When I saw the image of Solid & Stripped with all the VS models my first thought was:
“Is this an attempt to promote diversity?”
It looked like that, but it was a failed attempt. Their selection of Victoria’s Secret models only showed one black models. The other ones looked pretty much alike. Furthermore, there was no size nor height diversity. It just looked like a selection of models with the same body and one black one in the middle.
Unfortunately, this is not DIVERSITY!
Even though having one black model is already amazing and a big deal; true diversity is about promoting women of different sizes, of different races and of different heights.
I knew right away that this can be done better. So, I asked on Instagram if someone wants to re-create that with a diverse cast. Jordan Remington, @itsmejojoremi from @positivevibestribeco, offered to do this shoot for @styleandcurve and was the creative director of it. She told me later about the amazing development behind the scenes. This shooting was empowering for many women of this shoot and a wonderful liberating experience. It helped them gain a lot of self-confidence in them and judging by the images I saw, they all look so beautiful.
Yet, I want to let Jordan talk about the project herself:

My mission for this photoshoot was to help spread awareness of the lack of diversity in the fashion and modelling industry. I know “diversity shoots” have been done in the past. Yet they are always done with big name influencers and not with normal, women. Women you would meet on the street. Women we work with and see daily. So, I wanted to use my friends and acquaintance’s instead. We wanted to prove just how beautiful every woman is, regardless of size, disability, ethnicity or age. We are all gorgeous and worthy of love. We are all “model worthy”.

 Bullying, body shaming, and slut shaming is still a huge problem between women. I myself was also bullied for years and have witnessed this happen to my friend’s countless times. This beautiful group of women came together to support a great cause and to empower one another. We laughed, cried, we danced, it was a very beautiful and emotional day for all. I witnessed the rebirth of many, as well as a tremendous amount of empowerment, and LOVE for all. 

 Some of the women in these photos haven’t put on a bikini in ten years out of fear of being body shamed. Women have been shamed and have been compared to one another for centuries causing us to look at one another as competition instead of a tribe. We have been shamed for our bodies, hair, skin tone, the list goes on… NO MORE!
 The tables are turning, and it is now our time. These are OUR bodies, we get to do with them as we please. We are all fierce, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, strong, and confident. We are all voices against bullying, body shaming, and we as a tribe we want to spread the word of love and acceptance. If you ever feel as if you aren’t worthy of love, or if you feel disgusted by your reflection, just remember who you are. Remember that there is a pack of women out there rooting for you. Pick yourself up and remember who that gorgeous and fierce woman is in the mirror looking back at you.
 Remember everything you have been through to get here. Remember how far you have come, and how far you are going to go. This life is what we make it, we choose to make it a beautiful one together. We are no longer full of fear. We are here to stay and to SLAY!  XOXOXO Thank you again to all of our sponsors and an extra huge shout out to @theashleygraham with @swimsuitsforall for believing in my #bodypositivity vision!‚Äč
Here is also the BTS video and interview with Jordan:

If you are insecure about your weight, your height or skin tone, then let these 10 amazing women show you that really EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL, not only the “perfect” models.
I must say that I love this shoot and the selected women.  This is what I envision to be true diversity.
 > Thank you to all the models, brands and professionals who agreed to participate in this shoot. It was a really pleasure for me to prepare this article and to publish the images. I am so in love with the result.
Kind regards,
Shooting Details:
Art Director/Host of shoot and Project: Jordan Remington
Instagram: @itsmejojoremi
Photographer: Stephanie Stein
Videographer: Blake Ellis
Instagram: @the_blake_ellis
Makeup Artist: Sara Rauchel Denzer
Instagram: @sararauchel
Hair Assistant: Chandler Hiott
Instagram: @chandlerhiott
House Sponsor: Fred Holland Realty
OWNER: LaJuan Kennedy
PHONE: 843-588-2325
House Sponsor: Fred Holland Realty
Models: Jojo – @itsmejojoremi
Ireana – @xoxoijoelle
Audrieanna – @ifbb_audrieannaf
Victoria – @seeleyvictoria
Pawnee – @psanch1313
Beth – @bethyyylove
Sierra – @sierrabaskway
Jenna – The Curvy Rebel
Lauren – @lalatayellis
Tanis – @loczofkingsnqueens2818


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