyone was suspecting her to be Becky, because there are rumours of her being involved with Jay Z since she became a Roc Nation member. Rita also stated that she is not Becky to the media. I wonder why Rihanna wasn’t mentioned yet, because the rumour that she is Jay Z’s mistress is also out there since many years. But let’s see what will happen regarding Becky, because this story has the best potential to become bigger.

Why did she write such a personal album?

For some reason a lot of haters out there want to see the marriage of Beyoncé and Jay Z fall apart and that they divorce. This rumour is so strong and I remember someone saying that if they break up then Beyoncé will publish an album that will become her best work and that will show how Jay Z really is. Well, we have this album. It’s called Lemonade, but she is still together with him. So why did she write it?  There is another truth behind all of this.

What is the truth behind all the hype?

The truth behind all of it is called: JEDI MIND TRICK

No, I didn’t’ invent it. It was an invention of George Lucas for the Star Wars Movies and Mathew Knowles was the one who used this for the career of his daughter. But I let him do the talk in the video below:

I know the name Jedi Mind Trick sounds kind of funny so I have to add a few funny memes to this now. 😀


The Jedi Mind Trick is something that makes you believe things are different, then they really are. The new album wants to let us believe that Beyoncé broke up with her husband, after a long and saddening marriage where he cheated on her many times. That’s why the lyrics are so personal. It’s the perfect break up album every Jay Z hater was waiting for since many years.

But the truth is that this album is just a Jedi Mind Trick, like the elevator scene of Solange and Jay Z. Days after the incident in the elevator several media pages said that Rachel Roy was the reason for Solange’s anger and that Jay Z still didn’t help her with her career. But thanks to the Jedi Mind Trick the sales on Solange’s album went up. How great is that? You only need to fake a fight and you earn more money. Or the constant rumour that Beyoncé would leave Jay Z during their tour. How they had separate rooms, how they didn’t even talk with each other after the shows and an article about how Beyoncé was looking for a new house. We don’t hear personal stuff like this from these two stars, because they are very private. But in this article the real-estate agent was even quoted. Truth about the tour rumours is again, that it was just fabricated to get more people to watch their show. Because if they will break up soon, then this will be the last time you can watch them together. So you have to go. I just have to remind you that it was Mathew who used this for her band Destiny’s Child the first time. Remember the ongoing stories about how rough the break-ups was from the former two band members? And the stories how Beyoncé SURVIVED all of it? That was the JEDI MIND TRICK!

What is the good thing for her behind all the hype?


Don’t get me wrong on analysing Beyoncé and pointing out that a lot of her public life seems to be fabricated. I am not against Bey. She is still my QUEEN B!



I just admire how she manages to make all of you believe her stories, because she became the most successful artist in the US with the Jedi Mind Trick. The trick always works, because there could still be some sort of truth in it. Beyoncé and everyone else involved in this, will never admit that they tricked the fans. Bey and Jay Z are actually friends with Rachel Roy and Rita Ora just wore the dress to get herself involved in the rumour to be talked about in the media. Jay Z had this fake story about him and Rihanna going on for years to get more albums sold. It is his record label, so he is the one who gains the most from the hate against him. Like he gained the most from the release of his wife’s album, because it was first only available on TIDAL:

‘Almost immediately, Tidal downloads surged. Lemonade went live at 10PM EST. According to App Annie (registration required), at 1AM EST, Tidal was ranked the 202nd most popular free iOS app in the United States. By 2AM EST, its ranking hit 24. It currently is the third most-downloaded free app in the US, behind only Snapchat and viral game’ ~ Thanks to Beyoncé’s Lemonade, Jay Z’s Tidal is back on the top of the app charts

You got to admit, there have been just a handful of singers that could manipulate you in such a good way. Michael Jackson was one of them and we still love him. However, I think you should also know the truth behind it, because she uses the rumours to get more successful. So, let’s all hail the Jedi Queen and her King!

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 20: Beyonce (L) and Jay-Z attend the New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on February 20, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/FilmMagic)

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 20: Beyonce (L) and Jay-Z attend the New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on February 20, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/FilmMagic)


Lyz Lupo