What does this word mean? How do you apply it to yourself, your life, and the people around you? This word that you utter underneath your breath always kick starts your brain and dwells in the subconscious as to the way you go about your everyday life, and what things mean to you whether it’s material, emotional, spiritual or physical. But I am assuming when you think of the word “Value,” the first thing you will do is either apply it to yourself, and if not yourself then someone else or a physical object. Value does not always apply to money, but more about what is this particular thing or person worth. Is it worth your time? Do you benefit from what it is worth? All of these questions are relevant to what you bring fourth to your personality and characteristics. However, people may value themselves at a very low standard and there are many different reasons for this such as,

  • Financial situations – being poverty driven.
  • Previous relationships – suffering from physical or mental abuse.
  • The opinion of others – autosuggestion (self-acceptance of an opinion triggered by others).
  • Educational background – being illiterate or not being able to finance your education.

The list goes on, and whatever the problem is do not lower your-self value. Everyone is important, everyone makes a difference and impacts someone else’s life one way or the other; it could be to leave a positive mark or learn something from a negative situation. Depending on the situation can change the way you see yourself and others but do not let something negative allow you to see yourself in a negative light. Believe and you can achieve, make room for improvement but cease the negative thoughts that feed more negative thoughts.

Finally, give credit to yourself because sometimes, you are the only one who can pat yourself on your back. And at times, there’s nothing wrong with blowing your own horn.    

Written by: Justin J. White


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